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Judaism For Dummies

by Rabbi Ted Falcon

<b>Your plain-English guide to Judaism</b> <p>Whether you're interested in the religion or the spirituality, the culture or the ethnic traditions, <i>Judaism For Dummies</i> explores the full spectrum of Judaism, dipping into the mystical, ...

ISBN: 9781118407516

Binding: Paperback


Judges Through the Centuries

by David M. Gunn

This bible commentary traces the reception of <i>Judges</i> through the ages, not only by scholars and theologians, but also by preachers, teachers, politicians, poets, essayists and artists. <br /> <ul class="noindent"> <li>A bible commentary ...

ISBN: 9780631222521

Binding: Paperback


Kabbalah For Dummies

by Arthur Kurzweil

<i>Kabbalah For Dummies</i> presents a balanced perspective of Kabbalah as an ?umbrella? for a complex assemblage of mystical Jewish teachings and codification techniques. <i>Kabbalah For Dummies</i> also shows how Kabbalah simultaneously ...

ISBN: 9780471915904

Binding: Paperback


Kabbalah Unveiled


A subject of perennial study and the focus of a recent surge of popular interest, Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish doctrine of esoteric knowledge concerning God, creation, and nature. This essential guide was written by one of the most influential ...

ISBN: 9780486451374

Binding: Paperback


Karma: A Guide to Cause and Effect

by Jeffrey Armstrong

Combining the ancient wisdom of the Vedic tradition and the point of view of the modern spiritual seeker, Karma illustrates how to find meaning and purpose in a life that can at times feel random and out of control. In this compelling and ...

ISBN: 9781683833802

Binding: Paperback


Key Words of Pope Francis

by Cindy Wooden

<i>Key Words of Pope Francis</i> is a collection of over 50 essays by an impressive set of insightful contributors from around the globe, each writing on a specific word that has become important in the ministry of Pope Francis. Writers such as ...

ISBN: 9781472955777

Binding: Paperback


Kingdom of God Is Within You


Banned in Russia, Tolstoy's The Kingdom of God Is Within You was deemed a threat to church and state. The culmination of a lifetime's thought, it espouses a commitment to Jesus's message of turning the other cheek. In a bold and original manner,

ISBN: 9780486451381

Binding: Paperback




The Koran is the sacred scripture of Islam, a collection of revelations that Mohammed, the Prophet, said he had received from God (through the angel Gabriel) in seventh-century Arabia. Mohammed preached these revelations in rhymed verses that ...

ISBN: 9780486414256

Binding: Paperback


Koran, The

by Dawood N J

'God is the light of the heavens and the earth . . . God guides to His light whom He will.' <i>The Koran </i>is universally accepted by Muslims to be the infallible Word of God as first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel ...

ISBN: 9780141393834

Binding: Paperback


Koran, The

by N. J. Dawood

N. J. Dawood's masterful translation of the Koran, with parallel Arabic text'Across the language barrier Dawood captures the thunder and poetry of the original' <i>The Times</i><i></i>The Koran is universally accepted by Muslims to be the ...

ISBN: 9780141393841

Binding: Paperback


Last Testament: In His Own Words

by Pope Benedict XVI

ISBN: 9781472944610

Binding: Paperback


Last Testament: In His Own Words

by Pope Benedict XVI

ISBN: 9781472944672

Binding: Hardback


Law of Love and The Law of Violence


An examination of the conflicts within and among nations, this treatise proposes a remedy based on true Christian doctrine: recognition of love as the supreme law of life. Written just before World War I, it articulates Tolstoy's famous dictum ...

ISBN: 9780486475943

Binding: Paperback


Leaders Who Changed History

by DK

Explore the lives and achievements of more than 85 of the world's most inspirational and influential leaders, with this innovative and boldly graphic book.<BR><BR>Comprehensive in its scope and depth, and fully illustrated, <i>Leaders</i> ...

ISBN: 9780241363171

Binding: Hardback


Leadership Promises For Every Day: A Daily Devotional

by John C. Maxwell

God has entrusted you as a leader. Whether you are new to leadership in your work, family, community or church, or you've been leading for years, you'll discover fresh wisdom in Leadership Promises for Every Day. Find day-to-day guidance and ...

ISBN: 9780718089740

Binding: Paperback


Leading from the Second Chair

Serving Your Church, Fulfilling Your Role, and Realizing Your Dreams

by Mike Bonem

LEADING FROM THE SECOND CHAIR will raise awareness of the need for strong leaders in secondary positions. It will describe the value they can bring to their organization and to primary leaders when they are serving at their full potential. It ...

ISBN: 9780787977399

Binding: Hardback


Leading the Team-Based Church

How Pastors and Church Staffs Can Grow Together into a Powerful Fellowship of Leaders A Leadership Network Publication

by George Cladis

A Leadership Network Publication<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> In Leading the Team-Based Church, George Cladis issues a clarion call for ministry teams to embrace a fresh leadership model that is not based on hierarchy, but on a process of ...

ISBN: 9780787941192

Binding: Hardback


Let God Fight Your Battles

Being Peaceful in the Storm

by Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 9781455587834

Binding: Hardback


Let Your Life Speak

Listening for the Voice of Vocation

by Parker J. Palmer

With wisdom, compassion, and gentle humor, Parker J. Palmer invites us to listen to the inner teacher and follow its leadings toward a sense of meaning and purpose. Telling stories from his own life and the lives of others who have made a ...

ISBN: 9780787947354

Binding: Hardback


Life Is Beautiful

How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God

by Sarah M Johnson

"Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God" takes you on a full journey of trauma, loss, and finally resilience. While on a mission s trip in Guatemala, a small Cessna Caravan s engine blows while carrying fourteen

ISBN: 9781630474867

Binding: Paperback