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Understanding Communication Research Methods

A Theoretical and Practical Approach

by Stephen M. Croucher & Daniel Cronn-Mills

<p>Using an engaging how-to approach that draws from scholarship, real-life, and popular culture, this textbook offers students practical reasons why they should care about research methods and a guide to actually conducting research themselves.

ISBN: 9781351683654

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We Do Not Have Borders

Greater Somalia and the Predicaments of Belonging in Kenya

by Keren Weitzberg

<p>Though often associated with foreigners and refugees, many Somalis have lived in Kenya for generations, in many cases since long before the founding of the country. Despite their long residency, foreign and state officials and Kenyan citizens

ISBN: 9780821445952

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What Is Existential Anthropology?

by Jackson, Michael

<p> What is existential anthropology, and how would you define it? What has been gained by using existential perspectives in your fieldwork and writing? Editors Michael Jackson and Albert Piette each invited anthropologists on both sides of the

ISBN: 9781782386377

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