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Death, Ritual and Belief

by Douglas Davies

<i>Death, Ritual and Belief</i>, now in its third edition, explores many important issues related to death and dying, from a religious studies perspective, including anthropology and sociology. Using the motif of 'words against death' it depicts

ISBN: 9781474250962

Binding: Hardback


Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels

by Marie D. Jones

<p>The devil goes by many names, and his tribe is legion. Exploring over two dozen religious traditions, myths, folkloric and spiritual traditions, the world of the supernatural, and the demons, the Devil, and fallen angels in today’s pop ...

ISBN: 9781578596133

Binding: Paperback


Deranged Marriage

by Sushi Das

"<B>An affectionate, often hilarious, memoir of growing up in London in the 1970s in an Indian household, and avoiding an arranged marriage. </B> From the age of fourteen, I was aware my parents expected me to have an arranged marriage, a big ...

ISBN: 9781742751566

Binding: Paperback



by John Eldredge

Can we find a life filled with passion, without being overwhelmed by it In Desire, John Eldredge writes, &#8220;There is a secret set within each of our hearts. It is the desire for life as it was meant to be.&#8221; Yet how do we uncover our ...

ISBN: 9780785288428

Binding: Paperback


Devil: A New Biography

by Philip Almond

ISBN: 9781784536398

Binding: Paperback


Dhammapada - Sacred Texts: The Essential Teachings of the Buddha

by Kevin Trainor

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781780289694

Binding: Hardback


Dial M for Mantra

by Jai Uttal

If you think you know the music of Jai Uttal, then get ready for a surprising adventure into uncharted territory. When remix artist Rara Avis of Shaman's Dream began to break down Jai's devotional classics in his Los Angeles studio, he ...

ISBN: 9781591796107

Binding: CD-Audio

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Dialogue Concerning Natural Religion

by John Donaldson

<P>David Hume’s<EM> Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion</EM> is a philosophical classic that displays a powerful mastery of the critical thinking skills of reasoning and evaluation. Hume’s subject, the question of the existence and possible ...

ISBN: 9781912128952

Binding: Paperback


Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation


"I die the King's good servant, but God's first," declared Sir Thomas More from the scaffold upon his 1535 execution for treason. Condemned to death for his refusal to acknowledge Henry VIII as the Supreme Head of the Church of England, More ...

ISBN: 9780486811178

Binding: Paperback


Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading)

by David Hume

A new edition of Hume"s influential work on religion, including several of his shorter texts. ...

ISBN: 9780760777718

Binding: Paperback


Diary of an Old Soul (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading)

by George MacDonald

This is a new edition of a popular classic, which offers a prayer for each day of the year, reflecting on some aspect of God's relationship with us. George MacDonald had a great influence on C S Lewis and was instrumental in his conversion. ...

ISBN: 9780760783269

Binding: Paperback


Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth

by Bart D. Ehrman

The Truth Behind the Jesus MythLarge numbers of atheists, humanists, and conspiracy theorists are raising one of the most pressing questions in the history of religion: "Did Jesus exist at all" New York Times bestselling author Bart Ehrman ...

ISBN: 9780062206442

Binding: Paperback


Didymus the Blind and His Circle in Late-Antique Alexandria

by Richard A Layton

ISBN: 9780252028816

Binding: Hardback


Dipa Ma

The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master

by Amy Schmidt

<p>Dipa Ma Barua is a major figure in contemporary Eastern spirituality. A rare female Buddhist master, Dipa Ma chose home, work, and family over ascetic seclusion in a temple or monastery, and taught meditation and mindfulness amidst everyday ...

ISBN: 9780974240558

Binding: Paperback


Discover Your Destiny

by Charles Stanley

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life Have you ever wondered why God created you and what He has destined for you Have you ever asked yourself, What is my reason for getting getting up in the morning Discover Your Destiny Trusted ...

ISBN: 9780785285571

Binding: Paperback


Disruption: Repurposing The Church To Redeem The Community

by Mark DeYmaz

Well-meaning church leaders and planters often set out to radically transform their communities for Christ-kingdom causes. Their aspirations and visions are limitless. However, often the best-laid plans fail to yield results of any ...

ISBN: 9780718089092

Binding: Paperback


Divine Intuition

Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity, Revised and Updated

by Lynn A. Robinson

<b>A guide for getting in touch with the inner wisdom that can lead to a more abundant and successful life</b> <p>When you are in touch with your intuition, every moment in your life takes on a whole new dimension as intuitive wisdom pours in. ...

ISBN: 9781118131275

Binding: Hardback


Divine Teaching - an Introduction to Christian Theology

by Mark A. McIntosh

<i>Divine Teaching: An Introduction to Christian Theology</i> is an imaginative and lively analysis of the Christian way of thinking, offering vivid and informing insight into the history and practice of Christian theology.<br /> <ul> <li ...

ISBN: 9781405102711

Binding: Paperback


Does My Head Look Big In This?

by Rebecca Macauley

The slide opened and I heard a gentle, kind voice: What is your confession, my child? I was stuffed. The Priest would declare me a heretic; my parents would call me a traitor... The Priest asked me again: What is your confession, my child? I'm ...

ISBN: 9781486207084

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