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Principles and Practice

by Kevin M. Hiscock

ISBN: 9780470656631

Binding: Paperback


I, Mammal: The Story of What Makes Us Mammals

by Liam Drew

Humans are mammals. Most of us appreciate that at some level. But what does it mean for us to have more in common with a horse and an elephant than we do with a parrot, snake or frog?<br>After a misdirected football left new father Liam Drew ...

ISBN: 9781472922915

Binding: Paperback


IFLScience Molecular Magnet Set: Say It With Science!

by Paul Parsons

ISBN: 9780762494521

Binding: Novelty book


Imperfect Creation: Cosmos, Life And Nature's Hidden Code

by Marcelo Gleiser

A groundbreaking work of popular science for readers of Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins. For millennia, humankind has searched for an intellectual Holy Grail - a unifying scientific theory to explain the origins of the universe ...

ISBN: 9781863954747

Binding: Paperback


In Pursuit of Memory

The Fight Against Alzheimer's: Shortlisted for the Royal Society Prize

by Dr Joseph Jebelli

ISBN: 9781473635739

Binding: Hardback


Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

Making Sense of the Wonders of Our Universe

by Marcus Chown

Did you know that you could fit the whole human race in the volume of a sugar cube? Or that the electrical energy in a single mosquito is enough to cause a global mass extinction? Or that we are all, in fact, living in a giant hologram? Or ...

ISBN: 9781782439493

Binding: Paperback


Influenza: The Quest to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History

by Jeremy Brown

Dr Jeremy Brown, a veteran ER doctor, explores the troubling, terrifying, and complex history of the flu virus, from the surprising origins of the 1918 flu that killed millions, to vexing questions such as- are we prepared for the next epidemic,

ISBN: 9781911231219

Binding: Paperback



How Our Genes Change Our Lives, and Our Lives Change Our Genes

by Sharon Moalem

ISBN: 9781444763232

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Artificial Intelligence

A Graphic Guide

by Henry Brighton

Compact guide to the latest advances in this new scientific field. ...

ISBN: 9781848312142

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Chaos

A Graphic Guide

by Ziauddin Sardar

If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, does it cause a tornado in Texas? ...

ISBN: 9781848310131

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Evolutionary Psychology

A Graphic Guide

by Dylan Evans

The perfect introduction to this exciting new field which draws on evolutionary biology and cognitive psychology, as well as anthropology, primatology and archaeology. ...

ISBN: 9781848311824

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Genetics

A Graphic Guide

by Steve Jones

Compact INTRODUCING guide to Genetics by bestselling science writer Steve Jones ...

ISBN: 9781848312951

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Quantum Theory

A Graphic Guide

by J.P. McEvoy

An enjoyable, comic-style book on the most successful set of ideas ever devised by human beings. ...

ISBN: 9781840468502

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Relativity

A Graphic Guide

by Bruce Bassett

An enjoyable, comic-style book on a revolutionary theory fundamental to an understanding of contemporary physics. ...

ISBN: 9781848310575

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Statistics

A Graphic Guide

by Eileen Magnello

Another brand new Graphic Guide, on a sometimes baffling but crucial subject, straddling science, philosophy and everyday life. ...

ISBN: 9781848310568

Binding: Paperback


Irrational Ape: Why Flawed Logic Puts us all at Risk and How Critical Thinking Can Save the World

by David Robert Grimes

Why flawed logic puts us all at risk, and how critical thinking can save the world. It may seem a big claim, but knowing how to think clearly and critically has literally helped save the world. In September 1983, at the height of the Cold War, ...

ISBN: 9781471178269

Binding: Paperback


It's Alive!: Artificial Intelligence from the Logic Piano to Killer Robots

by Toby Walsh

The development of Artificial Intelligence is an adventure as bold and ambitious as any that humans have attempted. And the truth is that thinking machines are already an indispensable part of our lives. Without them, Google couldn?t answer your

ISBN: 9781863959438

Binding: Paperback


It's Not Rocket Science

by Ben Miller

ISBN: 9780751545005

Binding: Paperback


Jacaranda Science Quest 10 Australian Curriculum 3e learnON & Print

by Graeme Lofts

ISBN: 9780730346852

Binding: Paperback