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Catholic Theology

by Tracey Rowland

Rowland showcases here the dominant contemporary approaches to doing Catholic theology. Chapter 1 offers a summary of the two International Theological Commission (ITC) documents on the discipline of Catholic theology. These documents set out ...

ISBN: 9780567034397

Binding: Paperback


Catholic Theology - an Introduction

by Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt

<p><i>Introduction to Catholic Theology</i> is an accessible but in-depth examination of the ways in which Catholic theology is rooted in and informs Catholic practice.</p> <ul> <li>Weaves together discussion of the Bible, historical texts, ...

ISBN: 9780631212973

Binding: Paperback


Catholicism All-In-One for Dummies

by Consumer Dummies

<b>Grasp the beliefs and practices about one of the world's oldest religions</b> <p><i>Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies</i> is your all-inclusive guide to the Catholic Church and its billions of followers. You'll learn how Catholicism came to

ISBN: 9781119084686

Binding: Paperback


Catholicism for Dummies, 3rd Edition

by Rev. John Trigilio, Jr.

<b>A comprehensive and definitive guide to the Catholic faith</b> <p>Whether you're a member of the faith or just interested in it, <i>Catholicism For Dummies, 3<sup>rd</sup> Edition</i> offers a casual, straightforward introduction to the ins ...

ISBN: 9781119295600

Binding: Paperback


Celtic Daily Prayer: Book 2: Farther Up and Farther In

by The Northumbria Community

A brand new two-year collection of daily readings and prayers, with Celtic themes and inspiration. Building on the foundations set down in the first volume, this new collection blends the voices of the early Celtic and desert saints with more ...

ISBN: 9780008100193

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Create Your Best Future

by Amy Newmark

You can’t be a success in life if you can’t get along with other people — at home, at school, and at play. This collection of stories about tolerance, acceptance, self-esteem, and making good decisions will help teens and young adults create ...

ISBN: 9781942649021

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hopes & Miracles

101 Inspirational Stories of Faith, Answered Prayers, and DivineIntervention

by Amy Newmark

Good things do happen to good people! These 101 true stories of amazing coincidences, answered prayers, and awesome charity and love show miracles and good happen every day, giving hope whenever you need it most.We all need hope and inspiration ...

ISBN: 9781611599442

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness

101 Stories about How to Let Go and Change Your Life

by Amy Newmark

Forgiveness frees us to get on with our lives! We can all benefit from letting go of our anger, and the 101 personal, touching stories in this collection will help you see the power of forgiveness and how it can change your own life. Whether ...

ISBN: 9781611599428

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude

101 Stories about How Being Thankful Can Change Your Life

by Amy Newmark

<p>The power of gratitude can change your life! In this collection of 101 inspiring stories, people just like you share how they turned their lives around by seeing the silver linings, counting their blessings, and changing their perspective. ...

ISBN: 9781611599589

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible

101 Stories about Using a Positive Attitude to Improve Your Life

by Amy & Norville, Deborah Newmark

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible will inspire readers to follow their hearts and dreams, with stories of optimism, faith, and strength. In bad times and good, readers will find encouragement to keep a positive attitude. It’s always ...

ISBN: 9781611599527

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel

101 Miraculous Stories of Faith, Divine Intervention, and AnsweredPrayers

by Amy Newmark

Seen or unseen, angels are all around us. In this collection of 101 miraculous stories of faith, divine intervention, and answered prayers, real people share their incredible experiences with angels and the many ways they touch our lives. You ...

ISBN: 9781611599411

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Volunteering & Giving Back

by Amy Newmark

One person can make a significant difference in the lives of others. This collection of 101 inspiring stories celebrates volunteers and those who give back, and also shows how the biggest beneficiaries are the givers themselves. Volunteers and ...

ISBN: 9781611599510

Binding: Paperback


Christan America and the Kingdom of God

by Richard Hughes

ISBN: 9780252078897

Binding: Paperback


Christian Citizenship in the Middle East: Divided Allegiance or Dual Belonging?

by Mohammed Girma

ISBN: 9781785923333

Binding: Paperback


Christian Symbol And Ritual

by Bernard Cooke

ISBN: 9780195154122

Binding: Paperback


Christian Symbols, Ancient Roots.

by Elizabeth Rees

ISBN: 9781853021794

Binding: Paperback


Christian Theology - an Introduction 6E

by Alister E. McGrath

<i>Christian Theology: An Introduction</i>, one of the most internationally-acclaimed Christian theology textbooks in use, has been completely rewritten for the 6th edition. It now features new and extended material and companion resources, ...

ISBN: 9781118869574

Binding: Paperback


Church 3.0

Upgrades for the Future of the Church

by Neil Cole

<p>An expert practitioner answers to questions about the burgeoning organic church movement</p> <p>Neil Cole's best-selling book <i>Organic Church</i> described the fastest growing segment of contemporary Christianity-the so-called organic ...

ISBN: 9780470529454

Binding: Hardback


City Of God

by Saint Augustine

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9780140448948

Binding: Paperback


Closer to God Each Day

365 Devotions for Everyday Living

by Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 9781455517367

Binding: Hardback