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The Future of the Professions

How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts

by Richard Susskind

ISBN: 9780198799078

Binding: Paperback


The Future of UK-China Relations: The Search for a New Model

by Kerry Brown

ISBN: 9781788211574

Binding: Paperback


The Future of War: A History

by Lawrence Freedman

Where should we look for new dangers? <BR>What cunning plans might an aggressor have in mind? <BR>What are the best forms of defence? <BR>How might peace be preserved or conflict resolved? <BR><BR>From the French rout at Sedan in 1870 to the ...

ISBN: 9780141975603

Binding: Paperback


The Future of Work

Super-exploitation and Social Precariousness in the 21st Century

by Adrián Sotelo Valencia

<div>Sotelo offers an insightful analysis of the paradigmatic transformation of labor relations under neoliberalism.</div> ...

ISBN: 9781608467105

Binding: Paperback


The Gay Man's Guide to Open and Monogamous Marriage

by Michael Kimmel

ISBN: 9781538129142

Binding: Paperback


The Gendered Brain

The new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the female brain

by Gina Rippon

<b><b>'Highly accessible. It has the power to do vastly more for gender equality than any number of feminist "manifestos" ... revolutionary to a glorious degree'<BR>Rachel Cooke, <i>Observer</i></b></b><BR><b><b></b></b> <BR><b><b>'A treasure ...

ISBN: 9781847924766

Binding: Paperback


The Getting of Garlic

Australian Food from Bland to Brilliant, with Recipes Old and New

by John Newton

<p> <p>The white colonisers of Australia suffered from&nbsp;Alliumphobia,&nbsp;a fear of garlic. Local cooks didn’t touch the stuff and it took centuries for that fear to lift. This food history of Australia shows we held onto British ...

ISBN: 9781742235790

Binding: Paperback


The Gilded Chalet

Off-piste in Literary Switzerland

by Padraig Rooney

ISBN: 9781857886528

Binding: Paperback



The Girl Who Smiled Beads

by Clemantine Wamariya

<b>'Sharp, moving memoir . . . Wamariya tells her own story with feeling, in vivid prose. She has remade herself, as she explains was necessary to do, on her own terms.' <i>New York Times</i></b><BR><b><b><BR></b>A riveting tale of dislocation, ...

ISBN: 9781786090508

Binding: Paperback


The Girl Who Smiled Beads

by Clemantine Wamariya

<b>A riveting tale of dislocation, survival, and the power of stories to break or save us</b><BR><BR>Clemantine Wamariya was six years old when her mother and father began to speak in whispers, when neighbours began to disappear, and when she ...

ISBN: 9781786331472

Binding: Paperback


The Globotics Upheaval

Globalisation, Robotics and the Future of Work

by Richard Baldwin

ISBN: 9781474609029

Binding: Paperback


The Glossy Years

Magazines, Museums and selective Memoirs

by Nicholas Coleridge

Over his thirty-year career at Conde Nast, Nicholas Coleridge has witnessed it all. From the anxieties of the Princess of Wales to the blazing fury of Mohamed Al-Fayed, his story is also the story of the people who populate the glamorous world ...

ISBN: 9780241342879

Binding: Hardback


The Good Girls Revolt (Media tie-in)

How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace

by Lynn Povich

ISBN: 9781610397469

Binding: Paperback


The Good Life

by Hugh Mackay

"No one can promise you that a life lived for others will bring you a deep sense of satisfaction, but it's certain that nothing else will." Hugh Mackay has spent his entire working life asking Australians about their values, motivations, ...

ISBN: 9781743538937

Binding: Paperback


The Grace Year

by Kim Liggett

<b><i><BR></i></b><b>The resistance starts here... </b><BR><b><i><BR></i></b><i>No one speaks of the grace year.</i><BR><i>It's forbidden.</i><BR><i>We're told we have the power to lure grown men from their beds, make boys lose their minds, and ...

ISBN: 9781529100587

Binding: Hardback


The Grand Food Bargain: and the Mindless Drive for More

by Kevin D. Walker

ISBN: 9781610919470

Binding: Hardback


The Greedy Queen

Eating with Victoria

by Annie Gray

Full of original research, Annie Gray's first book considers Britain's most iconic monarch from a new perspective, telling the history of British dining culture along the way. ...

ISBN: 9781781256831

Binding: Paperback


The Guilty Feminist

From our noble goals to our worst hypocrisies

by Deborah Frances-White

ISBN: 9780349010137

Binding: Paperback


The Guy's Guide to Feminism

by Michael Kaufman

ISBN: 9781580053624

Binding: Paperback