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Becoming a Powerhouse Librarian: How to Get Things Done Right the First Time

by Jamie Gray

ISBN: 9781442278684

Binding: Hardback


Behavior Management in Today's Schools: Implementing Effective Interventions

by Edward Cancio

ISBN: 9781475847567

Binding: Hardback


Behavioral Finance: The Coming Of Age

by Itzhak Venezia

ISBN: 9789813279452

Binding: Hardback


Belt And Road Initiative: Chinese Version Of ""Marshall Plan""?

by Da-hsuan Feng

ISBN: 9789811200502

Binding: Hardback


Beyond Dropping Out: Overcoming the Pitfalls of School Culture

by William Warring

ISBN: 9781475820997

Binding: Hardback


Beyond Marriage: Continuing Battles for LGBT Rights

by Susan Gluck Mezey

ISBN: 9781442248625

Binding: Hardback


Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: Perspectives on Marital Possibilities

by Ronald Den Otter

ISBN: 9781498512015

Binding: Hardback




Bill Ratliff: A Profile of Courage and Leadership in American Politics

by Robert Sterken

ISBN: 9781498546935

Binding: Hardback



A Guide for Facility Managers

by Joseph F. Gustin

In the current climate of terrorism, the facility manager is in a more critical position than ever before. Protecting the organization's building and its occupants from chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) attacks that are designed to ...

ISBN: 9780824721589

Binding: Hardback


Black Culture and the New Deal: The Quest for Civil Rights in the Roosevelt Era

by Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff

ISBN: 9781469619064

Binding: Paperback


Black Political Activism and the Cuban Republic

by Melina Pappademos

ISBN: 9781469618883

Binding: Paperback


Black's Veterinary Dictionary

by E;Andrews, A;Boden, E;Andrews, A Boden

ISBN: 9781408175729

Binding: Hardback


Bob Dylan in Performance: Song, Stage, and Screen

by Keith Nainby

ISBN: 9781498582636

Binding: Hardback


Boxology: Thinking and Working Inside, Outside, and Beyond the Box and the Cubicle

by Irving H. Buchen

ISBN: 9781475821321

Binding: Hardback


Brainball: Teaching Inquiry and Social Studies as a Team Sport

by Rowman and Littlefield Inc

ISBN: 9781475834840

Binding: Hardback


Brainstorming Common Core: Challenging the Way We Think about Education

by Eldon ""Cap"" Lee

ISBN: 9781475817706

Binding: Hardback


Breaking the Silence: Voices of the British Children of Refugees from Nazism

by Merilyn Moos

ISBN: 9781783482955

Binding: Hardback