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Be More Sloth

Get the hang of living life in the slow lane

by Alison Davies

<DIV><I>They can&#160;slow their heart rate down to such a pace that it is possible for them to hold their breath underwater for around 40 minutes.</I><BR /><BR /><I>The female sloth will scream full pelt&#160;to alert any likely lad in the ...

ISBN: 9781787132276

Binding: Hardback


Beat Low Self-Esteem With CBT

How to improve your confidence, self esteem and motivation

by Christine Wilding

ISBN: 9781473654303

Binding: Paperback


Beating Depression

Inspirational Stories of Hope and Recovery

by Paul Gilbert

ISBN: 9781849014021

Binding: Paperback


Being Creative (Build and Become)

20 Thought Provoking Lessons

by Michael Atavar

<i>Being Creative</i> discusses the important, sometimes challenging, but always relevant aspects of creativity - taking theories off the page through relatable examples and providing practical exercises. ...

ISBN: 9781781317181

Binding: Hardback


Better Than Before

Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives

by Gretchen Rubin

ISBN: 9781444769012

Binding: Paperback


Beyond Beautiful

A Practical Guide to Being Happy, Confident, and You in a Looks-Obsessed World

by Anuschka Rees

Between picture-perfect Instagram celebrities, ultra-lean fitness gurus, and effortlessly chic fashion influencers, it's getting harder and harder to feel good about the way we look. Despite the growing movement toward female empowerment and ...

ISBN: 9780399582097

Binding: Hardback


Beyond Willpower

The Secret Principle to Achieving Success in Life, Love, and Happiness

by Alex Loyd

ISBN: 9781444795103

Binding: Paperback



by Jennifer Eberhardt

ISBN: 9781785151484

Binding: Paperback


Big Bucket List Book

133 Experiences of a Lifetime

by Gin Sander

<p><b></b> <p><b>Jump into an adventure and turn your wish list into a reality with this practical and inspiring guide! </b>Everyone has an extensive, daunting bucket list of things to complete "before you die." But it's time to stop listing and

ISBN: 9781492609803

Binding: Paperback


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Creative Living Beyond Fear

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Readers of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert's books for years. Now, this beloved author shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity, shattering the perceptions of mystery and suffering that ...

ISBN: 9781408866757

Binding: Paperback



How our childhood makes us who we are

by Lucy Maddox

ISBN: 9781472137883

Binding: Paperback


Body Kindness

by Rebecca Scritchfield

ISBN: 9780761187295

Binding: Paperback


Boost Your Confidence

Improving Self-Esteem Step-By-Step

by Melanie Fennell

ISBN: 9781849014007

Binding: Paperback


Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents

What To Do When Your Teen Has BPD: A Complete Guide for Families

by Blaise A Aguirre

A comprehensive guide to Borderline Personality Disorder, offering an overview of the disorder, its treatment options for adolescents, and advice on how to live with it day-to-day. ...

ISBN: 9781592336494

Binding: Paperback


Boss of Busy

Combat Burn Out and Get Clear on What Matters

by Alison Hill

<p><b>Bring calm to the chaos in your life.</b></p> <p>Whether you find yourself checked out, burnt out, or just plain freaked out; you deserve better. Psychologist Alison Hill takes you deep into the key pillars for our happiness, health and ...

ISBN: 9780730369592

Binding: Paperback


Boundaries: How to Draw the Line in Your Head, Heart and Home

by Victoria Lambert

A four-step programme to help develop self-esteem and achieve healthy control over your life, co-written by psychotherapist and relationship expert, Jennie Miller, and award-winning journalist Victoria Lambert. - Discover how to set personal ...

ISBN: 9780008240820

Binding: Paperback


Brain Coach

Train, Regain and Maintain Your Mental Agility in 40 Days

by Gareth Moore

<P>Although we all know that the adage &lsquo;we only use ten per cent of our brain&rsquo; is a myth, the truth is that the brain has to cope with so much information from so many sources, it&rsquo;s no wonder that at stressful times we can feel

ISBN: 9781789290196

Binding: Paperback


Brain Rules: 12 principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School (Revised Edition).

by John Medina

An updated and expanded edition of the International bestseller. Most of us have no idea what's really going on inside our heads. Yet brain scientists have uncovered details every business leader, parent, and teacher should know - for ...

ISBN: 9781925106275

Binding: Paperback


Brain-Based Parenting

The Neuroscience of Caregiving for Healthy Attachment

by Daniel A. Hughes

ISBN: 9780393707281

Binding: Hardback


Brave New Girl

Seven Steps to Confidence

by Chloe Brotheridge

Many young women struggle with confidence, compulsive people-pleasing, and an inability to speak up and ask for what they really want. Now, Chloe Brotheridge offers her expert advice on how young women should take up space, speak up, and put ...

ISBN: 9780241400432

Binding: Paperback