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Approaches to Peace

by David P. Barash

ISBN: 9780190637590

Binding: Paperback


Arc Schemes And Singularities

by Johannes Nicaise

ISBN: 9781786347190

Binding: Hardback


Archaeology of Colonisation: From Aesthetics to Biopolitics

by Carlos Rivera-Santana

ISBN: 9781786609007

Binding: Hardback


Arizona Off the Beaten Path®: Discover Your Fun 8ed

by Roger Naylor

ISBN: 9781493042845

Binding: Paperback


As Easy as Pi

by Jamie Buchan

<DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><P>In this day and age it&#39;s hard to imagine a world without numbers. Our lives are centred around commerce and money, and it is the only language that&#39;s the same the world over. However, did you know that for a ...

ISBN: 9781782434337

Binding: Paperback


Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Continuous Improvement with Stakeholder Input

by Stu Silberman

ISBN: 9781475852585

Binding: Paperback


Austin Food Crawls: Touring the Neighborhoods One Bite & Libation at a Time

by Kelsey Kennedy

ISBN: 9781493041466

Binding: Paperback


Australian Police Tests


Police Tests: How to Pass the Police Officer Tests This book contains all you need to know about the tests used by every Police Agency in Australia to assess their potential recruits. ...

ISBN: 9781912370108

Binding: Paperback


Back to Basics

by Caroline Taggart

<DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><P>Don&#39;t know Midas from Oedipus? Wouldn&#39;t recognize a concerto from a sonata? </P></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV><P>Many of us wish that we could fill in the gaps in our education in ...

ISBN: 9781782437819

Binding: Paperback


Bad History: How We Got the Past Wrong

by Emma Marriott

<DIV>A fascinating read that debunks the popular myths that have clouded our understanding of historical events. Contents covers a abroad spectrum of world history, from the Roman Empire right up to the twentieth century.&#160;Entries include: ...

ISBN: 9781782435778

Binding: Paperback


Bantam Crossword Dictionary

by Walter D. Glanze

Over 50,000 clues, over 160,000 solutions -- more clues, more solutions than any other book in America. Plus unique long-word finder -- makes the tough spots easy to solve! Completely alphabetical, comprehensive, up to the minute, here's the new

ISBN: 9780553263756

Binding: Paperback


Baseball's First Indian: The Story of Penobscot Legend Louis Sockalexis

by Ed Rice

ISBN: 9781608936731

Binding: Paperback


Becoming Indigenous: Governing Imaginaries in the Anthropocene

by David Chandler

ISBN: 9781786605726

Binding: Paperback


Believe: A Horseman's Journey

by Buck Brannaman

ISBN: 9781493033386

Binding: Paperback


Bells for America: The Cold War, Modernism, and the Netherlands Carillon in Arlington

by Diederik Oostdijk

ISBN: 9780271083773

Binding: Hardback


Best Hikes Sedona, Arizona: The Greatest Views, Desert Hikes, and Forest Strolls

by Bruce Grubbs

ISBN: 9781493034536

Binding: Paperback



Best-Ever Sheet Pan & Skillet Recipes

by Gooseberry Patch

ISBN: 9781620933350

Binding: Paperback



Billy the Kid and Jesse James: Outlaws of the Legendary West

by Bill Markley

ISBN: 9781493038381

Binding: Paperback