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by Paul Jepson

At a time of unparalleled environmental change, there has never been a greater need for new ways of defending nature. In this forward-thinking work, Paul Jepson and Richard Ladle cover all aspects of modern conservation to provide a fascinating

ISBN: 9781743104705

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Consolation of Philosophy


One of the most influential books in the history of Western thought, The Consolation of Philosophy was written in a prison cell by a condemned man. Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (c. 480-524) was a Roman scholar, theologian, philosopher, and

ISBN: 9780486421636

Binding: Paperback


Conspiracies and Secret Societies

The Complete Dossier

by Brad Steiger

<p>This new edition collects and celebrates the thousands of world-moving people and hard-to-find facts and&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">accomplishments that have helped shape society and culture. It recognizes and honors both ...

ISBN: 9781578593682

Binding: Paperback


Consuming Innocence: Popular culture and our children

by Brooks Karen

<i>Consuming Innocence- Popular Culture and Our Children</i> is an engaging and thought-provoking look at the effects of popular culture on children, parenting and family life. It is down to earth, confronting and accessible without sacrificing ...

ISBN: 9780702236457

Binding: Paperback


Consumptive Chic

by Carolyn A. Day

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, there was a tubercular 'moment' in which perceptions of the consumptive disease became inextricably tied to contemporary concepts of beauty, playing out in the clothing fashions of the day. With the

ISBN: 9781350009370

Binding: Paperback


Contemporary Caribbean Cultures and Societies in a Global Context

by Franklin W. Knight

ISBN: 9780807856345

Binding: Paperback


Contemporary Culture and Media in Asia

by Daniel Black

ISBN: 9781783487080

Binding: Hardback


Contemporary Moral and Social Issues

An Introduction through Original Fiction, Discussion, and Readings

by Thomas D. Davis

<p><i>Contemporary Moral and Social Issues</i> is a uniquely entertaining introduction that brings ethical thought to life. It makes innovative use of engaging, topically oriented original short fiction, together with classic and influential ...

ISBN: 9781118625408

Binding: Paperback


Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent

by Stuart Price

ISBN: 9781783481750

Binding: Hardback


Contested Culture: The Image, the Voice, and the Law

by Jane M. Gaines & Alan Trachtenberg

ISBN: 9780807843260

Binding: Paperback


Contesting the New South Order: The 1914-1915 Strike at Atlanta's Fulton Mills

by Clifford M. Kuhn

ISBN: 9780807849736

Binding: Paperback


Cooking in Other Women's Kitchens: Domestic Workers in the South,1865-1960

by Rebecca Sharpless

ISBN: 9781469606866

Binding: Paperback


Cork Folk Tales


As the home of the famous Blarney Stone it is perhaps not surprising that the stories of County Cork could fill many libraries. Among its vast archive of myth and legend are tales of the Goddess Cliona, The Hag of Beara and the Giant Mac Mahon ...

ISBN: 9781845885182

Binding: Paperback


Cosmic Consciousness


Acclaimed by William James as ""an addition to psychology of first-rate importance,"" this pioneering work constitutes a classic modern study of the mystical experience. Author Richard Maurice Bucke, a distinguished progressive psychiatrist, ...

ISBN: 9780486471907

Binding: Paperback


Cotton Crisis

by Robert E Snyder

ISBN: 9780807897829

Binding: Paperback


Country of the Heart

An Australian Indigenous Homeland

by Deborah Bird Rose

<i>Country of the Heart</i> provides an introduction to the connections between Aboriginal people and the land that has sustained and nurtured them for generations. Through the wonderful photographic images and the stories of the MakMak clan ...

ISBN: 9780855757762

Binding: Paperback


Country Too Far, A

by Tom Keneally

One of the central moral issues of our time is the question of asylum seekers, arguably the most controversial subject in Australia today. In this landmark anthology, twenty-seven of Australia's finest writers have focused their intelligence and

ISBN: 9780143574132

Binding: Paperback


County Durham Folk Tales


An enchanting collection of folk tales retold by a professional storyteller. Storyteller Adam Bushnell brings together stories from the rugged coastlines, limestone cliffs, remote moorland, pastoral dales and settled coalfields of County ...

ISBN: 9780750981507

Binding: Paperback


Courageous Aging

Your Best Years Ever Reimagined

by Dr. Ken Druck

The guide to embracing life at every age, readers are freed from limiting beliefs and given solid strategies for coming to terms with some of life?s most difficult age-related and non-age-related forms of adversity. ...

ISBN: 9781683504481

Binding: Paperback


Cracking the Boy's Club Code

The Woman's Guide to Being Heard and Valued in the Workplace

by Michael Johnson

Wouldn't it be nice to have a decoder ring to understand how men think? "Cracking The Boy's Club Code" gives you creative strategies for winning respect from male coworkers and getting the outcomes you want. In a unique, engaging style ...

ISBN: 9781600376429

Binding: Paperback