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Colour Yourself Calm: Happiness

by Paul Heussenstamm

<DIV>Banish stress and promote a sense of wellbeing by colouring in mandalas.Mandalas were created as sacred objects on which to meditate, focus and clear one'smind. Internationally acclaimed mandala artist Paul Heussenstamm has designedthese ...

ISBN: 9781849497589

Binding: Hardback


Colour Yourself Calm: Relaxation

by Paul Heussenstamm

<DIV>Release tension and increase your sense of tranquillity and inner peace bycolouring in mandalas. Mandalas were created as sacred objects on which tomeditate and clear one's mind. Internationally acclaimed mandala artist PaulHeussenstamm has

ISBN: 9781849497565

Binding: Hardback


Come Closer: On love and self-protection

by Ilse Sand

ISBN: 9781785922978

Binding: Paperback



PLaying Commedia in Contemporary Australia

by Steve Gration

Designed to assist the interpretation and playing of Commedia in an Australian context <i>Commedia Oz</i> is a training manual for teachers, students, actors and directors. Chapters cover the history and influence of Commedia; suggestions for ...

ISBN: 9780868198200

Binding: Paperback


Confidence 2.0

Why you need less than you think and how to achieve success in life

by Rob Yeung

ISBN: 9781473634183

Binding: Paperback


Confidence Factor

The Seven Secrets of Self-confident People

by Annie Ashdown

Self-confidence is the key to success in life and confident people have a sense of purpose, believing anything is possible. Revealing the habits of self-confident people and the secret of their self-assurance and full of practical tips from ...

ISBN: 9781780591674

Binding: Paperback


Confidence Gap: From Fear To Freedom, The

by Russ Harris

This is a hands-on, self-help guide to gaining long-lasting confidence and overcoming fear using mindfulness-based therapy. The author explains how many of us are playing the 'confidence game' using the wrong rules, and guides the reader ...

ISBN: 9781921518966

Binding: Paperback


Congratulations Business Graduate!

You Proved You're Smart. Now Go Disrupt the World!

by Mark Evan Chimsky

<p>More than 25 innovative entrepreneurs reveal the pivotal decisions that made them successful. Top business leaders share the wisdom of their success (and sometimes their mistakes) in lively essays that will inspire and inform the business ...

ISBN: 9781416246176

Binding: Paperback


Congratulations, By the Way

by George Saunders

'Here's something I know to be true, although it's a little corny, and I don't quite know what to do with it- What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness'<br>Three months after George Saunders gave a convocation address at Syracuse ...

ISBN: 9781408859346

Binding: Hardback


Content Marketing In A Week

Engage Your Audience With Compelling Content In Seven Simple Steps

by Jane Heaton

ISBN: 9781473608252

Binding: Paperback


Control Your Own Super Fund: How To Maximise Your Greatest Investment Asset

by Paul Clitheroe

Your superannuation is one of the biggest assets many of us will ever own, and it will play a critical role in our future plans. But do you know enough about your super, and are you in control of your investment? <i>Control Your Own Super ...

ISBN: 9780670077359

Binding: Paperback


Conversation Starters

1,000 Creative Ways to Talk to Anyone about Anything

by Kim Chamberlain

<p>Like an onion, a conversation is often made up of layers. On its face it may appear to be on one level, but peel away a layer or two, and you will find other issues lying beneath the surface. Providing techniques to analyse conversations, ...

ISBN: 9781629145358

Binding: Paperback


Conversations with God

by Neale Donald Walsch

ISBN: 9780733611957

Binding: Paperback



The Young Person's Guide to a Calmer Life

by David Keefe

Do you want to feel happier in your life? Are you attacked by doubts? Do nerves sometimes prevent you from doing things you might enjoy? Do you wish you could concentrate better? If so, this book is for you! From as little as three minutes a ...

ISBN: 9781921497933

Binding: Paperback


Coping Successfully with Shyness

by Margaret Oakes

Everyone feels socially awkward at times, but for some people shyness can become an overwhelming problem, limiting social and career opportunities, and severely restricting life goals. Rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques, ...

ISBN: 9781847092113

Binding: Paperback


Coping with Guilt

by Windy Dryden

Do you sometimes wish you could turn the clock back and re-live past mistakes? Do you feel it’s your responsibility to make others happy? Are you more worried about hurting others than living your own life? Guilt is a common and destructive ...

ISBN: 9781847091376

Binding: Paperback


Coping with Life’s Challenges

by Windy Dryden

Using techniques based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), this book looks at how to surmount difficult but common adversities so that you can move on. While even the luckiest of us must sometimes face adversity, we can learn to deal with ...

ISBN: 9781847090980

Binding: Paperback


Coping with Obsessive Compulsive

by Kevin Gournay

Listed among the top 10 most debilitating illnesses by the World Health Organisation, OCD can have a devastating effect on work, social life and personal relationships. Professional treatment can be hard to access, and in addition many people ...

ISBN: 9781847091574

Binding: Paperback



50 mindfulness and relaxation exercises to improve your confidence

by Arlene Unger

The perfect size to keep in a handbag or pocket and designed as a tool to keep close by and use to help give you a boost of courage when you need it most. ...

ISBN: 9781845436667

Binding: Hardback


Cracking Psychology

You, this book & the science of the mind

by Sandi Mann

ISBN: 9781841814636

Binding: Hardback