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In Search of Our Mother's Gardens

by Alice Walker

ISBN: 9780753819609

Binding: Paperback


Indelible in the Hippocampus

Writings From the Me Too Movement

by Shelly Oria

<p> </p><table><tbody><tr><td>"Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter," said Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford when she testified to congress in September 2018 about the men who victimised her. A year earlier, in October 2017, the hashtag ...

ISBN: 9781944211714

Binding: Paperback


Indigenous and Other Australians Since 1901

by Tim Rowse

<p>As Australia became a nation in 1901, no-one anticipated that ‘Aboriginal affairs’ would become an on-going national preoccupation.<br></p> <p>Not ‘dying out’ as predicted, Aboriginal numbers recovered and – along with Torres Strait Islanders

ISBN: 9781742235578

Binding: Paperback


Indigenous Australians and Health

The Wombat in the Room

by Ronald Hampton

Can you see the wombat in the room?Indigenous Australians and Health assists the reader, through simple and practical strategies, to appreciate and understand the importance of ‘Getting it right’, when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait ...

ISBN: 9780195519624

Binding: Paperback


Infectious Ideas: U.S. Political Responses to the AIDS Crisis

by Jennifer Brier

ISBN: 9780807872116

Binding: Paperback


Inside the Cell

The Dark Side of Forensic DNA

by Erin Murphy

ISBN: 9781568584690

Binding: Hardback


Inside Vogue: My Diary of Vogue's 100th Year

by Alexandra Shulman

"Coinciding with its 100th anniversary, <i>Inside Vogue</i> is Alexandra Shulman's record of her life at the magazine during its centenary year. These diaries are a fascinating glimpse into the realities of her day to day as the longest serving ...

ISBN: 9780241279236

Binding: Hardback


Inside Vogue: My Diary of Vogue's 100th Year

by Alexandra Shulman

<b>The secret diary of Vogue Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman and the real story behind the BBC TV ABSOLUTELY FASHION documentary.</b><br><b>'One of the great social diaries of our time . . . should become a classic.' <i>Sunday ...

ISBN: 9780241978375

Binding: Paperback


Inspiration:Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World

Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World

by Crystal McCrary

ISBN: 9781584799597

Binding: Hardback


Integrated Principles Of Zoology 17E

by Jr. Hickman

ISBN: 9781260110593

Binding: Paperback




by Andrea Dworkin

ISBN: 9780465017522

Binding: Paperback


Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business

An EVE Online Reader

by Marcus Carter

<p><i>EVE&nbsp;</i><i>Online</i>&nbsp;is a socially complex, science-fiction-themed universe simulation and massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) first released in 2003. In this fascinating book, scholars, players, and <i>EVE’s</i> developer ...

ISBN: 9780816699087

Binding: Paperback


Into The Woods: The Battle For Tasmanias Forests

by Anna Krien

For many years, the Tasmanian wilderness has been the site of a fierce struggle. At stake is the future of old-growth forests. Loggers and police face off with protesters deep in the forest, while savage political games are played in the courts ...

ISBN: 9781863955584

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Maori Culture

by Don Stafford

- When was Aotearoa discovered? - How was Maori society organised in pre-European times? - What is traditional Maori art? - How does the Treaty of Waitangi affect us today? History and culture, from the great Polynesian migration to ...

ISBN: 9780143010821

Binding: Paperback


Introduction to Existentialism


An indispensable guide to one of the most influential contemporary thought systems, this first-rate work of scholarship requires no previous training in philosophy. Stressing the work of Heidegger and Sartre, it offers a careful and objective ...

ISBN: 9780486200552

Binding: Paperback


Investigative Ethics

Ethics for Police Detectives and Criminal Investigators

by Seumas Miller

<i>Investigative Ethics: Ethics for Police Detectives and Criminal Investigators</i> presents applied philosophical analyses of the ethical issues that arise for police detectives and other investigators in contemporary society.<br /><br ...

ISBN: 9781405157735

Binding: Paperback


Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching

A Young Black Man's Education

by Mychal Denzel Smith

ISBN: 9781568585284

Binding: Hardback


Invisible Women

Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

by Caroline Criado Perez

<b><b><i>'Invisible Women</i></b><b> takes on the neglected topic of</b><b> what we <i>don't</i> know - and why. The result is </b><b>a powerful, important and eye-opening analysis of the gender politics of knowledge and ignorance. With examples

ISBN: 9781784742928

Binding: Paperback


Invisible Wounds

by Kay Douglas

This is one of the first books written for women suffering from emotional abuse rather than physical abuse at the hands of their male partners. This book contains dozens of case studies and many exercises designed to help women recognise, ...

ISBN: 9780140275186

Binding: Paperback