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Stan Douglas

Every Building on 100 West Hastings

by Reid Shier

The 100 block of Vancouver’s West Hastings Street is the gateway to one of the most controversial inner-city neighborhoods in North America―the impoverished downtown eastside. The book, featuring numerous essays in the subject, is based on

ISBN: 9781551521350

Binding: Paperback


Star Culture

Collected interviews from Dazed & Confused magazine

by Jefferson Hack

ISBN: 9780714839554

Binding: Hardback


Star Wars Be More Leia

by DK

This novelty <i>Star Wars</i> book is full of wise words and sage advice from the galaxy's leading rebel, Princess Leia, and many other brave, confident and radical characters. Full of <i>Star Wars</i> quotes, witty advice and stills from the ...

ISBN: 9780241357637

Binding: Hardback


States and Social Evolution: Coffee and the Rise of National Governments in Central America

by Robert G. Williams

ISBN: 9780807844632

Binding: Paperback


Still Lucky

by Rebecca Huntley

'The essential work on the Australian people in the twenty-first century.' <b>George Megalogenis</b><BR><BR>At a time when politics seems increasingly negative and our society increasingly divided, <i>Still Lucky</i> shows that we are more ...

ISBN: 9780670079230

Binding: Paperback


Stonewall Riots, The:Coming Out in the Streets

Coming Out in the Streets

by Gayle E Pitman

ISBN: 9781419737206

Binding: Hardback


Stonewall Strong: Gay Men's Heroic Fight for Resilience, Good Health, and a Strong Community

by John-Manuel Andriote

ISBN: 9781538131060

Binding: Paperback


Stop At Nothing: The Life And Adventures Of Malcolm Turnbull

by Annabel Crabb

In <i>Stop at Nothing</i>, Annabel Crabb brings all her wit and perceptiveness to the story of Malcolm Turnbull. This is a memorable look at the Prime Minister in action - his flaws and achievements - as well as his past lives and ...

ISBN: 9781863958189

Binding: Paperback


Stories from the Billabong

by James Vance Marshall

From the author of Walkabout come ten of Australia's ancient aboriginal legends, authentically and elegantly retold. ...

ISBN: 9781847801241

Binding: Paperback


Storm Boy Rescue

by Board Book

The Storm Boy Rescue-Board Book is being released to tie in with the 55th anniversary edition of the Australian classic novella and the remake of the movie, which will star Jai Courtney and Geoffrey Rush. Storm Boy is the timeless story of Mike

ISBN: 9781760790325

Binding: Board book


Strangers and Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845

by Catherine A. Brekus

ISBN: 9780807847459

Binding: Paperback



by James Wallman

We have more stuff than we could ever need - clothes we don't wear, kit we don't use and toys we don't play with. But having everything we thought we wanted isn't making us happier. It's bad for the planet. It's ...

ISBN: 9780241971543

Binding: Paperback



A Global History

by Andrew F. Smith

<p><i>Sugar: A Global History</i> explores sugar’s reputation as one of the most&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">beloved yet most reviled substances that humans consume. Andrew F.&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">Smith’s ...

ISBN: 9781780234342

Binding: Hardback


Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms: A Practical Guide

by Julie Nicholson

ISBN: 9781785928192

Binding: Paperback


Swiss Watching

Inside the Land of Milk and Money

by Diccon Bewes

ISBN: 9781473677418

Binding: Paperback



Recipes from Home

by Itab Azzam

ISBN: 9781474604505

Binding: Hardback


Tain, Thehe

by Ciaran Carson

The kingdoms of Connacht and Ulster are preparing to do battle with each other. Medb, the sly and envious Queen of Connacht, is on a mission to steal the fabled Brown Bull of Cooley from the men of Ulster. The Ulstermen, crippled by an ancient ...

ISBN: 9780140455304

Binding: Paperback


Tales Of The German Imagination From The Brothers Grimm To Ingeborg Bach

by Translated By Peter Wortsman

<b><i>'It was a very momentous day, the day on which I was to be slaughtered' </b></i> Bringing together tales of melancholy and madness, nightmare and fantasy, this is a new collection of the most haunting German stories from the past 200 ...

ISBN: 9780141198804

Binding: Paperback


Talking Sideways

by Reg Dodd

<i>'That's the way it is with us mob. We were brought up to talk kind of sideways. That's the respectful, true Aboriginal way.'</i><BR><BR>Reg Dodd grew up at Finniss Springs, on striking desert country bordering South Australia's Lake Eyre. For

ISBN: 9780702260407

Binding: Paperback


Talking Smack: Honest Conversations About Drugs

by Andrew McMillen

Of all the creative industries, the most distinct link between drug use and creativity lies within music. The two elements seem to be intertwined, inseparable; that mythical phrase 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' has been bandied about with a ...

ISBN: 9780702253232

Binding: Paperback