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Addiction & Recovery for Dummies

by Brian F. Shaw

Evaluate medications and treatment programs<br /> <br /> Break free from addictive substances or behaviors and get a fresh start<br /> <br /> Think you have an addiction? This compassionate guide helps you identify the problem and work towards a

ISBN: 9780764576256

Binding: Paperback


Additive Alert 3/e

Your Guide to Safer Shopping

by Julie Eady

<p>Australia today is facing a health crisis such as we have never seen before. Rates of cancer, obesity, diabetes, asthma, ADHD and behavioural disorders in our children are all alarmingly high. What is happening and what can we do to ...

ISBN: 9781925403688

Binding: Paperback


Advanced Negotiation Skills In A Week

Master Negotiating In Just Seven Steps

by Peter Fleming

ISBN: 9781473608078

Binding: Paperback


After 9/11

One Girl's Journey through Darkness to a New Beginning

by Helaina Hovitz

<p>Helaina Hovitz was twelve years old and in middle school three blocks away when the World Trade Center was attacked. Her memoir encapsulates the journey of a girl growing up with PTSD after living through the events firsthand, chronicling its

ISBN: 9781631440625

Binding: Hardback


Ageless Beauty: The Secrets of French Elegance

by Clemence von Mueffling

Three generations of Parisian women - grandmother, mother and daughter - have each worked as beauty editors and share their years of experience to equip you with advice on how to feel beautiful and elegant at any age. Here you will discover the ...

ISBN: 9780241358450

Binding: Paperback


Ageless Soul: An uplifting meditation on the art of growing older

by Thomas Moore

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781471163692

Binding: Paperback


Airline Pilot Technical Interviews

A Study Guide

by Ronald D. McElroy

Helping pilots prepare for specific test sections, this text provides exercises in the areas of mental math, approach plates, AIM, regulations, weather, systems, aerodynamics, and cockpit situations. Focusing on the skills necessary for ...

ISBN: 9781619544550

Binding: Paperback


Alan Kohler's Eureka Report

by Kohler, Alan With Drury Barbara

"<i>Alan Kohler's Eureka Report Guide to Personal Investing</i> provides the tools you need to understand all aspects of your personal finances. Written in plain language for the self-directed investor, it will help you seize control of the ...

ISBN: 9780522858174

Binding: Paperback


All or Nothing

Bringing balance to the achievement-oriented personality

by Mike McKinney

The ‘all or nothing’ personality is driven to succeed. While often bringing great rewards in terms of career achievement, this approach can lead to other areas of life being adversely affected, and is one of the key causes of burnout. The author

ISBN: 9781925335262

Binding: Paperback


Allergy Solution, The

by Leo Galland

An epidemic of allergies is spreading around the world. In Australia, one in five people live with allergies, and one billion people worldwide suffer from allergic diseases such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, and food allergies. But this is just ...

ISBN: 9781401949419

Binding: Paperback


Already Brilliant

Play to Your Strengths in Work and Life

by Rachel Bridge

ISBN: 9780349417349

Binding: Paperback


Among the Giants

How One Underdog Pursued His Dreams & You Can Too!

by Jesse LeBeau

ISBN: 9781939629326

Binding: Paperback


An Effective Life

Inspirational Philosophy from Dr. Covey's Life

by Dr Stephen R Covey

<div><b>From the author of&nbsp;<i>The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People</i>&nbsp;which has inspired millions</b><br></div><div>Today's generation will be newly inspired by Covey's <i>An Effective Life</i>, a new approach to practicing the ...

ISBN: 9781633532700

Binding: Paperback


An Intelligent Life

by Julian Short

"AN INTELLIGENT LIFE is a practical guide to modern life and relationships. Julian Short draws upon 30 years experience as a psychiatrist to offer hints, tips and guidelines for coping with many of the problems and events that we face every ...

ISBN: 9781741669701

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Coping with Eating Problems

by Gillian Todd

ISBN: 9781472138507

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Coping with Extreme Emotions

A Guide to Borderline or Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder

by Lee Brosan

ISBN: 9781472137326

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Coping with Insomnia and Sleep Problems

by Colin Espie

ISBN: 9781472138545

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Improving Your Self-Esteem

by Melanie Fennell

ISBN: 9781849014724

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction To NLP: The Secret to Living Life Happily

by Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP and the man who inspired Paul McKenna to greatness, collaborates with Alessio Roberti and Owen Fitzpatrick to reveal how to unleash your true potential and transform your life. Richard Bandler &#8211; the ...

ISBN: 9780007497416

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Sensible Alcohol Use, 2nd Edition

Practical Tips and Strategies

by Marcantonio Spada

ISBN: 9781472138552

Binding: Paperback