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Why It Matters

by Tim Ingold

<p>Humanity is at a crossroads. We face mounting inequality, escalating political violence, warring fundamentalisms and an environmental crisis of planetary proportions. How can we fashion a world that has room for everyone, for generations to ...

ISBN: 9781509519804

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Contact, Conflict, Comparison

by Benjamin Anderson & Felipe Rojas

<p>Antiquarianism and collecting have been associated intimately with European imperial and colonial enterprises, although both existed long before the early modern period and both were (and continue to be) practiced in places other than Europe.

ISBN: 9781785706851

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Antiquities of the St. Francis, White, and Black Rivers, Arkansas

Part I. St. Francis River; Part II. White, and Black Rivers

by Clarence Bloomfield Moore

<p>The regions covered by us were: St. Francis river to its union with Little river, 172 miles by water,1 and up the latter stream to Lepanto, 20 miles further; White river to its union with Black river, 265 miles by water; and Black river to ...

ISBN: 9780243832729

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Antiquity Imagined

The Remarkable Legacy of Egypt and the Ancient Near East

by Robin Derricourt

<p>Outsiders have long attributed to the Middle East, and especially to ancient Egypt, meanings that go way beyond the rational and observable. The region has been seen as the source of civilization, religion, the sciences and the arts; but also

ISBN: 9780857737595

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The Land between the Rivers

by John H. Hann

<p>The books in the Florida and the Caribbean Open Books Series demonstrate the University Press of Florida’s long history of publishing Latin American and Caribbean studies titles that connect in and through Florida, highlighting the ...

ISBN: 9781947372337

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Applied Soils and Micromorphology in Archaeology

by Richard I. Macphail & Paul Goldberg

<p>Applied Soils and Micromorphology in Archaeology provides the most up-to-date information on soil science and its applications in archaeology. Based on more than three decades of investigations and experiments, the volume demonstrates how ...

ISBN: 9781108505604

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Applying Evolutionary Archaeology

A Systematic Approach

by Michael J. O'Brien & R. Lee Lyman

<p>Anthropology, and by extension archaeology, has had a long-standing interest in evolution in one or several of its various guises. Pick up any lengthy treatise on humankind written in the last quarter of the nineteenth century and the chances

ISBN: 9780306474682

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Appropriating Innovations

Entangled Knowledge in Eurasia, 5000?1500 BCE

by Joseph Maran & Philipp Stockhammer

<p>The question of how to conceptualize the role of technological innovations is of crucial importance for understanding the mechanisms and rhythms of long-term cultural change in prehistoric and early historic societies. The changes that have ...

ISBN: 9781785707254

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Appropriating the Past

Philosophical Perspectives on the Practice of Archaeology

by Geoffrey Scarre & Robin Coningham

<p>In this book an international team of archaeologists, philosophers, lawyers and heritage professionals addresses significant ethical questions about the rights to access, manage and interpret the material remains of the past. The chapters ...

ISBN: 9781139793124

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Arcadian Visions

Pastoral Influences on Poetry, Painting and the Design of Landscape

by Allan R. Ruff

<SPAN STYLE= "" >This book is about Arcadia and the pastoral tradition; what it has meant for successive generations and their vision of the landscape, as well as the implications this has had for its design and management. Today the concept of ...

ISBN: 9781909686670

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Archaeobotanical Guide to Root & Tuber Identification

by Jon G. Hather

<p>Any inference drawn from plain remains recovered from archaeological sites is based on the classes of such remains that are, at present, possible to identify. These are most commonly seeds, the hard parts of some fruits, wood and pollen. If ...

ISBN: 9781785708404

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An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video Games

by Andrew Reinhard

<p>Video games exemplify contemporary material objects, resources, and spaces that people use to define their culture. Video games also serve as archaeological sites in the traditional sense as a place, in which evidence of past activity is ...

ISBN: 9781785338748

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Archaeological and Paleontological Research in Lagoa Santa

The Quest for the First Americans

by Pedro Da-Gloria, Walter A. Neves & Mark Hubbe

<p>This groundbreaking volume presents, for the first time in English, a broad historical review of the researches carried out over 170 years in the region of Lagoa Santa, Brazil, one of the most important archaeological regions in the Americas.

ISBN: 9783319574660

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Archaeological Approaches to Technology

by Heather Margaret-Louise Miller

<p>This book is designed for upper-division undergraduate and graduate level archaeology students taking courses in ancient technologies, archaeological craft production, material culture, the history of technology, archaeometry, and field ...

ISBN: 9781315434599

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Archaeological Chemistry

by A Mark Pollard, Carl Heron & R D Gillard

<p>The application of chemistry within archaeology is an important and fascinating area. It allows the archaeologist to answer such questions as "what is this artefact made of?", "where did it come from?" and "how has it been changed through ...

ISBN: 9781782626114

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Archaeological Dimension of World Heritage

From Prevention to Social Implications

by Alicia Castillo

<p>This volume presents case studies from around the world aiming to serve as a hands-on book for management and treatment of archaeological World Heritage properties. It comprises not only sites inscribed as World Heritage due to their ...

ISBN: 9781493902835

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Archaeological Displays and the Public

Museology and Interpretation, Second Edition

by Paulette M McManus

<p>This volume is a set of a dozen case studies of innovative programs designed to attract the public to both archaeological sites and exhibits of archaeological artifacts. Papers deal with general issues of interpretation and presentation and ...

ISBN: 9781315434551

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Archaeological Field Schools

A Guide for Teaching in the Field

by Jane Eva Baxter

<p>The field school is often described as a “rite of passage” among archaeologists. They are considered essential for the appropriate training of students for academic or professional archaeological careers, and are perhaps the only universal ...

ISBN: 9781315434513

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Archaeological Human Remains

Legacies of Imperialism, Communism and Colonialism

by Barra O'Donnabhain & Maria Cecilia Lozada

<p>This book expands on <em>Archaeological Human Remains: Global Perspectives</em> that was published in the Springer Briefs series in 2014 and which had a strong focus on post-colonial countries.  In the current volume, the editors include ...

ISBN: 9783319899848

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Archaeological Obsidian Studies

Method and Theory

by M. Steven Shackley

<p>This volume is the third in the Advances in Archaeological and Museum Science series sponsored by the Society for Archaeological Sciences (SAS). The purpose of this series is to provide summaries of advances in various topics in ar­ ...

ISBN: 9781475792768

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