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Power, Politics, and Political Skill in Job Stress

by Christopher Rosen

ISBN: 9781787430662

Binding: Hardback


Presidential Scandals

Jefferson to Obama

by Lightning Guides

"Presidential Scandals: Jefferson to Obama explores the interior lives of America's leading men. From Grant to Nixon, Reagan to Clinton, Presidential Scandals, takes its reader through over 100 years of unexplored American history, uncovering ...

ISBN: 9781942411581

Binding: Paperback


Qualitative Consumer Research

by Russell Belk

ISBN: 9781787144927

Binding: Hardback


Quality Control Procedure for Statutory Financial Audit: An Empirical Study

by Siddhartha Saha

ISBN: 9781787142275

Binding: Hardback


Regional Integration in East Asia

Theoretical and Historical Perspectives

by Satoshi Amako

Asian regional integration, which has shown remarkable progress since the end of the 1990s, is at a major crossroads. It faces confusion of and debate over the direction and effectiveness of integration as well as friction brought about by the ...

ISBN: 9789280812220

Binding: Paperback


Religions Book, The

by Kindersley Dorling

An innovative and accessible guide to the world's religions The Religions Book clearly explains the key concepts behind the earliest religious beliefs right up to the world's newest faiths, getting to the heart of what it means to believe. ...

ISBN: 9781409324911

Binding: Hardback


Research in Economic History

by Christopher Hanes

ISBN: 9781787431201

Binding: Hardback


Research in Organizational Change and Development

by Abraham Shani

ISBN: 9781787144361

Binding: Hardback


Resolving Conflict

by Gregory Tillett

Resolving Conflict 4th edition presents the principles, process and practical skills for resolving conflict. The book emphasises the importance of preparatory work in the resolution of conflict and explores a wide range of human conflict ...

ISBN: 9780195568042

Binding: Paperback


Role of Microfinance in Women Empowerment: A Comparative Study of Rural & Urban Groups in India

by Raji Ajwani-Ramchandani

ISBN: 9781787144262

Binding: Hardback



Putin's Playground: Empire, Revolution, and the new Tsar

by Anastasia Edel

"Russian Power: Putin & the Stalin Legacy examines the rich, complicated history of Russia's power as a nation, and the leaders who have defined its presence on the world stage. Starting with the Tsars and moving through the 1917 revolution, the

ISBN: 9781942411628

Binding: Paperback


Safe House

by Simon Vance

When Rob Hale wakes up in hospital after a motorcycle crash he is told that Lena, the woman he claims was travelling with him, doesn't exist. The woman he describes bears a striking resemblance to his recently deceased sister, Laura, but has he ...

ISBN: 9781489023643

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives

by Rob McFarland

You don't need to live on a farm to raise happy, healthy honeybees. All it takes is a small backyard and the guidance of Rob and Chelsea McFarland, founders of HoneyLove - a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting honeybees and ...

ISBN: 9781624141416

Binding: Paperback


Science Book, The

by Kindersley Dorling

All the big ideas in science, simply explained Part of the popular Big Ideas series, The Science Book explores the history of science, how scientists have sought to explain our incredible universe and how amazing scientific discoveries have ...

ISBN: 9781409350156

Binding: Hardback


Science But Not As We Know It

by Ben Gilliland

Cutting-edge concepts made simple - it's not rocket science The media reports on the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs can seem like a foreign language, from black holes to dark matter, and exoplanets to leap seconds. Finally get ...

ISBN: 9780241184196

Binding: Hardback


Science: Definitive Visual Guide

by Adam Hart-Davis

"Delve into the history of science and the discoveries that changed the world with Science. This brand new edition is fully up-to-date, and covers everything from ancient Greek geometry to quantum physics, IVF, and global warming. Using lavish ...

ISBN: 9780241240472

Binding: Hardback


SEAL Survival Guide

by Cade Courtley

ISBN: 9781451690293

Binding: Paperback


Serial Killers

Jack the Ripper to The Zodiac Killer

by Lightning Guides

"Serial Killers: Jack the Ripper to The Zodiac Killers is an exploration of the dark world of serial murder in the 20th and 21st century. Covering international cult figures from H.H. Holmes to Luis Garavito (La Beastia), examining psychological

ISBN: 9781942411338

Binding: Paperback


Seven Little Australians

by Ethel Turner

This captivating story of an Australian family at the end of the nineteenth century was first published in September 1894 and became an instant popular success. A perennial favourite with succeeding generations of Australians, Seven Little ...

ISBN: 9780642276308

Binding: Hardback