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Building Strip-Planked Boats

by Nick Schade

ISBN: 9780071475242

Binding: Paperback


Building the Uqbar Dinghy

by Redjeb Jordania

ISBN: 9780071831017

Binding: Paperback


Butch Wilkins and the Sundance Kid

A Teenage Obsession with TV Sport

by Nige Tassell

ISBN: 9781909715615

Binding: Paperback


Camper Rehab

A Guide to Buying, Repairing, and Upgrading Your Travel Trailer

by Chris Peterson

Your top-to-bottom guide to getting any camper trailer road ready, up to date, and styled to match your dreams. ...

ISBN: 9780760353523

Binding: Paperback


Camping Guide to Australia

Second Edition

by Craig Lewis

Details on over 3,000 camping areas include free and low-cost sites, as well as detailed maps, road atlases and travel information. ...

ISBN: 9781922131782

Binding: Book



by Gregor Tarjan

ISBN: 9780071498852

Binding: Hardback


Complete Rigger's Apprenctice

by Toss

ISBN: 9780071849784

Binding: Hardback


Complete Sailor 2/E

by David Seidman

ISBN: 9780071749572

Binding: Paperback


Complete Sea Kayakers Handbook 2/E

by Shelley Johnson

ISBN: 9780071747110

Binding: Paperback


Confident Powerboating

by Stu Reininger

ISBN: 9780071482578

Binding: Paperback


Cool Outdoor Activities:

Great Things to Do in the Great Outdoors

by Alex Kuskowski

ISBN: 9781624036965

Binding: Hardback


Cruising Life, 2/E

by Trefethen

ISBN: 9780071823210

Binding: Hardback


Day A Team Died

The Classic Eye-Witness Account of Munich 1958

by Frank Taylor

<p>The Munich air crash of February 6th 1958 killed 8 members of Manchester United’s Busby Babes, and seemed to be the end of the brilliant team Busby had built. Frank Taylor nearly died in the crash and during his hospitalization he wrote this ...

ISBN: 9780285644052

Binding: Paperback


Drawing the Samurai Sword

The Japanese Art of Swordsmanship; Master the Ancient Art of Iaido

by Darrell Max Craig

<p>To the Japanese, the sword is a spiritual weapon. It possesses a particular divinity, reflecting the soul of its maker, owner, and user. Around its mystical powers has grown the centuries-old ritual and practice of Samurai swordsmanship which

ISBN: 9780804850087

Binding: Paperback


Elements Of Boat Strength For Builders Designers And Owners

by Dave Gerr

ISBN: 9780070231597

Binding: Hardback


Emergency Navigation 2/E

by David Burch

ISBN: 9780071481847

Binding: Paperback


Escape from Manhattan: Boat Lift 9/11

by Du Long

ISBN: 9780071804981

Binding: Hardback



The Essential Visual Guide to the World of Style

by Karen Homer

Reveals the fashion industry as never before. Written by fashion journalist and bestselling author Karen Homer and featuring stunning original illustrations, this beautiful book contains a wealth of information every fashionista should know. ...

ISBN: 9781781316955

Binding: Hardback


Fast Track To Cruising: How To Get From Novice To Cruise-Ready In Seven Days

by Steve Colgate

ISBN: 9780071406727

Binding: Paperback


Fast Track To Sailing

by Steve Colgate

ISBN: 9780071615198

Binding: Paperback