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American Discontent

The Rise of Donald Trump and Decline of the Golden Age

by John L. Campbell

The 2016 presidential election was unlike any other in recent memory, and Donald Trump was an entirely different kind of candidate than voters were used to seeing. He was the first true outsider to win the White House in over a century and the ...

ISBN: 9780190872434

Binding: Hardback


American Revolution: The Fall of Wall Street and the Rise of Barack Obama: Quarterly Essay 32

by Kate Jennings

Kate Jennings was in New York, eyes wide open, completing her take on an amazing time- 'the run-up to the election ... a time when every day felt like a year and we became slightly crazed from worry but also mesmerised, unable to switch off the ...

ISBN: 9781863953115

Binding: Paperback


American Runway:75 Years of Fashion and the Front Row

75 Years of Fashion and the Front Row

by Booth Moore

ISBN: 9781419726484

Binding: Hardback


An Elephant In My Kitchen

by Françoise Malby-Anthony

Françoise Malby-Anthony never expected to find herself responsible for a herd of elephants with a troubled past. A chic Parisienne, her life changed forever when she fell in love with South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony. Together they

ISBN: 9781529036381

Binding: CD-Extra

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An Intelligent Career

Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life

by Michael B. Arthur

ISBN: 9780190866310

Binding: Paperback


And Yet...


by Christopher Hitchens

These seminal, uncollected essays by the late Christopher Hitchens showcase the notorious contrarian's genius for rhetoric, and offer sharp rebukes to tyrants and the ill-informed everywhere. ...

ISBN: 9781760294953

Binding: Paperback


Anguli Ma

A Gothic Tale

by Chi Vu

Chi Vu takes the central figure in a traditional Buddhist folktale, a deranged killer who wears his victims’ fingers in a garland around his neck, and turns him into a menacing abbatoir worker who carries bloody chunks of meat home to his ...

ISBN: 9781920882877

Binding: Paperback


Another Day in the Death of America

by Gary Younge

24 hours. 8 states. 10 young lives lost to gun violence. ...

ISBN: 9781783351022

Binding: Paperback


Anthology of Classical Myth

Primary Sources in Translation

by Stephen M. Trzaskoma

<p>This new edition of <i>Anthology of Classical Myth </i>offers selections from key Near Eastern texts—the Babylonian <i>Epic of Gilgamesh</i>, <i>Epic of Creation </i>(<i>Enuma Elish</i>), and <i>Atrahasis</i>; the Hittite <i>Song of ...

ISBN: 9781624664977

Binding: Paperback


Anthology of English Folk Tales


This enchanting collection of stories gathers together folk tales from across England in one special volume. Drawn from The History Press' popular Folk Tales series, herein lies a treasure trove of tales from a wealth of talented storytellers ...

ISBN: 9780750990042

Binding: Paperback



What Everyone Needs to Know

by Mary E. Wilson

ISBN: 9780190663407

Binding: Paperback


Antiracism in Cuba: The Unfinished Revolution

by Devyn Benson

ISBN: 9781469626727

Binding: Paperback


Antitrust and the Triumph of Economics: Institutions, Expertise, and Policy Change

by Marc Allen Eisner

ISBN: 9780807865347

Binding: Paperback


Anzac Sniper

The extraordinary story of Stan Savige, one of Australia's greatest soldiers

by Roland Perry

‘Stan Savige had been on Gallipoli for just two weeks, in the trenches firing at Turks less than 20 metres away. But Sniper’s Ridge was a different proposition. Killing took on another dimension. In the flurry of trench warfare, a soldier would ...

ISBN: 9781489469632

Binding: CD-Audio

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Anzac's Long Shadow: The Cost Of Our National Obsession: Redbacks

by Brown James

'A century ago we got it wrong. We sent thousands of young Australians on a military operation that was barely more than a disaster. It's right that a hundred years later we should feel strongly about that. But have we got our remembrance right?

ISBN: 9781863956390

Binding: Paperback



A History of the End of Time

by John Michael Greer

ISBN: 9781780870403

Binding: Paperback


April Fool's Day

by Bryce Courtenay

<i>In the end, love is more important than everything and it will conquer and overcome anything. Or that's how Damon saw it, anyway. Damon wanted a book that talked a lot about love.</i><BR><i><BR></i> Damon Courtenay died on the morning of ...

ISBN: 9780143004608

Binding: Paperback


April Fool's Day

by Bryce Courtenay

<i>April Fools Day</i> was first published in 1993. This commemorative edition celebrates one of Bryce Courtenay's most loved, enduring and life-affirming books.<BR> Damon Courtenay died on the morning of April Fool's Day. In this tribute to his

ISBN: 9780670077267

Binding: Hardback


Arabella's Guide To... Nutrient-Dense Food On A Shoestring

by Arabella Forge

'I started writing this book after I found myself trying to juggle two seemingly opposing things- I wanted to provide good, nutritious food for myself and my family, while also watching my dollars when I went to the supermarket.'<BR>More and ...

ISBN: 9781863957946

Binding: Paperback



by Christopher Hitchens

A collection of the most important and controversial writings from the unapologetically provocative yet universally admired Christopher Hitchens. ...

ISBN: 9781742377391

Binding: Paperback