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Almost French

The Story of an Australian Woman’s Impetuous Heart and Finding Love in a Magical City

by Sarah Turnbull

After backpacking her way around Europe journalist Sarah Turnbull is ready to embark on one last adventure before heading home to Sydney. A chance meeting with a charming Frenchman in Bucharest changes her travel plans forever. Acting on ...

ISBN: 9781742677453

Binding: CD-Audio

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Always be Yourself. Unless You Can Be a Unicorn, Then Always Be a Unicorn

A Snapshot of the Weird and Wonderful World of the Tumblr Generation.

by Pernille Kok-Jensen

This is the first book to make use of Tumblr-like elaborate imaging and tongue-in-cheek captions in order to paint a picture of the generation of adolescents also referred to as Generation Y, Millennials, Generation Einstein, Digital Natives or ...

ISBN: 9789063693503

Binding: Hardback


American Discontent

The Rise of Donald Trump and Decline of the Golden Age

by John L. Campbell

The 2016 presidential election was unlike any other in recent memory, and Donald Trump was an entirely different kind of candidate than voters were used to seeing. He was the first true outsider to win the White House in over a century and the ...

ISBN: 9780190872434

Binding: Hardback


American Hookup

The New Culture of Sex on Campus

by Lisa Wade

ISBN: 9780393355536

Binding: Paperback


American Hunks

The Muscular Male Body in Popular Culture, 1860-1970

by David L. Chapman

The “American hunk” is a cultural icon: the image of the chiseled, well-built male body has been promoted and exploited for commercial use for over 125 years, whether in movies, magazines, advertisements, or on consumer products, not only in ...

ISBN: 9781551522562

Binding: Paperback


American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures

by America Ferrera

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781471180071

Binding: Hardback


American Negro Folktales


A preacher battles a bear, a mother returns from the dead, and a clever servant conducts a Big Feet Contest in this rich anthology of African-American folklore. Scores of humorous and harrowing stories, collected during the mid-twentieth ...

ISBN: 9780486796802

Binding: Paperback


American Overdose

The Opioid Tragedy in Three Acts

by Chris McGreal

A devastating portrait of America's opioid painkiller epidemic - the deadliest drug crisis in US history. ...

ISBN: 9781783351688

Binding: Paperback


American Politics

by Jon Roper

To understand the world events today, you need to understand American politics. Exploring the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Jon Roper provides a sharp analysis of how history has shaped the way ...

ISBN: 9781743104446

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American Revolution: The Fall Of Wall Street And The Rise OfBarack Obama: Quarterly Essay 32

by Kate Jennings

Kate Jennings was in New York, eyes wide open, completing her take on an amazing time- 'the run-up to the election ... a time when every day felt like a year and we became slightly crazed from worry but also mesmerised, unable to switch off the ...

ISBN: 9781863953115

Binding: Paperback


American Rhapsody

Writers, Musicians, Movie Stars, and One Great Building

by Claudia Roth Pierpont

Ranging from the shattered gentility of Edith Wharton's heroines to racial confrontation in the songs of Nina Simone, <i><b>American Rhapsody</b></i> presents a kaleidoscopic story of the creation of a culture. Here is a series of deeply ...

ISBN: 9780374104405

Binding: Hardback


American Runway

75 Years of Fashion and the Front Row

by Booth Moore

New York Fashion Week has served many purposes throughout its long history, but it has always remained at the center of the American fashion world. During World War II, Fashion Week challenged the dominance of French couture; in the 1970s and ...

ISBN: 9781419726484

Binding: Hardback


American Slaves Tell Their Stories


This collection of enthralling personal narratives vivifies life during and just after the era of slavery in the United States. First published 25 years after the Civil War ended, the volume was the work of an educated African-American woman who

ISBN: 9780486441900

Binding: Paperback


Among the Bone Eaters: Encounters with Hyenas in Harar

by Marcus Baynes-Rock

ISBN: 9780271067209

Binding: Hardback


An Accidental American

by Alex Carr

Part French, part Lebanese, part American, and a master forger, Nicole Blake has experienced enough danger and excitement to last her several lifetimes... After a six-year stint in a dank prison in Marseille, Nicole has relinquished the world ...

ISBN: 9781741636567

Binding: CD-Audio

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An Accidental American

by Alex Carr

Part French, part Lebanese, part American, and a master forger, Nicole Blake has experienced enough danger and excitement to last her several lifetimes... After a six-year stint in a dank prison in Marseille, Nicole has relinquished the world ...

ISBN: 9781742332918

Binding: CD-Extra

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An Author Bites The Dust

by Arthur W. Upfield

A cat... a ping-pong ball... a drunken gardener... With these slight clues to go on Detective-Inspector Bonaparte investigates the mysterious death of famous author, Mervyn Blake, who dies an agonising death late one night in his writing room. ...

ISBN: 9781742018218

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An Essay on the Principle of Population


The first major study of population size and its tremendous importance to the character and quality of society, this polemic examines the tendency of human numbers to outstrip their resources. Pivotal in establishing the field of demography, it ...

ISBN: 9780486456089

Binding: Paperback


An Intelligent Career

Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life

by Michael B. Arthur

ISBN: 9780190866310

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Film Genres

by Lester Friedman

ISBN: 9780393930191

Binding: Paperback