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America through Transgender Eyes

by J. Sumerau

ISBN: 9781538122075

Binding: Paperback


American and Chinese Energy Security: A Grand Strategic Approach

by Ryan Opsal

ISBN: 9781498580786

Binding: Hardback


American Literature, Lynching, and the Spectator in the Crowd: Spectacular Violence

by Debbie Lelekis

ISBN: 9781498506373

Binding: Paperback


American National Security Policy: Authorities, Institutions, and Cases

by John Fishel

ISBN: 9781442248373

Binding: Hardback


American Women on the Move: The Inside Story of the National Women's Conference, 1977

by Shelah Leader

ISBN: 9781498535991

Binding: Hardback



An Arena for Educational Ideologies: Current Practices in Teacher Education Programs

by Miriam Ben-Peretz

ISBN: 9781475820249

Binding: Hardback


An Introduction to the Collected Works of C. G. Jung: Psyche as Spirit

by Clifford Mayes

ISBN: 9781442262126

Binding: Hardback



Ancient America: Fifty Archaeological Sites to See for Yourself

by Kenneth L. Feder

ISBN: 9781538127315

Binding: Paperback


Annapolis Book of Seamanship: Fourth Edition

by John Rousmaniere

Completely revised and updated to address changes in technology and safety standards, this new edition is the definitive guide to the art and science of sailing. “The art of sailing, maneuvering, and preserving a ship or a boat in all ...

ISBN: 9781451650198

Binding: Hardback


Anthropology of Los Angeles: Place and Agency in an Urban Setting

by Jenny Banh

ISBN: 9781498528559

Binding: Paperback


Applied Business Ethics

by Mathias Schuz

ISBN: 9789811201295

Binding: Paperback


Appraisal and Acquisition: Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections

by Kate Theimer

ISBN: 9781442249530

Binding: Hardback


Approaching the Nuclear Tipping Point: Cooperative Security in an Era of Global Change

by James E. Goodby

ISBN: 9781442265707

Binding: Hardback


Archival Arrangement and Description: Analog to Digital

by Lois Hamill

ISBN: 9781442279155

Binding: Hardback


Art and Selfhood: A Kierkegaardian Account

by Antony Aumann

ISBN: 9781498552844

Binding: Hardback


Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance: New Materialisms

by Anna Hickey-Moody

ISBN: 9781783484867

Binding: Hardback


As Easy as Pi

by Jamie Buchan

<DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><P>In this day and age it&#39;s hard to imagine a world without numbers. Our lives are centred around commerce and money, and it is the only language that&#39;s the same the world over. However, did you know that for a ...

ISBN: 9781782434337

Binding: Paperback