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Apollo Expeditions to the Moon


Discover the thrilling inside story of the Apollo program with this new commemorative edition of an official NASA publication. This volume features essays by the program's participants-engineers, administrators, and astronauts-that recall the ...

ISBN: 9780486471754

Binding: Paperback


Applications of Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics


Geared toward postgraduate students, theoretical physicists, and researchers, this advanced text explores the role of modern group-theoretical methods in quantum theory. The authors based their text on a physics course they taught at a prominent

ISBN: 9780486472232

Binding: Paperback


Applied Group Theory


This text introduces advanced undergraduates and graduate students to symmetry relations by means of group theory. Key relationships are derived in detail from first principles. Rather than matrix theory, the treatment employs algebraic theory ...

ISBN: 9780486783147

Binding: Paperback


Applied Nonlinear Optics


Directed toward physicists and engineers interested in the device applications enabled by nonlinear optics, this text is suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Its content is presented entirely on a classical basis and ...

ISBN: 9780486453606

Binding: Paperback


Applied Optics and Optical Design, Part One


""For the optical engineer it is an indispensable work."" - Journal, Optical Society of America""As a practical guide this book has no rival."" - Transactions, Optical Society""A noteworthy contribution,"" - Nature (London)Part I covers ...

ISBN: 9780486670072

Binding: Paperback


Applied Optics and Optical Design, Part Two


ISBN: 9780486670089

Binding: Paperback


Are Numbers Real?

The Uncanny Relationships Between Maths and the Physical World

by Brian Clegg

ISBN: 9781472139764

Binding: Paperback


Are You Smarter Than A Chimpanzee?

Test yourself against the amazing minds of animals

by Ben Ambridge

Now in paperback, the author of international psychological sensation <i>Psy-Q</i> takes us inside the minds of animals. ...

ISBN: 9781781255742

Binding: Paperback


Aristarchus of Samos


""A most welcome addition to the literature of astronomical history."" - Nature""A most important contribution to the early history of Greek thought and a notable monument of English scholarship."" - Journal of Hellenic StudiesThis classic work ...

ISBN: 9780486438863

Binding: Paperback


AsapScience: answers to the world's weirdest questions, mostpersistent rumors, and unexplained phenomena

by Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown

<b>From the creators of the wildly popular YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE comes a book about the science that people actually want to learn, presented in a quirky and accessible way. And in the spirit of science, no subject is taboo. </b> Why

ISBN: 9781925106589

Binding: Hardback


Asteroid Hunters

by Carrie Nugent

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781471162398

Binding: Paperback



A Curious Journey Through Our Cosmic Family Tree

by Jillian Scudder

A quirky layperson's guide to how things work in the Universe and why things are the way they are, from shooting stars on Earth, to black holes, to entire galaxies. ...

ISBN: 9781785783340

Binding: Hardback


At the Edge of Uncertainty

11 Discoveries Taking Science by Surprise

by Michael Brooks

From the author of <i>13 Things That Don't Make Sense</i>, the radical new discoveries that will transform how we see the world. ...

ISBN: 9781781251287

Binding: Paperback


Atlas of Fullerenes


An introduction to the current state of theory in a new and lively field, this volume offers both students and researchers a practical guide. It features a comprehensive set of pictures of fullerene structures and tabulates their properties. In ...

ISBN: 9780486453620

Binding: Paperback



The First War of Physics and the Secret History of the Atom Bomb 1939-49

by Jim Baggott

A new edition of the account of the race to build humankind's most destructive weapon. This book draws on declassified material, such as MI6's FarmHall transcripts, coded Soviet messages cracked by American cryptographers in the Venona project, ...

ISBN: 9781848319929

Binding: Paperback


Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge


These essays and speeches by the Nobel Prize winning physicist date from 1934 to 1958. Rather than expositions on quantum physics, the articles are philosophical in nature, exploring the relevance of atomic physics to many areas of human ...

ISBN: 9780486479286

Binding: Paperback


Atomic Physics: 8th Edition


First published in English in 1935, this classic treatment is well known to students and teachers of physics around the world. Since its original publication, Professor Born (Nobel laureate, 1954) continually updated the book to incorporate new ...

ISBN: 9780486659848

Binding: Paperback


Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure


For beginners and specialists in other fields: the Nobel Laureate's widely admired introduction to atomic spectra and their relationship to atomic structures, stressing basic principles. The treatment is physical, rather than mathematical, with ...

ISBN: 9780486601151

Binding: Paperback


Awa Book Of New Zealand Science, The

by Rebecca Priestley

This landmark anthology of writings will excite readers of all ages about extraordinary scientific discoveries made by New Zealand scientists. The pieces range from early naturalists' observations of birds, insects and botany, to geological ...

ISBN: 9780958262996

Binding: Paperback


Back from the Brink: How Australia's Landscape Can Be Saved

by Peter Andrews

Featured on Australian Story, Peter Andrews is a racehorse breeder and farmer credited with remarkable success in converting degraded, salt-ravaged properties into fertile, drought-resistant pastures. His methods are so at odds with conventional

ISBN: 9780733319624

Binding: Paperback