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Never Enough

The neuroscience and experience of addiction

by Judith Grisel

ISBN: 9781925849615

Binding: Paperback


New Media

by Terry Flew

The fourth edition of Terry Flew’s New Media combines a comprehensive overview of theories of new media with contemporary cases studies. Based on an historic understanding of new media developments, the book explores the role of new media in a ...

ISBN: 9780195577853

Binding: Paperback


New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin

by Steven Lee Myers

An epic tale of Vladimir Putin's path to power, as he emerged from obscurity to become one of the world's most conflicted and important leaders. Former New York TimesMoscow Bureau Chief Steven Lee Myers has followed Putin since well before the ...

ISBN: 9781471130649

Binding: Paperback


Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport

by Anna Krien

'The Pies beat the Saints and the city of Melbourne was still cloaked in black and white crepe paper when the rumour of a pack rape by celebrating footballers began to surface . . . And so, as police were confiscating bedsheets from a townhouse ...

ISBN: 9781863956499

Binding: Paperback


Night Riders in Black Folk History

by Gladys-Marie Fry

ISBN: 9780807849637

Binding: Paperback


Nine Lives: Postwar Women Writers Making Their Mark

by Susan Sheridan

In the decades after World War II, the literary scene in Australia flourished- local writers garnered international renown and local publishers sought and produced more Australian books. The traditional view of postwar period is of ...

ISBN: 9780702238680

Binding: Paperback


No Fixed Address: Nomads and the Fate of the Planet: Quarterly Essay 24

by Robyn Davidson

Robyn Davidson has spent a good part of her life with nomadic cultures of various kinds (in Australia, north-west India, Tibet and the Indian Himalayas), and she herself calls three countries 'home' - Australia, England and India. In this ...

ISBN: 9781863952866

Binding: Paperback


No House to Call My Home

Love, Family, and Other Transgressions

by Ryan Berg

ISBN: 9781568585093

Binding: Hardback


No One Eats Alone: Food as a Social Enterprise

by Michael S. Carolan

ISBN: 9781610918046

Binding: Hardback


No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia's Housing Crisis

by Peter Mares

More than a million lower-income households in Australia pay above the affordability benchmark for their housing costs. More than 100,000 people are homeless. Seventy per cent of us are concerned we'll never own property. Yet owning a home is ...

ISBN: 9781925603873

Binding: Paperback


No Small Change: The Road to Recognition for Indigenous Australia

by Brennan Frank

What lessons have been learned from the 1967 referendum? In 1967, Australians voted overwhelmingly in favour of altering two aspects of the Constitution that related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Although these seemed like ...

ISBN: 9780702253324

Binding: Paperback


Nobody Passes

Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

by Matt Sycamore

ISBN: 9781580051842

Binding: Paperback


Non-Bullshit Innovation

Radical Ideas from the World's Smartest Minds

by David Rowan

David Rowan travels the globe in search of the most exciting and pioneering startups building the future. He's got to know the founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Spotify, Xiaomi, Didi, Nest, Twitter and countless other ambitious ...

ISBN: 9781787631199

Binding: Paperback


Nordic Tales

Folktales from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark

by Chronicle Books

Traditional Nordic folktales come to life in this enchanting illustrated edition. ...

ISBN: 9781452174471

Binding: Hardback


Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life


How the Nordic countries can teach us how to live better, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Nordic countries are world leaders in organising society and it is no wonder Finland has been ranked among the happiest places in the world with an ...

ISBN: 9780715653180

Binding: Paperback



100 Icons of Scandi Culture & Nordic Cool

by Arrow Film Distributors Ltd

ISBN: 9781788401227

Binding: Hardback


Norse Revival

Transformations of Germanic Neopaganism

by Stefanie von Schnurbein

<div><I>Norse Revival</I> offers a thorough investigation of Germanic Neopaganism (Asatru) through an international and comprehensive historical perspective.</div> ...

ISBN: 9781608467372

Binding: Paperback


Not Alms but Opportunity: The Urban League and the Politics of Racial Uplift, 1910-1950

by TourAA® F. Reed

ISBN: 9780807859025

Binding: Paperback


Not Just Black and White

by Lesley Williams and Tammy Williams

Two remarkable women tell an inspirational story about the power of family and pursuing your dreams. Lesley Williams is forced to leave Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement and her family a young age to work as a domestic servant. Apart from a bit ...

ISBN: 9780702253843

Binding: Paperback


Not Just Lucky

by Jamila Rizvi

'Feisty and inquisitive - a fresh take on modern feminist issues.' <b>Julia Gillard</b><BR><BR>Australian women are suffering from a crisis of confidence about work. Accustomed to being overlooked and undervalued, even when women do get to the

ISBN: 9780143783534

Binding: Paperback