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Can We Travel through Time?

by Michael Brooks

ISBN: 9781780875897

Binding: Paperback


Cartoon History of Time


What is time? How did it begin, and where will it end? Is time travel possible? How does the universe expand, and where do black holes come from? Junior Chicken and Alexis, the Quantum Cat, examine these and other extraordinary concepts, ...

ISBN: 9780486490977

Binding: Paperback


Case Against Fragrance, The

by Kate Grenville

Kate Grenville had always associated perfume with elegance and beauty. Then the headaches started. Like perhaps a quarter of the population, Grenville reacts badly to the artificial fragrances around us- other people's perfumes, and all those ...

ISBN: 9781925355956

Binding: Paperback


Catching Breath: The Making and Unmaking of Tuberculosis

by Kathryn Lougheed

<b> </b><br>Tuberculosis has twisted through the millennia hand-in-hand with humanity, leaving its marks on our culture, our history and our DNA, from the birth of <i>Homo sapiens </i>right up to the present day. TB continues to kill more people

ISBN: 9781472930347

Binding: Paperback


Catching Stardust

by Natalie Starkey

<b>'A promising debut.' <i>New Scientist</i></b><br>Icy, rocky, sometimes dusty, always mysterious comets and asteroids are among the Solar System 's very oldest inhabitants, formed within a swirling cloud of gas and dust in the area of ...

ISBN: 9781472955012

Binding: Paperback


Celestial Harvest


Discover more than 300 of the finest celestial wonders that can be viewed with common ""backyard"" telescopes, many of which are visible to the naked eye on dark, clear nights. Listed and characterized phenomena include the Andromeda Galaxy, the

ISBN: 9780486425542

Binding: Paperback


CERN and the Higgs Boson

The Global Quest for the Building Blocks of Reality

by James Gillies

CERN and the Higgs boson hit the headlines and made particle physics exciting for non-scientists - here's the inside story. ...

ISBN: 9781785783920

Binding: Paperback


Champions of Illusion

The Best Illusions of the Twenty-First Century

by Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik

In<i> Champions of Illusion</i>, Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik present a smorgasbord of mystifying images, many selected from their Best Illusion of the Year Contest. Whether it’s false motion, tricks of perspective, or shifting ...

ISBN: 9780374120405

Binding: Hardback


Chancing it

The laws of chance - and what they mean for you

by Robert Matthews

Key insights into how probability affects our lives by one of Britain's leading science writers. ...

ISBN: 9781781250310

Binding: Paperback


Chaotic Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems


Written when the young science of chaos was gaining a foothold in the scientific community, this book introduces the field's concepts, applications, theory, and technique. Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, researchers, ...

ISBN: 9780486795997

Binding: Paperback


Charged Particle Beams


""An invaluable reference for students, scientists, and engineers in the field of charged particle beams."" - Chiping Chen, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist, MITDetailed enough for a text and sufficiently comprehensive for a reference, this ...

ISBN: 9780486498683

Binding: Paperback


Chariots for Apollo


Millions around the world watched as the Apollo 11 astronauts ""came in peace for all mankind"" to take humanity's first steps on the moon. Their mission's triumph was equally attributable to a less visible crew of nearly 400,000 people in ...

ISBN: 9780486467566

Binding: Paperback


Chemical History of a Candle


One of the greatest experimental scientists of all time, Michael Faraday (1791-1867) developed the first electric motor, electric generator, and dynamo - essentially creating the science of electrochemistry. This book, the result of six lectures

ISBN: 9780486425429

Binding: Paperback


Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics


This text teaches the principles underlying modern chemical kinetics in a clear, direct fashion, using several examples to enhance basic understanding. It features solutions to selected problems, with separate sections and appendices that cover ...

ISBN: 9780486453347

Binding: Paperback


Chemical Magic


Classic guide provides intriguing entertainment while elucidating sound scientific principles, with more than 100 unusual stunts: cold fire, dust explosions, a nylon rope trick, a disappearing beaker, much more. ...

ISBN: 9780486676289

Binding: Paperback


Chemical Oscillations, Waves, and Turbulence


This highly respected, frequently cited book addresses two exciting fields: pattern formation and synchronization of oscillators. It systematically develops the dynamics of many-oscillator systems of dissipative type, with special emphasis on ...

ISBN: 9780486428819

Binding: Paperback


Citizen Science

by Caren Cooper

Do you think you need a degree in science to contribute to important scientific discoveries' Think again. All around the world, from Britain to Australia, in fields ranging from astronomy to zoology, millions of ordinary people take part in the ...

ISBN: 9780715652336

Binding: Paperback


Citizen Scientist

by Mary Ellen Hannibal

ISBN: 9781615192434

Binding: Hardback


Classical Dynamics


Graduate-level text provides strong background in more abstract areas of dynamical theory. Hamilton's equations, d'Alembert's principle, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, other topics. Problems and references. Since Lagrange laid the foundation of ...

ISBN: 9780486696904

Binding: Paperback


Classical Electricity and Magnetism


Compact, clear, and precise in its presentation, this distinguished, widely used textbook offers graduate students and advanced undergraduates a diverse and well-balanced selection of topics.Subjects include the electrostatic field in vacuum; ...

ISBN: 9780486439242

Binding: Paperback