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Love for Imperfect Things

How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection

by Haemin Sunim

No one is perfect. But that doesn't stop us from imagining ourselves smarter, funnier, richer, or thinner, and how much happier we would then be.<BR><BR><i>Love for Imperfect Things, </i>by the bestselling Korean monk, Haemin Sunim, shows how ...

ISBN: 9780241331125

Binding: Hardback


Love Your Enemies: How to Break the Anger Habit and Be a Whole Lot Happier

by Sharon;Thurman, Robert Salzberg

When people and circumstances upset us, how do we deal with them? Often, we feel victimized. We become hurt, angry and defensive. We end up seeing others as enemies, and when things don't go our way, we become enemies to ourselves. But what if

ISBN: 9781401928155

Binding: Paperback


Love Your Life

100 Ways to Start Living the Life You Deserve

by Domonique Bertolucci

<DIV>FRESH NEW COVER DESIGN!<BR /><BR /> From author of<I> The Happiness Code</I>, Domonique Bertolucci, comes a new book <B>Love Your Life </B>showcasing a collection of uplifting messages that will inspire you to discover your inner (and ...

ISBN: 9781743793299

Binding: Hardback


Macmillan Mathematics 4 Pupil's Book B

by Paul Broadbent

. ...

ISBN: 9780230028272

Binding: Paperback


Made Out of Stars: A Journal for Self-Realization

by Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel's first guided journal, <i>Start Where You Are</i>, inspired thousands of readers through a rare combination of stunning watercolour art and thoughtful, empowering prompts and quotations. <BR><BR><i>Made Out of Stars</i> will ...

ISBN: 9780241355268

Binding: Paperback


Magic of Believing


"One of the greatest inspirational and motivational books ever written." - Norman Vincent Peale In this bestselling self-help book, a successful businessman reveals the secrets behind harnessing the unlimited energies of the subconscious. ...

ISBN: 9780486832548

Binding: Paperback


Magic of Sleep Thinking: How to Solve Problems, Reduce Stress and Increase Creativity While You Sleep


Imagine solving problems and increasing creativity while you sleep. Grounded in current brain research, this volume introduces a simple but revolutionary program that shows how to do just that by learning to tune into your unconscious brain's ...

ISBN: 9780486824284

Binding: Paperback


Make It Happen

Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

by Jordanna Levin

A fun, practical and easy-to-follow guide to manifestation for a whole new generation. ...

ISBN: 9781760524364

Binding: Paperback


Make It Happen: Live Your Best Life

by Michelle Bridges

The difference between the life you want and the life you have is YOU! So what are you waiting for?<BR><BR> Michelle Bridges knows what it feels like to face your fears, chase your dreams and handle setbacks - she's been there too and has come ...

ISBN: 9780670079032

Binding: Paperback


Make It Rain!

How to Use the Media to Revolutionize Your Business & Brand

by Areva Martin

ISBN: 9781478989875

Binding: Hardback


Make Your Mark

A Guidebook for the Brave Hearted

by Margie Warrell

<b>Get unstuck and chart your best course towards your biggest life</b> <p>If you've ever wondered if there's more to life than the one you're living, this book is for you. In 7 simple steps <i>Make Your Mark</i> will show you how to reset your ...

ISBN: 9780730343233

Binding: Paperback


Making Life Easy

by Christiane Northrup

Ever since medical school, Dr. Christiane Northrup has been guided by an essential truth about the way our bodies, minds, and souls are intertwined. It's the same truth Edgar Cayce expressed in this famous formula- <i>The Spirit is Life. The ...

ISBN: 9781401951481

Binding: Paperback


Making Money: Keys to Financial Success

by Paul Clitheroe

<b>Do you feel like your finances are out of control? Is debt a problem? Are you wondering when and if you'll be able to retire comfortably? Or do you want to increase your wealth, maximise the benefits of investments you already have, or ...

ISBN: 9781921880124

Binding: Paperback


Male Order

by Richard Clune

Being a man, right now, is not only tricky but curious. In fact, men seem to be in the midst of a 21st century quandary regarding identity – too hard; too soft. Too emotional; too far removed from feelings. An acerbic and extremely honest ...

ISBN: 9781742579610

Binding: Hardback


Man Fast

How one woman s dating detox turned into a spiritual reckoning across four continents

by Natasha Scripture

ISBN: 9780349412467

Binding: Paperback


Manage Anxiety Through CBT: Teach Yourself

by Windy Dryden

ISBN: 9781444102215

Binding: Paperback


Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grown-Up

The Best Money Advice You Never Got

by Sam Beckbessinger

ISBN: 9781472143440

Binding: Paperback


Management Level Psychometric and Assessment Tests

Everything You Need to Help You Land That Senior Job

by Andrea Shavick

ISBN: 9781845280284

Binding: Paperback


Managing Anger with CBT For Dummies

by Gill Bloxham

<b>Defuse your anger with CBT</b> <p>Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a hugely popular self-help technique, which teaches you how to break free from destructive or negative behaviors and make positive changes to both your thoughts and ...

ISBN: 9781118318553

Binding: Paperback


Managing Depression with CBT For Dummies

by Brian Thomson

<b>Rise above depression with CBT</b> <p>Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a hugely popular self-help technique, which teaches you to break free from destructive or negative behaviours and make positive changes to both your thoughts and ...

ISBN: 9781118357187

Binding: Paperback