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Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends


""Let us walk in the gloom of the pyramids, in the cool shadows of ruined temples, aye, through the tortuous labyrinth of the Egyptian mind itself, trusting that by virtue of the light we carry we shall succeed in unravelling to some extent the ...

ISBN: 9780486265254

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Ancient Egyptian Religion


Fascinating book explores the underlying concept of the changeless as the basis of Egyptian religion, and how it unifies what scholars had believed to be an unrelated jungle of weird myths, doctrines, and practices generated by local cults. ...

ISBN: 9780486411385

Binding: Paperback


Ancient Gods

Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, and the Conspiracy of Silence

by Jim Willis

ISBN: 9781578596140

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And Now Here's?

by Mike McColl Jones

Mike McColl Jones has heard the words 'And now here's...' 6000 times and each of those 6000 times tonight show hosts such as Graham Kennedy, Don Lane, Bert Newton and Steve Vizard have walked into shot and spoken words written for them by ...

ISBN: 9781740946070

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And Then All Hell Broke Loose: Two Decades in the Middle East

by Richard Engel

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781451635126

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And Yet...


by Christopher Hitchens

These seminal, uncollected essays by the late Christopher Hitchens showcase the notorious contrarian's genius for rhetoric, and offer sharp rebukes to tyrants and the ill-informed everywhere. ...

ISBN: 9781760294953

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by James Moloney

Angela and Gracey were going to be 'best friends forever' and make it into the same university as care-free first year students. But for Gracey, her Aboriginal heritage takes on a new significance. While Angela falls in love for the first time, ...

ISBN: 9781743154007

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by James Moloney

Angela and Gracey were going to be 'best friends forever' and make it into the same university as care-free first year students. But for Gracey, her Aboriginal heritage takes on a new significance. While Angela falls in love for the first time, ...

ISBN: 9781743154953

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Anguli Ma

A Gothic Tale

by Chi Vu

Chi Vu takes the central figure in a traditional Buddhist folktale, a deranged killer who wears his victims? fingers in a garland around his neck, and turns him into a menacing abbatoir worker who carries bloody chunks of meat home to his ...

ISBN: 9781920882877

Binding: Paperback


Animal Ethics

by Robert Garner

This book is an attempt to lead the way through the moral maze that is our relationship with nonhuman animals. Written by an author with an established reputation in this field, the book takes the reader step by step through the main parameters ...

ISBN: 9780745630793

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Animal Nation

The true story of animals and Australia

by Adrian Franklin

Animals can tell us a lot about ourselves. The way we love them as pets, eat them for dinner, make them symbols of the nation or shun them as invaders and pests illuminates much about our society and culture. <i>Animal Nation</i> traces the ...

ISBN: 9780868408903

Binding: Paperback


Animals Among Us, The

by John Bradshaw

The bestselling author of <i>Dog Sense</i> and <i>Cat Sense</i> explains why living with animals has always been a fundamental aspect of being human.<br><br>In this highly original and hugely enjoyable work, John Bradshaw examines modern humans'

ISBN: 9780241184639

Binding: Hardback


Animals Among Us:The New Science of Anthrozoology, The

by John Bradshaw

Keeping pets is expensive, time-consuming, and seemingly irrational - so why do so many of us have an animal in our lives? Pet-keeping is much more than just a simple pastime. As John Bradshaw reveals in this highly original new work, our ...

ISBN: 9780141980164

Binding: Paperback


Animals in Religion

Devotion, Symbol and Ritual

by Barbara Allen

<div><i>Animals in Religion</i> explores the role and presence of animals within a wide range of religious traditions, from ensouled narratives within oral tradition to religious texts, myths and accompanying legends. Some of the material may ...

ISBN: 9781780235691

Binding: Hardback


Animals Strike Curious Poses

by Elena Passarello

Beginning with Yuka, a 39,000-year-old mummified woolly mammoth recently found in the Siberian permafrost, each of the sixteen essays in <i>Animals Strike Curious Poses </i>investigates a different famous animal named and immortalised by humans.

ISBN: 9781787330306

Binding: Hardback


Another Day in the Death of America

by Gary Younge

24 hours. 8 states. 10 young lives lost to gun violence. ...

ISBN: 9781783351022

Binding: Paperback



by Charlotte Sleigh

Ants are legion: at present there are 11,006 species of ant known; they live everywhere in the world except the polar icecaps; and the combined weight of the ant population has been estimated to make up half the mass of all insects alive today. ...

ISBN: 9781861891907

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Anthology of Classical Myth

Primary Sources in Translation

by Stephen M. Trzaskoma

<p>This new edition of <i>Anthology of Classical Myth </i>offers selections from key Near Eastern texts?the Babylonian <i>Epic of Gilgamesh</i>, <i>Epic of Creation </i>(<i>Enuma Elish</i>), and <i>Atrahasis</i>; the Hittite <i>Song of ...

ISBN: 9781624664977

Binding: Paperback


Anthology of English Folk Tales


Carefully selected stories from the celebrated Folk Tales series have been gathered here for this special volume. Herein lies a treasure trove of tales from a wealth of talented storytellers performing in the country today. From hidden chapels ...

ISBN: 9780750970433

Binding: Hardback


Anthropology and Modern Life


The great anthropologist's classic treatise on race and culture. Discusses biological and cultural inheritance, the fallacy of racial, cultural or ethnic superiority, the scientific basis for human individuality, and much more. One of the most ...

ISBN: 9780486252452

Binding: Paperback