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Winning Horsemanship

A Judge's Secrets and Tips For Your Success

by Joanne Verikios

<p>Learn how to cultivate and hone that winning edge.</p> <p>Have you ever dreamed of taking your horsemanship to the next level; have you ever left the arena thinking you could have done better - or wondering why you didn't? International ...

ISBN: 9781925281927

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Winx: The authorised biography

by Andrew Rule

In <i>Winx: The Authorised Biography, </i>Andrew Rule, her owners, her breeder, her trainer and her rider tell the real story behind the story of the world's greatest racehorse. ...

ISBN: 9781760631086

Binding: Hardback


Zen Mind, Zen Horse


Eastern philosophy enters the stables in this unique guide to horsemanship. Allan Hamilton describes how horses understand and respond to the flow of vital energy around them. They use this energy, called chi, to communicate with their herd, ...

ISBN: 9781603425650

Binding: Paperback