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Love: The Saint and the Seeker

by Stevens Christina

'God will write through you.' Those were almost the last private words Mother Teresa spoke to acclaimed filmmaker Christina Stevens - urging her to share her story with the world. A similar calling had come months earlier, when Mother ...

ISBN: 9781401945916

Binding: Paperback



by Charles Martin

"When Maggie opened her eyes that New Year's Day some seventeen months ago, I felt like I could see again. The fog lifted off my soul, and for the first time since our son had died and she had gone to sleep-some four months, sixteen days, ...

ISBN: 9781595540553

Binding: Paperback


Mahabharata a Modern Retelling

by Carole Satyamurti

ISBN: 9780393081756

Binding: Hardback


Mahabharata a Modern Retelling

by Carole Satyamurti

ISBN: 9780393352498

Binding: Paperback


Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning

by Viktor E Frankl

"Viktor Frankl is known to millions of readers as the author of Man's Search for Meaning, his harrowing Holocaust memoir. In this book, he goes more deeply into the ways of thinking that enabled him to survive imprisonment in a concentration ...

ISBN: 9781846043062

Binding: Paperback



by Michel Tardieu

ISBN: 9780252032783

Binding: Hardback


Marion and Theology

by Christina M. Gschwandtner

Jean-Luc Marion's early work on Descartes and his more recent writings in phenomenology have not only elicited huge interest in France and the US, but also created huge potential in the field of theology. This book is organised around central ...

ISBN: 9780567660213

Binding: Paperback


Media and Religious Authority

by Stewart Hoover

ISBN: 9780271073231

Binding: Paperback


Meditation, Buddhism, and Science

by David McMahan

ISBN: 9780190495800

Binding: Paperback


Mentoring 101

by John Maxwell

Ask the best leaders in any organization how they learned to be successful, and you often hear the same answer: they had a good mentor.Now international leadership expert John Maxwell gives the bottom line on mentoring in one short, easy-to-read

ISBN: 9781400280223

Binding: Hardback


Merchants in the Temple

by Gianluigi Nuzzi

A veritable war is being waged in the Catholic Church: on one side, there is Pope Francis's strong message of one church for rich and poor alike; on the other, there is the old Curia with its endless enemies, and the old and new lobbies ...

ISBN: 9781250106247

Binding: Paperback


Miracles: A Very Short Introduction

by Yujin Nagasawa

ISBN: 9780198747215

Binding: Paperback


Mission Praise [30th Anniversary Edition - Words Edition]

by Peter Horrobin

To celebrate its 30th anniversary of publication, a brand new edition of the ultimate combination of traditional hymns and modern worship songs. ‘Mission Praise' is a much-loved hymn book, and has remained so since its outset in 1984. ...

ISBN: 9780007565191

Binding: Hardback


Moonstone, The

by Wilkie Collins

The Moonstone, a priceless yellow diamond, is looted from an Indian temple and maliciously bequeathed to Rachel Verinder. On her eighteenth birthday, her friend and suitor Franklin Blake brings the gift to her. That very night, it is stolen ...

ISBN: 9780140434088

Binding: Paperback


Moral Heart of Public Service

by Claire Foster-Gilbert

ISBN: 9781785922558

Binding: Hardback


Murderous History of Bible Translations: Power, Conflict and the Quest for Meaning

by Harry Freedman

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9781472921673

Binding: Hardback


Muslim: What You Need To Know About The World's Fastest Growing Religion

by Hank Hanegraaff

ISBN: 9780785216025

Binding: Hardback


My Descent Into Death

A Second Chance at Life

by John H. Mayer

In the 30 years since Raymond Moody’s Life After Life appeared, a familiar pattern of NDEs has emerged: suddenly floating over one’s own body, usually in a hospital setting, then a sudden hurtling through a tunnel of light toward a presence of ...

ISBN: 9781489399205

Binding: CD-Extra

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My Friend the Fanatic: Travels With an Indonesian Islamist

by Dhume Sadanand

In October 2002, Sadanand Dhume found himself in a place most foreigners were trying to flee -Bali. Powerful explosions the previous night had ripped through two tourist nightclubs, killing more than 200 people. That evening he visited all that ...

ISBN: 9781921351402

Binding: Paperback


My Journey Into The Heart Of Terror: Ten Days In The IslamicState

by Jurgen Todenhofer

ISIS, IS, the Islamic State. The name is chilling. The images are horrific. This is a group that chops the heads off journalists - and yet one, the German J rgen Todenh fer, went out of his way to get an invitation to visit ISIS fighters in ...

ISBN: 9781925321463

Binding: Paperback