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Captivology: The Science Of Capturing People's Attention

by Ben Parr

Why are we captivated by sites like Facebook and Instagram, but couldn't care less about MySpace Why do some musicians grow as popular as Beyonce, while others never make the charts Why do some nonprofits, such as Charity: Water, succeed in ...

ISBN: 9780062414885

Binding: Paperback


Career Change In A Week

Change Your Career In Seven Simple Steps

by Patricia Scudamore

ISBN: 9781473607705

Binding: Paperback


Career Coach

Your Personal Workbook for a Better Career

by Corinne Mills

This workbook is like having a personal career coach. It's filled with quizzes, questionnaires and check-lists to help job hunters and career chnagers discover their skills and strengths. Providing the latest career advice, it motivates ...

ISBN: 9781844552702

Binding: Paperback


Career Development Programs

Preparation for Lifelong Career Decision Making

by Wendy Patton

ISBN: 9780864313928

Binding: Paperback


Career Manifesto: Discover Your Calling and Create an Extraordinary Life The

by Michael Steib

<i>The Career Manifesto</i> presents an inspiring and refreshingly simple approach to finding your passion and purpose and then jumpstarting a dream career to achieve those, by asking three essential questions-<br><br> - What do you want your ...

ISBN: 9780143129349

Binding: Hardback


Career Transition Pocketbook

by Keith CORBIN

A practical, easy-to-use guide for job changers and job seekers, The Career Transition Pocketbook details seven key stages to the career transition process: self- questioning, goal setting, preparing a career history, networking, applying for ...

ISBN: 9781903776018

Binding: Hardback


Cat Therapy

100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation

by Vincent Jaunatre

Cats is the latest instalment in the Art Therapy series and the 100 cute and quirky drawings and illustrations featuring in the book will delight both animal and cat lovers alike. ...

ISBN: 9781910254707

Binding: Hardback


Catching The Big Fish

by David Lynch

"When it first appeared in 2006, David Lynch's <i>Catching the Big Fish</i> was celebrated for being oas close as Lynch will ever come to an interior shot of his famously weird mindo (<i>Rocky Mountain News</i>) Now for the bestseller's 10th ...

ISBN: 9780143130147

Binding: Paperback


Cbt at Work for Dummies

by Gill Garratt

<b>Nip workplace stress in the bud with CBT</b> <p>Packed with useful tips that make it easy to incorporate CBT?Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? into your working day, <i>CBT at Work For Dummies</i> helps you reap the benefits of a more focused ...

ISBN: 9781119067382

Binding: Paperback


CBT Good Habit Journal

A mindful journal for replacing anxiety and stress with clarity and calm

by Christine Wilding

ISBN: 9781473657892

Binding: Paperback


Cbt Journal for Dummies

by Rob Willson

<b>Keep track of the progress you're making with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy</b> <p>Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a hugely popular self-help technique that teaches you how to break free from destructive or negative behaviours and ...

ISBN: 9781119975359

Binding: Hardback



by Richard Gerver

The pace of change is greater than ever. We all face new challenges every day in our jobs and in our personal lives. Those who can handle change are the most fulfilled. Those who fear change will find it hardest to thrive. As a head teacher,

ISBN: 9780670922345

Binding: Paperback


Change Management In A Week

Managing Change In Seven Simple Steps

by Mike Bourne

ISBN: 9781473608535

Binding: Paperback


Change the Way You See Everything through Asset-Based Thinking

by Hank Wasiak

ISBN: 9780762427239

Binding: Hardback


Change Without Thinking

by Eldon Taylor

For one full day, at the Putra Trade Center in Malaysia, Eldon Taylor spoke to a packed house and a number of dignitaries, including the former First Lady of that country. Eldon taught the audience members about the inner workings of their own ...

ISBN: 9781401926953

Binding: Paperback


Change Your Life In Seven Days

by Paul McKenna

"Success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not to others. They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting in the world. Paul McKenna has made a study of highly successful and effective people, and distilled ...

ISBN: 9780593066614

Binding: Paperback


Change Your Life One Day at a Time: The Ultimate Manual for Living a Long, Healthy and Happy Life

by Ilona Boniwell

"Two esteemed experts in the fields of health and psychology share a year's worth of wisdom to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Perfect for implementing into your daily routine, the cumulative power of these simple changes aims for overall ...

ISBN: 9781863958837

Binding: Paperback


Changing Habits, Changing Lives

by Cyndi O'Meara

<i>Are you low on energy? Are you struggling for vitality? What's stopping you from feeling healthy and dynamic?</i><i>The answer is simple- bad habits.</i> Cyndi O'Meara has already changed thousands of lives - and thousands of bad ...

ISBN: 9780143006527

Binding: Paperback


Changing the Conversation

The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution

by Dana Caspersen

The 17 principles for resolving conflict - in a beautiful two-colour workbook from Joost Elffers, the man behind <i>New York Times</i> bestseller <i>The 48 Laws of Power.</i> ...

ISBN: 9781781254691

Binding: Paperback


Chaos to Calm

by Shannah;Mitchell, Lyndall; Kennedy

Feeling tired, stressed and out of control? Are you overwhelmed and suffering from low self-confidence? In <i>Chaos to Calm,</i> expert life coaches Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell offer you a simple step-by-step approach to taking charge ...

ISBN: 9780670079483

Binding: Paperback