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Credlin & Co: How The Abbott Government Destroyed Itself

by Aaron Patrick

'Credlin was Abbott's enforcer, his disciplinarian, his counsellor, his brain, his mother. Her strength as a chief of staff was a sign of his weakness as a prime minister- she gave him the option of disengaging. Credlin allowed Abbott to be who ...

ISBN: 9781863958097

Binding: Paperback


Crime & Punishment: Offenders And Victims In A Broken Justice System: Redbacks

by Marks Russell

If the goal of our justice system is to reduce crime and create a safer society, then we must do better.According to conventional wisdom, severely punishing offenders reduces the likelihood that they'll offend again. Why, then, do so many who go

ISBN: 9781863957175

Binding: Paperback


Crimes Against Humanity

by Adam Jones

In this compelling overview, Adam Jones outlines the history and current extent of key crimes against humanity, and highlights the efforts of popular movements to suppress them. Using examples ranging from the genocides in Darfur and Rwanda to ...

ISBN: 9781743104712

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Critical Craft: Technology, Globalization, and Capitalism

by C;DeNicola, A Wilkinson-Weber

From Oaxacan ceramic workshops to dessert kitchens in provincial France, <i>Critical Craft</i> presents thirteen ethnographies which examine what defines and makes 'craft' in a wide variety of practices from around the world.<br> <br>Challenging

ISBN: 9781472594853

Binding: Paperback


Critical Practice

by Martin McQuillan

What is the relationship between theory and practice in the creative arts today' <br>In this book, Martin McQuillan offers a critical interrogation of the idea of practice-led research. He goes beyond the recent vocabulary of research management

ISBN: 9781780930343

Binding: Paperback


Critique of Judgment


This 1790 polemic by one of philosophy's most important and influential figures attempts to establish the principles that support the faculty of judgment. Kant's third critique - after Critique of Practical Reason and Critique of Pure Reason - ...

ISBN: 9780486445434

Binding: Paperback


Critique of Practical Reason


The second of Kant's three critiques, Critique of Practical Reason forms the center of Kantian philosophy; published in 1788, it is bookended by his Critique of Pure Reason and Critique of Judgement. With this work Kant establishes his role as a

ISBN: 9780486434452

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Critique of Pure Reason


In his monumental Critique of Pure Reason, German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) argues that human knowledge is limited by the capacity for perception. He attempts a logical designation of two varieties of knowledge: a posteriori, the ...

ISBN: 9780486432540

Binding: Paperback


Crossed Purposes

the Pintupi and Australia's Indigenous Policy

by Ralph Folds

Why are we consistently confronted with the failure to achieve statistical equality in critically important areas such as health, housing, and education? Examining the relationship between the Pintupi people of Australia's western deserts, Ralph

ISBN: 9780868406916

Binding: Paperback


Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind


One of the most influential books on social psychology ever written, brilliantly instructive in the general characteristics and mental unity of a crowd. A must-read for students, politicians, and investors. One of the most influential works of ...

ISBN: 9780486419565

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Cuchulain of Muirthemne


One of the leading lights of the late-19th-century Irish literary renaissance, the Irish writer, folklorist, and playwright Lady Augusta Gregory was instrumental in collecting and preserving the folklore of her country. She translated these ...

ISBN: 9780486417172

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Cuisine, Colonialism and Cold War

Food in Twentieth-century Korea

by Katarzyna J. Cwiertka

This book traces these developments as they are played out in the everyday details of Korea?s national cuisine, which is savoured the world over for its diversity of ingredients and flavours. By considering twentieth-century Korea via its ...

ISBN: 9781780230252

Binding: Hardback


Cultural Amnesia

Notes in the Margin of My Time

by Clive James

<p>An almanac combining a comprehensive survey of modern culture with an annotated index of who-was-who and what-was-what, <b><em>Cultural Amnesia</em></b> is Clive's unique take on the places and the faces that shaped the 20th-century. From ...

ISBN: 9780330481755

Binding: Paperback


Cultural Dementia: How The West Has Lost Its History, And Risks Losing Everything Else

by David Andress

A blistering assessment of the West's abandonment of history as it succumbs to an attack of social and cultural dementia, by leading historian David Andress. In this blistering book, David Andress shows how the West has abandoned its history ...

ISBN: 9781788540049

Binding: Hardback


Cultural DNA

The Psychology of Globalization

by Gurnek Bains

ISBN: 9781118928912

Binding: Hardback


Cultural History in Australia

by Hsu-Ming Teo

Showcases Australia’s leading historians writing about cultural history, both in theory and practice. ...

ISBN: 9780868405896

Binding: Paperback


Cultural Revolution: A People's History, 1962-1976

by Frank Dikotter

ISBN: 9781408856529

Binding: Paperback


Culture and Development

A Critical Introduction

by Susanne Schech

This book introduces students to new ways of thinking about development. It integrates the recent scholarship of cultural studies within the existing frameworks of development studies, which have primarily focused on issues of political economy ...

ISBN: 9780631209515

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The power of selection in a world of excess

by Michael Bhaskar

ISBN: 9780349412504

Binding: Hardback


Curing Affluenza: How to Buy Less Stuff and Save the World

by Richard Denniss

A truly modern affliction, affluenza is endemic in Western societies, encouraged by those who profit from a culture of exploitation and waste. So how do we cure ourselves?In this sparkling book of ideas, Richard Denniss shows we must distinguish

ISBN: 9781863959414

Binding: Paperback