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Big Questions: What is New Zealand's Future?, The

by Various Authors

<b>New Zealand is at a crossroads. People are increasingly concerned about where we are headed. Can we improve our appalling statistics on poverty and violence? </b>What about work - will we all be replaced by robots? Will our children (let ...

ISBN: 9780143772378

Binding: Paperback


Bike Nation

by Peter Walker

ISBN: 9781911214946

Binding: Paperback



by John Spicer

Biologist John Spicer shows how closely our future is linked with that of biodiversity while navigating listeners through some key problems facing our planet, including mass extinctions, population explosions, habitat destruction, and ...

ISBN: 9781743104514

Binding: CD-Extra

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A Philosophical Introduction

by Stephen Holland

<p>This book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to contemporary bioethics. It also presents provocative, philosophically informed arguments on current bioethical issues. Holland engages with debates ranging from the more familiar ...

ISBN: 9780745690605

Binding: Paperback


Biopolitical Governance: Race, Gender and Economy

by Hannah Richter

ISBN: 9781786602718

Binding: Hardback


Bioterror And Biowarfare

by Malcolm Dando

Against an uneasy political backdrop of failed agreements and legal loopholes, along with the worrying growth of biological and chemical agents around the world, biological warfare has become a real concern for anyone worried about a future of ...

ISBN: 9781743104521

Binding: CD-Extra

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Birth of Tragedy


Philosopher's classic study declares that Greek tragedy achieved greatness through a fusion of elements of Apollonian restraint and control with Dionysian components of passion and the irrational. Among the most influential philosophers of ...

ISBN: 9780486285153

Binding: Paperback


Bit Rot

by Douglas Coupland

<b>In <i>Bit Rot</i>, Douglas Coupland explores the different ways in which twentieth-century notions of the future are being shredded, and creates a gem of the digital age. Reading the stories and essays in <i>Bit Rot</i> is like bingeing on ...

ISBN: 9780099510895

Binding: Paperback


Bitch Doctrine

by Laurie Penny

<b>'I can't really think of another writer who so consistently and bravely keeps thinking and talking and learning and trying to make the world better' Caitlin Moran</b><br>Smart and provocative, witty and uncompromising, this collection of ...

ISBN: 9781408881613

Binding: Paperback


Bitter Chocolate: Investigating the Dark Side of the World's MostSeductive Sweet

by Off Carol

<b>'You'll never look at chocolate the same way again.'</b> Quill &#38; Quire (Canada) Chocolate is synonymous with pleasure, but the real story of chocolate is often far from sweet. <i>Bitter Chocolate</i> begins by tracing the fascinating ...

ISBN: 9780702236853

Binding: Paperback


Black Feminist Cultural Criticism

by Jacqueline Bobo

<i>Black Feminist Cultural Criticism</i> is the first comprehensive analysis of the full range of Black women's creative achievements. In this outsdanding collection, writers and scholars in literature, film, television, theatre, music, art, ...

ISBN: 9780631222408

Binding: Paperback


Black Woman Redefined

Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama

by Sophia Nelson

ISBN: 9781936661732

Binding: Paperback


Black Women and Popular Culture: The Conversation Continues

by Adria Goldman

ISBN: 9780739192283

Binding: Hardback


Black, Listed

by Jeffrey Boakye

ISBN: 9780349700557

Binding: Hardback



by Grossman Michele

"Written by established and emerging Indigenous intellectuals from a variety of positions, perspectives and places, these essays generate new ways of seeing and understanding Indigenous Australian history, culture, identity and knowledge

ISBN: 9780522850697

Binding: Paperback



The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

by Jeremy Scahill

This revised and updated edition includes Scahill's continued investigative work into one of the outrages of our time: the privatisation of war. ...

ISBN: 9781846686528

Binding: Paperback


Blake's Go Guides Better Communication with Family, Friends and Colleagues

by Wendy Beckett

<p>Your easy guide to improving your communication skills.</p> <p>This b ook gives you information on a range of issues including:</p> <ul> <li>u nderstanding what influences your communication style</li> <li>improving your active listening ...

ISBN: 9781741251470

Binding: Paperback


Blockbuster Science: The Real Science in Science Fiction

by David Siegel Bernstein

If you've ever wondered how much real science goes into movies like <i>Gravity</i>, novels like <i>The Martian</i>, and television shows like <i>Dr. Who</i>, this is the book for you. Written by an author who is both a data scientist and a ...

ISBN: 9781633883697

Binding: Hardback



by Jill Walker Rettberg

Thoroughly revised and updated, this new edition of <i>Blogging</i> provides an accessible study of a now everyday phenomenon and places it in a historical, theoretical and contemporary context. The second edition takes into account the most ...

ISBN: 9780745663654

Binding: Paperback


Blogging: How Our Private Thoughts Went Public

by Kristin Wolfe

ISBN: 9780739186459

Binding: Hardback