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A Place Called Home

The Social Dimensions of Homeownership

by Kim R. Manturuk

Since the onset of the mortgage lending crisis and the subsequent Great Recession, there has been ongoing debate about the economic benefits of homeownership. Some say homeownership remains an important contributor to wealth creation, while ...

ISBN: 9780190653248

Binding: Hardback


A Place of Refuge

An Experiment in Communal Living The Story of Windsor Hill Wood

by Tobias Jones

ISBN: 9781848662483

Binding: Hardback


A Place of Refuge

An Experiment in Communal Living The Story of Windsor Hill Wood

by Tobias Jones

ISBN: 9781848662513

Binding: Paperback


A Rich and Fertile Land

A History of Food in America

by Bruce Kraig

<p><i>A Rich and Fertile Land</i> investigates the history of food in America, where it comes from and how it has changed over time. From the first Native Americans to modern industrial farmers, people have shaped the North American continent ...

ISBN: 9781780238531

Binding: Hardback


A Room Of One's Own And Three Guineas (Vintage Classics Woolf Series)

by Virginia Woolf

This volume combines two books which were among the greatest contributions to feminist literature this century. Together they form a brilliant attack on sexual inequality. <i>A Room of One's Own</i>, first published in 1929, is a witty, urbane ...

ISBN: 9781784870874

Binding: Paperback


A Short History of Migration

by Massimo Livi Bacci

Translated by Carl Ipsen. <p>This short book provides a succinct and masterly overview of the history of migration, from the earliest movements of human beings out of Africa into Asia and Europe to the present day, exploring along the way those ...

ISBN: 9780745661872

Binding: Paperback


A Shorter History Of Australia

by Humphrey Bower

After a lifetime of research and debate on Australian and international history, Geoffrey Blainey is well placed to introduce us to the people who have played a part and to guide us through the events which have created the Australian identity: ...

ISBN: 9781742336886

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

A Terrible Beauty: A Cultural History of the Twentieth Century

The People and Ideas that Shaped the Modern Mind: A History

by Peter Watson

ISBN: 9781842124444

Binding: Paperback


A Very Expensive Poison

The Definitive Story of the Murder of Litvinenko and Russia's War with the West

by Luke Harding

The shocking true story of the Litvinenko poisoning, told by the author of <i>The Snowden Files</i> and <i>Wikileaks. </i> ...

ISBN: 9781783350940

Binding: Paperback


A3 flat AIATSIS map Indigenous Australia

by David Horton

<p><p>The highly popular AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia is now available in a compact, portable A3 size. Perfect for anyone interested in the diversity of Australia’s first nations peoples. Edited by David Horton the AIATSIS map of ...

ISBN: 9781922059703

Binding: Sheet map, flat


Aboriginal Australians

A history since 1788

by Richard Broome

A powerful history of black-white encounters in Australia since colonisation, this fully updated edition remains the only concise survey of Aboriginal history since 1788. ...

ISBN: 9781742370514

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Darwin

A guide to important places of the past and present

by Toni Bauman

<div>To most visitors and locals, Darwin is a vibrant, tropical city in the Top End. Although not always obvious, Darwin is also a living Aboriginal cultural landscape.&nbsp;There are as many ways of seeing Aboriginal Darwin as there are ...

ISBN: 9780855754464

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Fables & Legendary

by Reed A W

Aboriginal Fables & Legendary Tales is a magical introduction to the world of Aboriginal folklore and the Dreamtime, for all those interested in Australia's colourful history.Filled with mythical half human, half animal beings such as the ...

ISBN: 9781876334109

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Legends Animal Ta

Animal Tales

by Reed A W

Aboriginal Legends Animal Tales is a unique collection of stories for those who are interested in learning more about this fascinating cultureLearn about the powerful Rainbow Snake, red and black flying foxes, the Eagle Hawk and the medicine ...

ISBN: 9781876334154

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Stories of Australi

by Reed A W

An enthralling collection of Aboriginal traditional talesAboriginal Stories of Australia is an enthralling collection of traditional tales that date back to the beginning of time. Learn how Yhi the sun goddess introduced life to the world, why ...

ISBN: 9781876334178

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Stories Of Australi

by Reed A W

A wealth of poetic and imaginative tales from Aboriginal cultural heritage.Aboriginal Stories presents a collection of myths and legends gathered from various sources, representing the rich and diverse tapestry of beliefs of Aboriginal people ...

ISBN: 9781876334345

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal String Bags, Nets and Cordage

by Alan L. West

This fascinating book by anthropologist, Alan West, is an in depth study of the making of bags, nets and cordage and includes detailed diagrams and photographs of weaving techniques from the Indigenous communities on the west and east coasts of ...

ISBN: 9780975837016

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Tales of Australia

by Alexander Wyclif Reed

Aboriginal Tales of Australia takes us deep into the world of Aboriginal folklore and the DreamtimeDelve into this fascinating collection of legends and fables gathered from Aboriginal groups across Australia and discover lively and beautiful ...

ISBN: 9781876334185

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Ways of Using English

by Diana Eades

This new collection by Professor Diana Eades addresses the way non-traditional language Aboriginal speakers of English use and speak English. To understand Aboriginal ways of speaking English leads to better understanding Aboriginal identity, a ...

ISBN: 9781922059260

Binding: Paperback


Aboriginal Words of Australia

by Reed A W

Aboriginal Words of Australia is a fascinating reference for anyone interested in knowing more about the original inhabitants of this vast continent.This book offers Aboriginal words from around Australia arranged alphabetically in two sections,

ISBN: 9781876334161

Binding: Paperback