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The Blackwell Reader in Pastoral and Practical Theology

by James Woodward

Provides an overview of pastoral and practical theology in the form of articles and extracts with commentary. <ul> <li>Presents pastoral and practical theology within a theoretical framework</li> <li>Contains classic readings together with ...

ISBN: 9780631207450

Binding: Paperback


The Bloomsbury Reader in Cultural Approa

by Sarah J., Minister, Meredith Bloesch

This is the first reader to gather primary sources from influential theorists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries in one place, presenting the wide-ranging and nuanced theoretical debates occurring in the field of religious studies. Each ...

ISBN: 9781350039803

Binding: Paperback


The Book of Books

The Radical Impact of the King James Bible

by Melvyn Bragg

ISBN: 9781444705164

Binding: Paperback


The Book of Forgiving: The Four-Fold Path of Healing For Ourselves and Our World

by Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu

The Book of Forgiving, written together by the Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and his daughter Revd Mpho Tutu, offers a deeply personal testament and guide to the process of forgiveness. All of us have at times needed both to ...

ISBN: 9780007572601

Binding: Paperback


The Book of Psalms

A Translation with Commentary

by Robert Alter

<b>"You think you know these texts... until you read Alter, who reignites their beauty in bracing and unexpected ways." -- Malcolm Jones, <i>Newsweek.</i></b><br /> <br /> <p>A cornerstone of the scriptural canon, <i>The Book of Psalms</i> has

ISBN: 9780393337044

Binding: Paperback


The Book of Tarot: A Modern Guide to Reading the Tarot

by Danielle Noel

<b></b> <br><b>Unlock your magic.</b><br><br>The Tarot is an empowering and wise tool that has been used for generations. Guided by creator of the Starchild Tarot, Daniel Noel, <i>The Book of Tarot </i>introduces the Tarot to a new audience of ...

ISBN: 9781785037542

Binding: Hardback


The Book of the People

How to Read the Bible

by A. N. Wilson

From one of our leading social and cultural historians comes a dazzling and original exploration of how, and why, we should still be reading the Bible, arguing that it remains relevant even in a largely secular society, as a philosophical work, ...

ISBN: 9781848879614

Binding: Paperback


The Buddha, Geoff And Me

by Edward Canfor-Dumas

Ed is having a hard time - at work, in his love life and, well, generally. Then he meets an unlikely Buddhist - who drinks and smokes and talks his kind of language. Bit by bit, things begin to change... In The Buddha, Geoff and Me Edward ...

ISBN: 9781742333625

Binding: CD-Audio

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The Buddha, Geoff And Me

by Edward Canfor-Dumas

Ed is having a hard time - at work, in his love life and, well, generally. Then he meets an unlikely Buddhist - who drinks and smokes and talks his kind of language. Bit by bit, things begin to change... In The Buddha, Geoff and Me Edward ...

ISBN: 9781743102381

Binding: CD-Extra

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The Christian Experience

by Michael Molloy

How do we study Christian life and thought' How have political and cultural events influenced the experiences of Christians in different places, at different times' How has the world's largest religion been lived in varied parts of the ...

ISBN: 9781472582836

Binding: Paperback


The Christian Theology Reader

by Alister E. McGrath

<p>Regarded as the leading text in Christian theology for the last 25 years, Alister E. McGrath&rsquo;s <i>The Christian Theology Reader</i> is now available in a new 5th edition featuring completely revised and updated content.</p> <ul> ...

ISBN: 9781118874387

Binding: Paperback


The Cognitive Science of Religion

by D. Jason, McCorkle Jr., William W Slone

<i>The Cognitive Science of Religion </i>introduces students to key empirical studies conducted over the past 25 years in this new and rapidly expanding field. In these studies, cognitive scientists of religion have applied the theories, ...

ISBN: 9781350033689

Binding: Paperback


The Courage to Love the World

Discovering Compassion, Strength, and Joy through Tonglen Meditation

by Pema Chodron

<p>In <i>The Courage to Love the World, </i>Pema Ch?dr?n shares her most recent teachings on tonglen, a revered Tibetan Buddhist meditation for connecting with our own suffering and that of others. While it may seem counterintuitive, Pema ...

ISBN: 9781683641414

Binding: CD-Audio

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The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Mysticism: The Essential Teachings

by Dalai Lama

Mysticism is popularly understood as becoming one with God or the Absolute. Here in this inspirational book are the Dalai Lama?s thoughts on-The nature and meaning of mysticismHow we can live lives infused with mystical experienceHow mysticism ...

ISBN: 9781846045646

Binding: Paperback


The David Story

A Translation with Commentary of 1 and 2 Samuel

by Robert Alter

Acclaimed for its masterful new translation and insightful commentary, The David Story is a fresh, vivid rendition of one of the great works in Western literature. Robert Alter's brilliant translation gives us David, the beautiful, musical hero ...

ISBN: 9780393320770

Binding: Paperback


The Deeper Wound

by Deepak Chopra

Following the terrorist attack in New York on September 11, Deepak Chopra addresses the feelings it caused in all of us- fear, the meaning of death and how to find your "higher self" under catastrophic circumstances. The sort of questions he ...

ISBN: 9781846045134

Binding: Paperback


The Diviner's Son

by Gary Crew

Horse-breeder Christopher Mansell has lost his wife and his daughter, as well as his memory of the night they were brutally murdered. He is tormented by the thought that he is to blame. A chance encounter with a fairground diviner and his ...

ISBN: 9781740944038

Binding: CD-Audio

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The Essential Talmud

by Adin Steinsaltz

ISBN: 9780465082735

Binding: Paperback


The European Reformations

by Carter Lindberg

Combining seamless synthesis of original material with updated scholarship, <i>The European Reformations</i> <i>2nd edition</i>, provides the most comprehensive and engaging textbook available on the origins and impacts of Europe's Reformations ...

ISBN: 9781405180672

Binding: Paperback


The European Reformations Sourcebook

by Carter Lindberg

<p>This revised and expanded volume brings together a carefully-selected collection of primary sources drawn from medieval and sixteenth-century texts. Notable for its comprehensive coverage, it consolidates a broad range of important documents,

ISBN: 9780470673287

Binding: Paperback