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Fog of Peace: The Human Face of Conflict Resolution

by Gabrielle Rifkind

ISBN: 9781780768977

Binding: Hardback


Gaia Girls Way of Water

by Lee Welles

ISBN: 9781933609034

Binding: Paperback


Game Changers

by Dan; van Deventer, Leena Golding

ISBN: 9781925344509

Binding: Paperback


Generation Change

150 Ways We Can Change Ourselves, Our Country, and Our World

by Melissa Bolton-Klinger

By and for the Obama Generation a guide to making real change in the... ...

ISBN: 9781602397309

Binding: Paperback


Guide to the Antique Shops of Britain 2002/2003


The 31st Edition of this indispensable Guide has a new look for 2003. The fact-filled book is now in a larger format and has color throughout with a new design. The useful color maps are easier to read and it contains information on addresses, ...

ISBN: 9781851494149

Binding: Hardback


Halfway House

The Poetics of Australian Spaces

by Jennifer Rutherford

This book examines a diverse and eclectic array of Australian locales (including Maralinga, cubby huts, video games and art galleries), and the often deliberately erased or marginalised connections contemporary Australia has with Indigenous ...

ISBN: 9780980296464

Binding: Paperback


Haunted Earth

by Peter Read

This extraordinary book tackles head-on the existence and meaning of spirit forces in Australia. Haunted Earth asks a few key questions: Is Australia haunted? If so, where, and with what? Are there spiritual or otherwise special places in ...

ISBN: 9780868407265

Binding: Paperback


Heels on Wheels

A Lady's Guide to Owning and Riding a Bike

by Katie Dailey

Learning to ride a bike is easy, but getting back on one if you're over the age of 12 - and have developed a penchant for high heels - can be a daunting task. In Heels on Wheels Katie Dailey offers sage advice to the modern gal who would like to

ISBN: 9781742702551

Binding: Paperback


History Book, The

by DK

"Travel back in time with the latest instalment in the bestselling Big Ideas series. The History Book charts world history from the dawn of civilisation to the modern culture we live in today. From the origins of homo-sapiens to the release of ...

ISBN: 9780241225929

Binding: Hardback


How To Be a 21st Century Man

The Man's Manual for Daily Survival

by Gregg Stebben

ISBN: 9781631581960

Binding: Paperback


How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

by Mortimer J. Adler

ISBN: 9780671212094

Binding: Paperback


How to Write Short

Word Craft for Fast Times

by Roy Peter Clark

ISBN: 9780316204323

Binding: Paperback


Huns Have Got my Gramophone!: Advertisements from the Great War

by Amanda-Jane Doran

ISBN: 9781851243990

Binding: Hardback


I Have a Dream

The Speeches That Changed History

by Ferdie Addis

Can words really change the world? From the absurd to the inspirational, from the divine to the diabolical, these are the speeches that have changed history, and left their mark on the world today.To read of Elizabeth I addressing her troops ...

ISBN: 9781782435167

Binding: Paperback


I Used to Know That

by Caroline Taggart

ASunday Timestop-ten title in 2008 and a bestseller ever since,I Used to Know Thathas continued to delight readers with its pages of forgotten facts from our school days. Now available in paperback, this great gift book has been repackaged with ...

ISBN: 9781843176558

Binding: Paperback


I Used to Know That: Maths

by Chris Waring

If memories of learning algebra bring you out in a cold sweat and thoughts of quadratic equations cause you feelings of fear and dread, I Used to Know That: Maths can help. A light-hearted and informative reminder of the things that we learnt in

ISBN: 9781782432555

Binding: Paperback



Insatiable Curiosity

Leonardo: the Artist, the Genius, the Legend

by Justin Smith

Concise, expertly curated content on todays most intriguing topics. Bold, full-colour pages, including sidebars, callouts, top 10 lists, timelines, infographics and maps. Provocative, dynamic content. ...

ISBN: 9781942411901

Binding: Paperback



Ally or Enemy? Persian Empire, Pariah State, Nuclear Partner

by Lightning Guides

"Iran: America's Enemy, America's Ally explores the long and complicated history between Iran and the United States, starting with the Pahlavi Shahs and exploring the cultural, economic, and religious contexts for Iran's geopolitical power. ...

ISBN: 9781942411604

Binding: Paperback


Just My Type

A Book About Fonts

by Simon Garfield

'A quirky and informative study of fonts' Anthony Horowitz, Sunday Telegraph ...

ISBN: 9781846683022

Binding: Paperback