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Eat It Anyway

Fight the Food Fads, Beat Anxiety and Eat in Peace

by Eve Simmons and Laur Dennison

ISBN: 9781784725808

Binding: Paperback


Eat Your History

Stories and recipes from Australian kitchens

by Jacqui Newling

<p>Handwritten recipes passed through the generations, tales of goats running wild in colonial gardens and early settlers’ experimentation with native foods … <i>Eat Your History</i> dishes up stories and recipes from Australian kitchens and ...

ISBN: 9781742234687

Binding: Hardback


Eating Animals

by Jonathan Safran Foer

<b><i>Eating Animals</i> is Jonathan Safran Foer's eye-opening account of where meat comes from</b><b></b>'I simply wanted to know - for myself and my family - what meat is. Where does it come from? How is it produced? What are the economic, ...

ISBN: 9780141031934

Binding: Paperback


Econobabble: How To Decode Political Spin And Economic Nonsense:Redback8

by Richard Denniss

'Our world abounds with businesspeople and politicians spouting arguments that sound like economics, but aren't. If you fear you've been taken in- or have just had your doubts- this is the book to set things straight. It is the best guide you'll

ISBN: 9781863958042

Binding: Paperback


Economy, Society, and Public Policy


Economy, Society, and Public Policy is a new way to learn economics. It is designed specifically for students studying social sciences, public policy, business studies, engineering and other disciplines who want to understand how the economy ...

ISBN: 9780198849841

Binding: Paperback


Edward Koiki Mabo: His Life & Struggle for Land Rights (New Edition)

by Loos Noel & Mabo Koiki

Here, largely in his own words, is the incredible story of Edward Koiki Mabo, from his childhood on the Island of Mer through to his struggle within the union cause and the black rights movement. Tragically, Mabo died just months before the ...

ISBN: 9780702249792

Binding: Paperback




A Global History

by Diane Toops

A beguiling tour in a bite-sized book, this mix of anecdotes, recipes and cultural history journeys through the lore of the most versatile of foods - the egg. <div>According to Hindu scripture, the world began as an egg, laid by a swan floating ...

ISBN: 9781780232645

Binding: Hardback


Eighties: The Decade That Transformed Australia, The

by Frank Bongiorno

It was the era of Hawke and Keating, Kylie and INXS, the America's Cup and the Bicentenary. It was perhaps the most controversial decade in Australian history, with high-flying entrepreneurs booming and busting, torrid debates over land rights

ISBN: 9781863957762

Binding: Hardback


Elder Edda, The

by Andy Orchard

<b><i>'She stood by the standing-beam, summoned her strength- her eyes blazed fire, she snorted venom, Brynhild, Budli's daughter'</i></b> Compiled by an unknown scribe in Iceland around 1270, and based on sources dating back centuries ...

ISBN: 9780140435856

Binding: Paperback


Elements Of Taste: Understanding What We Like and Why

by Benjamin Errett

Celine Dion. Kanye West. Hamilton. Stranger Things. Wes Anderson. The Bachelor. Doctor Who. House Hunters. The Girl on the Train. We all have our most and least favorite things. But why?<br><br>This smart, funny and well-researched book brings ...

ISBN: 9780399183447

Binding: Paperback


Elites and People: Challenges to Democracy

by Fredrik Engelstad

ISBN: 9781838679163

Binding: Hardback



The Transformation of Art Publishing in Britain

by Anna Nyburg

ISBN: 9780714867021

Binding: Hardback


Empowering Mantras for Awesome Women

by CICO Books

<DIV><P>This fantastic collection of wise and powerful words is a must-have for any 21st-century woman. Whether you want a reminder of your worth, a boost towards smashing boundaries and glass ceilings or simply a hit of positivity, you&#39;ll ...

ISBN: 9781782495666

Binding: Paperback


End Of Plenty: The Race To Feed A Crowded World, The

by Bourne Joel

<b>An award-winning environmental journalist introduces a new generation of farmers and scientists on the frontlines of the next green revolution.</b> When Malthus famously outlined the brutal relationship between food and population, he ...

ISBN: 9781925106565

Binding: Paperback


English Is ... English for the Australian Curriculum Year 8 & eBookPLUS

by Sarah Haley

ISBN: 9781742467757

Binding: Paperback


Entitled to Power: Farm Women and Technology, 1913-1963

by Katherine Jellison

ISBN: 9780807844151

Binding: Paperback



by Carrie Gracie

ISBN: 9780349012247

Binding: Paperback



by Carrie Gracie

ISBN: 9780349012261

Binding: Hardback


Equality at Work

by Ann Francke

Equality at work expert Ann Francke reveals how to understand and tackle the damaging consequences of gender imbalance in the workplace<BR><BR>Gender balance is first and foremost a business issue. McKinsey estimates we could add 28 trillion to ...

ISBN: 9780241396247

Binding: Paperback