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Reflections of Elephants

by Bobby Jo-Clow

Reflections of Elephants is a celebration, seen through the lens of acclaimed photographer Bobby-Jo Clow. From the rusty, red plains of Tsavo to the lush, green forests of Northern Thailand, Bobby-Jo has captured every aspect of elephant life, ...

ISBN: 9781922129970

Binding: Hardback


Reframe: How To Solve The World's Trickiest Problems

by Eric Knight

'An original and vital contribution to understanding politics.' - Matt Ridley, author of <i>The Rational Optimist</i> How to solve the world's trickiest political problems? In <i>Reframe,</i> Eric Knight explains how a change of focus ...

ISBN: 9781863955591

Binding: Paperback


Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs

A frank, up-to-date guide by experts

by Jane McAdam

<p> </p><p></p><p>Everyone has the right to seek asylum under international law. However, successive governments in Australia have declared the need to ‘stop the boats’ whatever the cost, be it human, economic, moral or legal.</p><p>In this new ...

ISBN: 9781742236520

Binding: Paperback


Relative Intimacy: Fathers, Adolescent Daughters, and Postwar American Culture

by Rachel Devlin

ISBN: 9780807856055

Binding: Paperback


Religion and Political Conflict in Latin America

by Daniel H. (ed.) Levine

ISBN: 9780807841501

Binding: Paperback


Remaking Ibieca: Rural Life in Aragon Under Franco

by Susan Friend Harding

ISBN: 9780807896778

Binding: Paperback


Representing Palestine

Media and Journalism in Australia Since World War I

by Peter Manning

After more than half a century, the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to dominate headlines. But how has the coverage of Palestinians by foreign media changed? How did foreign correspondents influence the perception of Palestine amongst their ...

ISBN: 9781788311823

Binding: Hardback


Representing Women: Sex, Gender, and Legislative Behavior in Arizona and California

by Beth Reingold

ISBN: 9780807848500

Binding: Paperback


Requiem for a Species

Why we resist the truth about climate change

by Clive Hamilton

We know how dire the future looks. We know how little time we have left to act. Yet we continue to ignore the warnings. One of Australia's sharpest thinkers explores the reasons why and offers his vision of our new future. ...

ISBN: 9781742372105

Binding: Paperback


Rev Head

by Shane Jacobson

My life as a motoring tragic Was it luck that gave me the chance to race at Bathurst? They say Luck is when Skill meets Opportunity. In my case Luck came when Not-Quite-Enough-Skill overshot the braking marker, speared off the track and slammed

ISBN: 9781489410900

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Revolting Prostitutes

by Molly,Mac, Juno Smith

Do you have to think that prostitution is good to support sex worker rights' How do sex worker rights fit with feminist and anti-capitalist politics' Is criminalising clients progressive and can the police deliver justice'<br>In Revolting ...

ISBN: 9781786633606

Binding: Paperback


Rhetorical Occasions: Essays on Humans and the Humanities

by Michael BAA®rubAA®

ISBN: 9780807857779

Binding: Paperback



A Global History

by Renee Marton

<div>This is a detailed history of rice, from its origin as a staple food in&nbsp;Asian and West African countries to its ubiquitous place in&nbsp;meals across the world today. It&nbsp;explores rice in society, literature, music, painting and ...

ISBN: 9781780233505

Binding: Hardback



Robyn Lawley Eats

by Robyn Lawley

<b><b>Robyn Lawley is a self-confessed foodie - in addition to being an international supermodel for the likes of H &amp; M and Ralph Lauren.</b></b><br><b></b><br>When she's not gracing the cover of <i>Vogue </i>or modelling swimwear or walking

ISBN: 9780857980472

Binding: Paperback



Tasmanian Songman

by Ronnie Summers

<i>Ronnie: Tasmanian Songman</i> is the heartwarming story of musician, storyteller and craftsman, Ronnie Summers. He hasn’t had it easy, but in the lines of his face and the twinkle in his eye lies the spirit of a proud Tasmanian Aboriginal ...

ISBN: 9781921248108

Binding: Paperback


Safe: How to stay safe in a dangerous world

Survival techniques for everyday life from an SAS hero

by Chris Ryan

ISBN: 9781473664357

Binding: Paperback


Sages: Warren Buffett, George Soros, Paul Volcker, And The Maelstrom OfMarkets, The

by Morris Charles R

<b>During the violent financial disruptions of recent years, three men have stood out as beacons of judgement &amp; wisdom-</b> Warren Buffett, George Soros <b>&amp;</b> Paul Volcker. Buffett is renowned as a canny stock-market investor, ...

ISBN: 9781863954358

Binding: Paperback


Salad Days

by Ronnie Scott

In <i>Salad Days</i>, Ronnie Scott interrogates our current obsession with food - and asks whether it's actually such a bad thing. <i>Salad Days </i>takes us via the world's best restaurants in Noma and elBulli, and more humble yet no less ...

ISBN: 9780143572138

Binding: Paperback



by Shiraz Maher

No topic has gripped the public imagination so dramatically as the spectre of global jihadism. While much has been said about the way jihadists behave, their ideology remains poorly understood. Shiraz Maher charts the intellectual underpinnings ...

ISBN: 9780141986265

Binding: Paperback