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Does My Head Look Big In This?

by Rebecca Macauley

The slide opened and I heard a gentle, kind voice: What is your confession, my child? I was stuffed. The Priest would declare me a heretic; my parents would call me a traitor... The Priest asked me again: What is your confession, my child? I'm ...

ISBN: 9781741635980

Binding: CD-Audio

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Does The Bible Really Say That?

Challenging our assumptions in the light of Scripture

by Mark Woods

How much evangelical received wisdom is truly biblical? ...

ISBN: 9780857217523

Binding: Paperback


Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ


During the Lenten season of 1823, a German nun experienced a series of ecstatic visions that transported her to Jerusalem on the eve of the Last Supper. This is her compelling visionary account of the events surrounding Jesus' final days. A ...

ISBN: 9780486439792

Binding: Paperback


Don't Panic! H/C

Isis, Terror and Today's Middle East

by Gwunne Dyer

The entity known (in one of many variants) as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has come to feature regularly in the news, and in our imaginations. The dreadful, Grand Guignol spectacle of beheadings, abductions, cages, flames and ...

ISBN: 9781902932378

Binding: Hardback


Duck Commander Devotional

by Alan Robertson

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781476748689

Binding: Hardback


Early Church

by Morwenna Ludlow

ISBN: 9781845113667

Binding: Hardback


Emil Brunner - a Reappraisal

by Alister E. McGrath

<p>In <i>Emil Brunner: A Reappraisal,</i> renowned theologian Alister E. McGrath presents a comprehensive intellectual history of Emil Brunner, the highly influential Swiss theologian who was instrumental in shaping modern Protestant ...

ISBN: 9781119283416

Binding: Paperback


Emotionally Healthy Relationships Day By Day: A 40-day Journey To DeeplyChange Your Relationships

by Peter Scazzero

In this groundbreaking devotional book, Peter Scazzero reintroduces and expands upon the ancient spiritual discipline of the Daily Office. The basic premise is simple: Christians need to intentionally stop to be with God twice each day to create

ISBN: 9780310349594

Binding: Paperback


Emptiness Dancing

by Adyashanti

In this volume, readers will explore the human perceptions and misconceptions that they live by. Destined to become a spiritual classic, it brings the author's quintessential teachings to a mind-to-mind transmission. ...

ISBN: 9781591794592

Binding: Paperback


End of Reincarnation

by Gary Renard

Written by the author of one of the most popular books about A Course in Miracles, this title guides listeners through its scriptural verses and offers listeners access to the essence of these teachings. ...

ISBN: 9781591794622

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Ending Holy Wars: Religion and Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars

by Svensson Isak

<i>Ending Holy Wars</i> explores how religious dimensions affect the possibilities for conflict resolution in civil war. This is the first book that systematically tries to map out the religious dimensions of internal armed conflicts and explain

ISBN: 9780702249563

Binding: Paperback


Epistles of Paul and Acts of the Apostles


Saul of Tarsus was on his way to Damascus, bent on destroying the city's Christian community, when a blinding flash of light stopped him in his tracks. Forever changed, the former persecutor of Christians adopted the name Paul and became one of ...

ISBN: 9780486461694

Binding: Paperback


Essence of Christianity


Did God create man? Or did man create God? Famed German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach explores the answer in this, his most influential work, published in German in 1841 and translated by celebrated English novelist George Eliot. Using Biblical ...

ISBN: 9780486454214

Binding: Paperback


Essence of the Dhammapada

The Buddha's Call to Nirvana

by Eknath Easwaran

Eknath Easwaran, translator of the bestselling edition of the Dhammapada, offers his interpretation of a wellknown, powerful Buddhist scripture. For Easwaran, the Dhammapada is a perfect map for the spiritual journey. Said to be the scripture ...

ISBN: 9781586380977

Binding: Paperback


Essential Horse: illustrated 2ed

by Bracegirdle And O Connor

ISBN: 9780856675317

Binding: Paperback


Establishment Clause: Religion and the First Amendment 2ed

by Leonard W. Levy

ISBN: 9780807844663

Binding: Paperback


Ethical Studies

by Robert A Bowie

ISBN: 9780748780792

Binding: Paperback



Evangelizing the Chosen People: Missions to the Jews in America, 1880 - 2000

by Yaakov Ariel

ISBN: 9780807848807

Binding: Paperback


Everlasting Man


This classic exploration of human history vis-a-vis its link to Christianity ponders the question: What makes human beings uniquely human? In this thoughtful response to the rampant social Darwinism of the early twentieth century, G. K. ...

ISBN: 9780486460369

Binding: Paperback