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Fair Food

Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All

by Oran Hesterman

ISBN: 9781610391023

Binding: Paperback


Fair Share

Country & city in Australia

by Judith Brett

For many decades Australia was the country that rode on the sheep?s back. No more - now we are a country of mining and services. In QE42, one of Australia?s most original and respected political thinkers, Judith Brett, looks at what this has ...

ISBN: 9781743100226

Binding: CD-Extra

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Fair Trade

by Jacqueline DeCarlo

What?s wrong with buying regular coffee? Does fair trade necessarily mean ethical trade? What impact can consumers have on global economics? Fair trade means more than just bananas, coffee, and chocolate. Author and activist Jacqueline DeCarlo

ISBN: 9781743104866

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Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry


""Even a newspaper man, if you entice him into a cemetery at midnight, will believe in phantoms, for every one is a visionary, if you scratch him deep enough. But the Celts is a visionary without scratching."" - from the IntroductionIn this ...

ISBN: 9780486269412

Binding: Paperback


Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries


This collection of reports of elfin creatures in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany ranks among the most scholarly works ever published on the subject. The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries begins with the author's account of firsthand ...

ISBN: 9780486425221

Binding: Paperback


Faking It

The Lies Women Tell about Sex--And the Truths They Reveal

by Lux Alptraum

ISBN: 9781580057653

Binding: Paperback


Familiar Stranger

by Stuart Hall

<i>'Sometimes I feel I was the last colonial'</i><br><i></i><br><i></i>This is the story, in his own words, of the extraordinary life of Stuart Hall- writer, thinker and one of the leading intellectual lights of his age. Growing up in a ...

ISBN: 9780241289990

Binding: Hardback


Fangirl Life: A Guide to All the Feels and Learning How to Deal, The

by Kathleen Smith

Are you a fangirl?<BR> <BR> - Do you survive boring classes or meetings by imagining your favorite TV couple making out? <BR> - Have you posted a lengthy diatribe online defending a fictional character? <BR> - Have you gotten carsick from ...

ISBN: 9781101983690

Binding: Paperback


Fantastic Man

Men of Great Style and Substance

by Gert Jonkers

ISBN: 9780714870397

Binding: Hardback


Farm Worker Futurism

Speculative Technologies of Resistance

by Curtis Marez

<p><i>Farm Worker Futurism</i> reveals that the historical role of technology has had much to do with depicting the lives of farm laborers—Mexican migrants in particular—in the United States. This book explores the friction between agribusiness ...

ISBN: 9780816697458

Binding: Paperback


Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat

by Philip Lymbery

Farm animals have been disappearing from our fields as the production of food has become a global industry. We no longer know for certain what is entering the food chain and what we are eating - as the UK horsemeat scandal demonstrated. We are ...

ISBN: 9781408846346

Binding: Paperback


Fashion + Music: The Fashion Creatives Shaping the Music Industry

The Fashion Creatives Shaping the Music Industry

by Katie Baron

ISBN: 9781780677484

Binding: Hardback


Fashion and Everyday Life: London and New York, 1890-2010

by Cheryl;Clark, Hazel Buckley

Taking cultural theorist Michel de Certeau's notion of 'the everyday' as a critical starting point, this book considers how fashion shapes and is shaped by everyday life. Looking historically for the imprint of fashion within everyday routines ...

ISBN: 9781847888266

Binding: Paperback


Fashion in Film

by Christopher Laverty

ISBN: 9781780678733

Binding: Hardback


Fashionable Childhood

by Malkki

<i>Fashionable Childhood</i> is the first book to critically examine representations of children and childhood through fashion media. Focussing on themes such as innocence, sexuality, class, and gender, this book provides a detailed and ...

ISBN: 9781472568441

Binding: Paperback


Fast Food

The Good, the Bad and the Hungry

by Andrew F. Smith

<div>Fast food is the most pervasive culinary trend of our time. It is an industry that has changed the way the world eats, as the model works virtually everywhere. At its heart are large multinational chains, running an estimated one million ...

ISBN: 9781780235745

Binding: Paperback


Fast Times and Excellent Adventures

The Surprising History of the '80s Teen Movie

by James King

ISBN: 9781472123725

Binding: Paperback


Fatal Attraction

by Suzanne Leonard

Since its famed introduction of the ?boiled bunny,? Fatal Attraction (1987) established itself as one of American cinema?s most controversial films. This insightful new book surveys the film's formal features and its ideological impact, paying ...

ISBN: 9781405173759

Binding: Paperback



A Global History

by Michelle Phillipov

<div>No other food is as nutritionally crucial, symbolically important or controversial as fat. Butter, oil, tallow, lard, schmaltz - culinary fats have not only shaped world cuisines, they are themselves steeped in cultural and symbolic ...

ISBN: 9781780235752

Binding: Hardback


Fearless Ivan and His Faithful Horse Double-Hump

A Russian Folk Tale

by Pyotr Yershov

<b>A classic Russian tale retold for our time by an eminent folklorist.</b><div>"Many years ago in the great empire of Russia where wicked winds and cruel storms tormented the lives of poor peasants . . .\u201d So begins the magical story of a ...

ISBN: 9781517904821

Binding: Hardback