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Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing

by Mathieu Andro

<p>Instead of outsourcing tasks to providers using labor-intensive countries, libraries around the world increasingly appeal to the crowds of Internet users, making their relationship with users more collaborative . These internet users can be ...

ISBN: 9781786301611

Binding: Hardback


Digital Media and Society

An Introduction

by Adrian Athique

<p>The rise of digital media has been widely regarded as transforming the nature of our social experience in the twenty-first century. The speed with which new forms of connectivity and communication are being incorporated into our everyday ...

ISBN: 9780745662299

Binding: Paperback


Digital Sociology

The Reinvention of Social Research

by Noortje Marres

<p>This provocative new introduction to the field of digital sociology offers a critical overview of interdisciplinary debates about new ways of knowing society that are emerging today at the interface of computing, media, social research and ...

ISBN: 9780745684796

Binding: Paperback


Digital Vs Human: How We'll Live, Love, And Think In The Future

by Richard Watson

<b>From the author of the international bestseller <i>Future Files</i> comes the one book you need to prepare for the world of tomorrow.<BR></b><BR>On most measures that matter, we've never had it so good. Physically, life for humankind has ...

ISBN: 9781925321173

Binding: Paperback


Digital, Political, Radical

by Natalie Fenton

<i>Digital, Political, Radical</i> is a siren call to the field of media and communications and the study of social and political movements. We must put the politics of transformation at the very heart of our analyses to meet the global ...

ISBN: 9780745650876

Binding: Paperback


Dinner Deconstructed

by Annabel Staff

Do you recognise these ingredients? 35 recipes as you've never seen them before, photographed exquisitely. A gorgeous gift book as well as a cookery title, Dinner Deconstructed features 35 recipes as you've never seen them before, broken down ...

ISBN: 9781911042471

Binding: Hardback


Dinner With Mugabe

The Untold Story of a Freedom Fighter Who Became a Tyrant

by Heidi Holland

At a time when the world waits anxiously to see what will happen next in Zimbabwe – when there is little food in the country's shops, life expectancy is plunging and Zimbabweans are fleeing repression and unemployment - this book gets to grips ...

ISBN: 9781742676784

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Dirty Wars

The world is a battlefield

by Jeremy Scahill

Jeremy Scahill's <i>Dirty Wars</i> film tie-in (2013) was Nominated for an Academy Award For Best Documentary. ...

ISBN: 9781846688515

Binding: Paperback


Disability in Australia

Exposing a social apartheid

by Gerard Goggin

Dares to name and explore a hidden blight in society: the routine, daily and oppressive treatment of people with disabilities. Drawing on a wide range of case studies from health and welfare, sport, biotechnology, deinstitutionalisation, ...

ISBN: 9780868407197

Binding: Paperback



by Bryan Frances

Regardless of who you are or how you live your life, you disagree with millions of people on an enormous number of topics from politics, religion and morality to sport, culture and art. Unless you are delusional, you are aware that a great many ...

ISBN: 9780745672274

Binding: Paperback


Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe

by Antony Loewenstein

Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Australia to witness the reality of disaster capitalism. He discovers how companies such as G4S, ...

ISBN: 9781784781156

Binding: Hardback


Disciplining the Savages Savaging the Disciplines

by Martin Nakata

An exploration of the way knowledge is produced within academic disciplines and then reproduced as public knowledge and used by governments. Nakata, a Torres Strait Islander academic, casts a critical gaze on the 1890s Cambridge Expedition ...

ISBN: 9780855755485

Binding: Paperback


Discourse on Metaphysics and The Monadology


One of the 17th century's most important thinkers, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz exercised enormous influence on the philosophy of Herder, Feuerbach, and Hegel as well as on the writings of Schiller and Goethe. Two of Leibniz's most studied and ...

ISBN: 9780486443102

Binding: Paperback


Discourse on Method and Meditations


Is it possible to be certain of anything? If so, how? The father of modern philosophy and the founder of rational method in philosophical thought, Rene Descartes (1596-1650) sought the answers to these questions and in doing so, addressed the ...

ISBN: 9780486432526

Binding: Paperback


Discourse on the Origin of Inequality


A powerful, passionate explanation of the roots of social inequality, Rousseau's Discourse influenced virtually every major philosopher of the Enlightenment. It remains among the 18th-century's most provocative and frequently studied works. If ...

ISBN: 9780486434148

Binding: Paperback


Discourses (Books 1 and 2)


The ne plus ultra of Stoicism, Discourses outline clear-cut principles of right conduct and true thinking, offering secular thinkers a mode of reasoning that dismisses the strictures of absolutism and emotionalism in exchange for a more peaceful

ISBN: 9780486434421

Binding: Paperback


Discourses (Books 3 and 4)


In this compilation of Books 3 and 4 of Epictetus' Discourses the second of a two-volume set the philosopher discusses the quest for freedom, the nature of solitude, cynicism, fear, discretion, the avoidance of quarrels, and other subjects ...

ISBN: 9780486434438

Binding: Paperback


Discovery of the Mind


ISBN: 9780486242644

Binding: Paperback



by Mark Gevisser

This is a story of dispossession, a meditation on place, home and identity, as well as a deeply personal account of the social ills of South Africa and the triumph of its people. ...

ISBN: 9781847088581

Binding: Hardback



The Performative in the Political

by Judith Butler

Dispossession describes the condition of those who have lost land, citizenship, property, and a broader belonging to the world. This thought-provoking book seeks to elaborate our understanding of dispossession outside of the conventional ...

ISBN: 9780745653815

Binding: Paperback