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Origin Of The Family, Private Property And The State, The

by Friedrich Engels

<i>The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State</i> (1884), was a provocative and profoundly influential critique of the Victorian nuclear family. Engels argued that the traditional monogamous household was in fact a recent ...

ISBN: 9780141191119

Binding: Paperback


Our Mob Served

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories of War and Defending Australia

by Allison Cadzow

<p><i>Our Mob Served</i> presents a moving and little-known history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander war time and defence service, told through the vivid oral histories and treasured family images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

ISBN: 9780855750718

Binding: Paperback


Our Turn

by Kirstine Stewart

In <i>Our Turn</i>, Kirstine Stewart, VP Media for Twitter - named one of Canadian Business's Power 50 of 2016 for helping women discover their leadership potential - draws on her extensive experience to share her smart and practical approach to

ISBN: 9781863958523

Binding: Paperback


Our Women on the Ground

Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World

by Zahra Hankir

<b>Nineteen Arab women journalists speak out about what it's like to report on their changing homelands in this first-of-its-kind essay collection, with a foreword by CNN chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour.<BR></b><BR>A growing ...

ISBN: 9781787301702

Binding: Paperback


Out in Public: Configurations of Women's Bodies in Nineteenth-Century America

by Alison Piepmeier

ISBN: 9780807855690

Binding: Paperback


Out of the Desert

Stories from the Walmajarri Storytellers

by ' et al.

<i>Out of the Desert</i> is a compelling collection of stories, art and photographs from the Walmajarri people of the Great Sandy Desert, in north western Australia. It tells of their remarkable exodus from remote desert country to an unfamiliar

ISBN: 9781875641499

Binding: Paperback


Out on Assignment: Newspaper Women and the Making of Modern Public Space

by Alice Fahs

ISBN: 9781469621968

Binding: Paperback


Outwitting Housework

101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Your Housework to a Minimum

by Barty Phillips

<DIV>Everyone hates housework most of the time &ndash; there&rsquo;s too much life to live without having to worry about the washing and cleaning as well. Yes, the occasional flirtation with a duster or iron can be good for the soul but, come ...

ISBN: 9781782439141

Binding: Paperback


Oyster Isles

A Journey Through Britain and Ireland's Oysters

by Bobby Groves

ISBN: 9781472129086

Binding: Hardback


Pages from the Past: History and Memory in American Magazines

by Carolyn Kitch

ISBN: 9780807856499

Binding: Paperback



Palestine on the Air

by Karma R Chavez

ISBN: 9780252084850

Binding: Paperback


Paper Cuts

A Memoir

by Stephen Bernard

<b>A dazzlingly original and hauntingly powerful memoir, <i>Paper Cuts</i> takes us inside the mind of a young Oxford academic whose life has been devastated by severe mental illness.</b><BR><b><BR></b><i>'I have a small line of red dots on the ...

ISBN: 9781784707040

Binding: Paperback


Paper Emperors

The rise of Australia's newspaper empires

by Sally Young

ISBN: 9781742234984

Binding: Paperback



A Predator's Diary

by Lydia Lunch

<div>The unspeakable sexual confessions of legend Lydia Lunch; introduction by Jerry Stahl, afterword by Thurston Moore.</div> ...

ISBN: 9781933354354

Binding: Paperback



Pauli Murray and Caroline Ware: Forty Years of Letters in Black and White

by Anne Firor Scott

ISBN: 9780807859285

Binding: Paperback


Peak: Reinventing Middle Age

by Patricia Edgar

Society is changing faster than policies and attitudes are keeping up with. People are living longer, retiring from work later, and remaining active and valuable contributors to the community well into and beyond their 50s and 60s. <i>Peak- ...

ISBN: 9781925355963

Binding: Paperback



by Barbara Allen

<p>With its distinctive, comical walk, large bill and association with the conservation movement, the pelican has attained iconic status. But the pelican has a chequered history. Classed as ‘unclean’ in the King James Bible, the legend of the ...

ISBN: 9781789140750

Binding: Paperback


Penguin Book Of Classical Myths, The

by Jenny March

What were the twelve labours of Herakles? Why did Zeus turn himself into a shower of gold? What was the name of the guard-dog of the Underworld? Which two-faced Roman god gave his name to the month January? What is the answer to the riddle

ISBN: 9780141020778

Binding: Paperback