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African American Almanac

400 Years of Triumph, Courage and Excellence

by Lean'tin Bracks

Covering events surrounding the civil rights movement; African American literature, art, and music; religion within the black community; and, advances in science and medicine, this title connects history to the issues currently facing the ...

ISBN: 9781578593231

Binding: Paperback


African American Religion: A Very Short Introduction

A Very Short Introduction

by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

ISBN: 9780195182897

Binding: Paperback


African Genesis


An eminent German explorer, ethnologist, and authority on prehistoric art, Leo Frobenius (1873‒1938) startled the world of anthropology with his concept of ""continuity of cultures"" - proposing, for instance, a link between Egyptian ...

ISBN: 9780486409115

Binding: Paperback


After Before Time

by Robbi Neal

Stories of life from a remote Aboriginal community that sing with vivid and simple life, truth and power. At the end of 2008, Robbi Neal and her family travelled to the other end of mainland Australia to a remote Aboriginal community. They ...

ISBN: 9781460751459

Binding: Paperback


After Progress

Reason and Religion at the End of the Industrial Age

by John Michael Greer

Progress is not just a goal in the Westit's a religion. Most people believe in its inherent value as enthusiastically and uncritically as medieval peasants believed in heaven and hell. Our faith in progress drives the popular insistence that ...

ISBN: 9780865717916

Binding: Paperback


After Sound: Toward a Critical Music

by G Douglas Barrett

After Sound considers contemporary art practices that reconceive music beyond the limitation of sound. This book is called After Sound because music and sound are, in Barrett's account, different entities. While musicology and sound art theory ...

ISBN: 9781501308123

Binding: Paperback


After The Future

Australia's New Extinction Crisis

by Tim Flannery

When it comes to the natural world, Australia is home to a disproportionately large share of the world's riches. That means we Australians are caretakers of a unique natural heritage in a land which tolerates few mistakes. So how are we doing? ...

ISBN: 9781743152478

Binding: CD-Extra

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After Words

Post-Prime Ministerial Speeches

by PJ Keating

A unique volume of speeches and occasional pieces written entirely by former Prime Minister Paul Keating. ...

ISBN: 9781743311943

Binding: Paperback


Afterlife: A History of Life after Death

by Philip Almond

ISBN: 9781784534967

Binding: Hardback


Against Everything

by Mark Greif

Mark Greif is one of the most exciting writers of his generation. In Against Everything, he make us rethink the ordinary, taking our own lives seriously, exploring how we might live an honest life in these dishonest times. In a series of ...

ISBN: 9781784785925

Binding: Hardback


Against The Double Blackmail

by Slavoj Zizek

'One of our best-known living philosophers' GuardianHow do we respond to the refugee crisis - by opening our doors, or pulling up the drawbridge? Both solutions, argues Slavoj Aixek, offer ideological blackmail, and both are wrong. He proposes ...

ISBN: 9780141984124

Binding: Paperback


Ageing: A Very Short Introduction

by Nancy A. Pachana

ISBN: 9780198725329

Binding: Paperback


Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom

Witty, Wicked, and Wise Reflections on Well-Lived Lives

by Lois P. Frankel

Throughout history, the image of wisdom is exclusively portrayed by men: God, Socrates, Confucius, Merlin, the aging college professor. Where are their female counterparts? The wisdom of older women is indisputable. Having lived decades raising ...

ISBN: 9781510716247

Binding: Paperback



Don't Die of Prejudice

by Norman Fowler

Aids: Don't Die of Prejudice, by Norman Fowler, explores the HIV/AIDS crisis that - scandalously - continues to affect millions of people across the world, despite the fact that we now have all the necessary means to prevent it. Travelling to ...

ISBN: 9781849547048

Binding: Paperback


Airport Urbanism

Infrastructure and Mobility in Asia

by Max Hirsh

In Airport Urbanism, Max Hirsh undertakes an unprecedented study of airport infrastructure in five Asian citiesBangkok, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. Drawing on material gathered in restricted zones of airports and border ...

ISBN: 9780816696109

Binding: Paperback


Al Dente

A History of Food in Italy

by Fabio Parasecoli

Over the last three decades Italian cuisine has gained in status as well as fame. High-end Italian restaurants are now listed among the most prestigious establishments in major cities worldwide, and television shows and magazines are full of ...

ISBN: 9781780232768

Binding: Hardback


Alfie All Alone

by Phyllida Nash

Evie is overjoyed when she is given her very own puppy, Alfie. Alfie adores Evie he loves to be cuddled, sleeps on her bed and welcomes her home from school every day with a wag of his tail. But it's not long before another new member of the ...

ISBN: 9781489381453

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Alfie All Alone

by Phyllida Nash

Evie is overjoyed when she is given her very own puppy, Alfie. Alfie adores Evie he loves to be cuddled, sleeps on her bed and welcomes her home from school every day with a wag of his tail. But it's not long before another new member of the ...

ISBN: 9781489381460

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

Alfred Hitchcock's America

by Pomerance

ISBN: 9780745653037

Binding: Paperback


All Day

A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Rikers Island, New York's Most Notorious Jail

by Liza Jessie Peterson

ISBN: 9781455570911

Binding: Hardback