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Designing Social Research

The Logic of Anticipation

by Norman Blaikie

ISBN: 9781509517411

Binding: Paperback


Designs from Pre-Columbian Mexico


This is a sourcebook and treasury of unique designs, in a collection never published before-300 original motifs created by the Aztecs, Toltecs, Totonacs, and others-all ready for use by the artist, illustrator, designer, hobbyist, and ...

ISBN: 9780486227948

Binding: Paperback


Destination Australia

Migration to Australia Since 1901

by Eric Richards

<p>In 1901 most Australians were loyal, white subjects of the British Empire with direct connections to Britain. Within a hundred years, following an unparalleled immigration program, its population was one of the most diverse on earth. No other

ISBN: 9781921410574

Binding: Paperback


Destination Simple: Everyday Rituals for a Slower Life

by Brooke McAlary

Brooke McAlary knows first-hand the power of simplifying and living with less. After being diagnosed with postnatal depression, she embraced a slower, more intentional life and rediscovered her health, energy and passion. In <i>Destination ...

ISBN: 9781863959063

Binding: Paperback



by Tim Rogers

'Of all the utterances delivered to me by strangers, my least favourite after "We can no longer legally serve you" would have to be, "Well, that isn't very rock'n'roll."' Tim Rogers of You Am I has always been a complicated man: a hard-drinking

ISBN: 9781460795569

Binding: CD-Audio

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by Tim Rogers

'Of all the utterances delivered to me by strangers, my least favourite after "We can no longer legally serve you" would have to be, "Well, that isn't very rock'n'roll."' Tim Rogers of You Am I has always been a complicated man: a hard-drinking

ISBN: 9781460795576

Binding: CD-Extra

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Addressing Culture and the Arts

by Robyn Archer

Due to significant demand, UWA Publishing has gathered together a selection of Robyn Archer's most memorable keynote speeches and memorial lectures from the past seven years. Key addresses include: Garma Opening Keynote: Garma Festival, Gulkala,

ISBN: 9781742580678

Binding: Paperback


Developing Citizen Designers

by Elizabeth Resnick

The aim of this book is to enable students, educators and designers in the early stages of their careers to learn and practise design in a socially responsible manner. It responds to the rise of academic debate and teaching in the areas of ...

ISBN: 9780857856203

Binding: Paperback


Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion


How can we know that God exists? Is it possible to find proof of religion's most significant issues? Can we presume that the orderliness of the universe offers evidence of a purposeful creator? David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion ...

ISBN: 9780486451114

Binding: Paperback


Diamonds And Dust

by Sheryl McCorry

Sheryl McCorry grew up in Arnhem Land carrying crocodiles to school for show and tell. When she was 18, Broome beckoned, and it was there that - only hours after being railroaded into marriage by a fast-talking Yank - she locked eyes with Bob ...

ISBN: 9781742015729

Binding: CD-Audio

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Dictionary and Glossary of the Koran


It is every Muslim's duty to read the Koran and try to understand it, which can be a problematic task for those unacquainted with Arabic. The study and appreciation of Arabic literature likewise demands a thorough familiarity with the Koran; the

ISBN: 9780486434391

Binding: Paperback


Dictionary of Symbols


Humans, it's said, are symbolising animals. At every stage of civilization, people have relied on symbolic expression, and advances in science and technology have only increased our dependence on symbols. The language of symbols is considered a ...

ISBN: 9780486425238

Binding: Paperback


Different Daughters

A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement

by Marcia Gallo

ISBN: 9781580052528

Binding: Paperback


Digital Citizenship in a Datafied Society

by Arne Hintz

ISBN: 9781509527168

Binding: Paperback


Digital Cosmopolitans

Why We Think the Internet Connects Us, Why It Doesn't, and How to Rewire It

by Ethan Zuckerman

ISBN: 9780393350326

Binding: Paperback


Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies

by Nick Willoughby

<b>The easy way for kids to get started with filmmaking</b> <p>If you've been bitten by the filmmaking bug?even if you don't have a background in video or access to fancy equipment?<i>Digital Filmmaking For Kids</i> makes it easy to get up and ...

ISBN: 9781119027409

Binding: Paperback


Digital Humanities

Knowledge and Critique in a Digital Age

by David M. Berry

<p>As the twenty-first century unfolds, computers challenge the way in which we think about culture, society and what it is to be human: areas traditionally explored by the humanities.</p> <p>In a world of automation, Big Data, algorithms, ...

ISBN: 9780745697666

Binding: Paperback


Digital Identities in a State of Tension: Between Autonomy and Control

by Khatchatourov

ISBN: 9781786304117

Binding: Hardback


Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing

by Mathieu Andro

ISBN: 9781786301611

Binding: Hardback


Digital Media and Society

An Introduction

by Adrian Athique

<p>The rise of digital media has been widely regarded as transforming the nature of our social experience in the twenty-first century. The speed with which new forms of connectivity and communication are being incorporated into our everyday ...

ISBN: 9780745662299

Binding: Paperback