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Heroic Australian Women In War

by Susanna de Vries

In this inspiring book, Susanna de Vries profiles the love, dedication and selflessness of eleven outstanding women over the course of two world wars: from Olive Kin, who saved countless lives in the war-ravaged Balkans, although she lost her ...

ISBN: 9781486242597

Binding: CD-Extra

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Hipstory:Why Be A World Leader When You Could Be A Hipster?

Why Be A World Leader When You Could Be A Hipster?

by Amit Shimoni

ISBN: 9781780679983

Binding: Paperback


Hoax: A History of Deception

5,000 Years of Fakes, Forgeries, and Fallacies

by Ian Tattersall

ISBN: 9780316503723

Binding: Hardback


Hollywood Cinema

by Richard Maltby

This extensively revised second edition offers a comprehensive introduction to Hollywood cinema, providing a fascinating account of the cultural and aesthetic significance of the world?s most powerful film industry. <br /> <ul> <li ...

ISBN: 9780631216155

Binding: Paperback


Home on the Rails: Women, the Railroad, and the Rise of Public Domesticity

by Amy G. Richter

ISBN: 9780807855911

Binding: Paperback


Homer's Odyssey: An Embiggened Simpsons Guide

by Four Finger Discount

<b>Remember when The Simpsons was the funniest show on television?</b><BR><BR>The Simpsons is the longest running comedy in history. Gracing our screens since 1989, with over 600 episodes, the show is a cultural phenomenon. Whilst it is still ...

ISBN: 9781780898261

Binding: Hardback


Hot Feminist

by Polly Vernon

ISBN: 9781473612198

Binding: Paperback


Hot Pink Spice Saga

by Clerc,Peta Math

<B>A fabulous, exuberant book of food, travel and humour by two of New Zealands's best-loved cooks.<br><br></B>Peta Mathias and Julie Le Clerc are in love with food, in love with travel and in love with India. In her characteristic exuberant, ...

ISBN: 9781775535157

Binding: Paperback


How Brands Grow Part 2

Emerging Markets, Services, Luxury Brands and Durables

by Jenni Romaniuk

Growth to survive is a marketing mantra.&nbsp;&nbsp;Following the success of international bestseller, How Brands Grow: What Marketer&rsquo;s Don&rsquo;t Know, comes a new book that takes readers further on a journey to smarter, evidence-based ...

ISBN: 9780195596267

Binding: Hardback



How Population Change Will Transform Our World

by Sarah Harper

Predicting the shape of our future populations is vital for installing the infrastructure, welfare, and provisions necessary for society to survive. There are many opportunities and challenges that will come with the changes in our populations ...

ISBN: 9780198783992

Binding: Paperback


How The French Thinkctual People

by Sudhir Hazareesingh

<b>WINNER OF THE GRAND PRIX DU LIVRE D'ID ES</b><BR>The French- serious and frivolous, charming and infuriating, rational and mystical, pessimistic, pleasure-loving - and perhaps more than any other people, intellectual. This original and ...

ISBN: 9780241961063

Binding: Paperback


How The Irish Saved Civilization

The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe

by Thomas Cahill

ISBN: 9780340637876

Binding: Paperback


How to Be a Big Strong Man: A modern guide to masculinity

by Samuel Leighton-Dore

Samuel Leighton-Dore knows that masculinity is a myth. A big, dumb, silly, poorly constructed myth! This picture book pokes light-hearted fun at the very notion of manhood, by offering an updated guide to masculinity. Thus: How to Be A Big, ...

ISBN: 9781925811155

Binding: Hardback


How To Be a Woman

by Caitlin Moran

<b><b><BR>Listen to the brand new dramatisation of <i>How To Be a Woman</i>, narrated by Caitlin herself, as part of BBC Radio 4's Riot Girls season </b></b><BR><b></b> <BR><b>Selected by Emma Watson for her feminist book club 'Our Shared ...

ISBN: 9780091940744

Binding: Paperback


How to Feed the World

by Jessica Eise

ISBN: 9781610918848

Binding: Paperback


How We Desire

by Carolin Emcke

What if, instead of discovering our sexuality only once, during puberty, we discover it again later - and then again, after that? What if our sexuality reinvents itself every time our desire shifts, every time the object of our desire changes? ...

ISBN: 9781925603613

Binding: Paperback


How We Got To Now: Six Innovations That Made The Modern World

by Steven Johnson

How did photography bring about social reform? What connects refrigeration to Hollywood? And how did our battle against dirt help create smartphones? In this story of ingenious breakthroughs and unsung heroes, Steven Johnson explores the ...

ISBN: 9781846148552

Binding: Paperback


Hui: A Study Of Maori Ceremonial Gatherings

by Anne Salmond

When Maori people gather for a Hui, they have immediate access to an ancestral world which remains a living reality for as long as the hui lasts. Hui incorporate all Maori ceremonial gatherings- openings of new marae, tangihanga (funerals), ...

ISBN: 9780143203025

Binding: Paperback