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What Is This Thing Called Science?

by Chalmers Alan

A brand new edition of an internationally renowned science bestseller. Now well into its fourth decade, <i>What is this thing called Science?</i> has become a classic the world over. Each decade Alan Chalmers has drawn on his experience as a ...

ISBN: 9780702249631

Binding: Paperback


What It's Like to Be a Dog

by Gregory Berns

What is it like to be a dog' A bat' Or a dolphin' To find out, neuroscientist Gregory Berns and his team did something unique they persuaded dogs to lie in an MRI scanner while completely awake. This gave them an unparalleled insight into ...

ISBN: 9781786074898

Binding: Paperback


When the Rivers Run Dry

The Global Water Crisis and How to Solve It

by Fred Pearce

The world is running out of water. Fred Pearce, environmental consultant to the <i>New Scientist</i>, explains why, and what we can do to stop our rivers drying up - before it's too late. ...

ISBN: 9781846276484

Binding: Paperback


When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

by Daniel H. Pink

Daniel H. Pink, the bestselling author of <i>Drive </i>and <i>To Sell is Human,</i> unlocks the scientific secrets to good timing to help you flourish at work, at school, and at home. <br><br>Everyone knows that timing is everything. But we ...

ISBN: 9781925498189

Binding: Paperback


Why Aren't We Dead Yet?: The Survivor's Guide to the Immune System

by Ben-Barak Idan

<b>Disease - specifically infectious disease - is what eventually kills the overwhelming majority of us. In fact, it's amazing that it doesn't get us sooner- we fight off millions of disease-causing germs every day.</b><BR><BR>So how come we're ...

ISBN: 9781925106077

Binding: Paperback


Why Does E=mc2?

(And Why Should We Care?)

by Brian Cox

ISBN: 9780306818769

Binding: Paperback


Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?

And 114 Other Questions

by Scientist New

ISBN: 9781473651302

Binding: Paperback


Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation

by Alan Burdick

For more than two thousand years the world?s great minds have argued about the true essence of time. Is it finite or infinite? Is it continuous or discrete? Does it flow like a river or is it granular, proceeding in small bits like sand ...

ISBN: 9781925603064

Binding: Paperback


Women In Science

by Rachel Ignotofsky

A recent U.S. Department of Education survey found that high school girls take the same number of math and science classes as boys and earn slightly higher grades, but only 15 percent of U.S. collegiate women major in science, technology, ...

ISBN: 9781607749769

Binding: Hardback


Wonders of the Solar System

by Professor Brian Cox

The Sunday Times BestsellerIn Wonders of the Solar System &#8211; the book of the acclaimed BBC TV series &#8211; Professor Brian Cox will take us on a journey of discovery where alien worlds from your imagination become places we can see, feel ...

ISBN: 9780007386901

Binding: Hardback


Words And Rules

by Steven Pinker

ISBN: 9780753810255

Binding: Paperback


Writing in the Biological Sciences

A Comprehensive Resource for Scientific Communication

by Angelika Hofmann

Practical and easy to use, Writing in the Biological Sciences: A Comprehensive Resource for Scientific Communication, Third Edition, presents students with all of the techniques and information they need to communicate their scientific ideas, ...

ISBN: 9780190852191

Binding: Paperback


Your Brain, Explained

What Neuroscience Reveals about Your Brain and its Quirks

by Marc Dingman

ISBN: 9781473696556

Binding: Paperback


Your Superstar Brain

Unlocking the Secrets of the Human Mind

by Kaja Nordengen

ISBN: 9780349417226

Binding: Paperback



The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

by Charles Seife

This informative and easy-to-read book is the story of the people who battled over the meaning of the mysterious number - the scholars and mystics, the scientists and clergymen - who each tried to understand zero. ...

ISBN: 9780285635944

Binding: Paperback