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Building Solutions in Child Protective Services

by Insoo Kim Berg

ISBN: 9780393703108

Binding: Hardback



Bullying at School

What We Know and What We Can Do

by Dan Olweus

<i> Bullying at School </i> is the definitive book on bullying/victim problems in school and on effective ways of counteracting and preventing such problems. ...

ISBN: 9780631192411

Binding: Paperback


By the Sea

The therapeutic benefits of being in, on and by the water

by Dr Deborah Cracknell

ISBN: 9781783252947

Binding: Hardback


Care Of The Soul, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition: A Guide For Cultivating Depth And Sacredness In Everyday Life

by Thomas Moore

In this special twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Thomas Moore's bestselling Care of the Soul, which includes a new introduction by the author, readers are presented with a revolutionary approach to thinking about daily life-everyday ...

ISBN: 9780062415677

Binding: Paperback


Career Paths

Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees

by Gary W. Carter

<i>Career Paths</i> provides practical tools and tips for developing and implementing career paths in the workplace. <ul> <li> <div>Discusses available resources organizations can use in developing career paths<br /> </div> </li> <li>Includes a

ISBN: 9781405177320

Binding: Paperback


Careers in Mental Health

Opportunities in Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work

by Kim Metz

<p>Accessible and unbiased, <i>Careers in Mental Health</i> introduces upper-level high school students and beginning undergraduates to the different aspects of various mental health professions.</p> <ul> <li>Contains essential career advice for

ISBN: 9781118767924

Binding: Paperback



The Surprising Science Behind Everyday Calamities - and How You Can Avoid Them

by Steve Casner

The modern world can be a dangerous place, filled with fast cars, smart phones, drugs and extreme sports. Meanwhile, we humans are as fragile as ever. In fact, after a century of lengthening life span and a decline in injuries and accidental ...

ISBN: 9781509818433

Binding: Paperback


Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology

by Thomas F. Oltmanns

<b><i>Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology</i></b>, 10th Edition takes mental disorders from the realm of theory into the complex reality of human lives. This casebook presents comprehensive coverage of 23 high interest cases that include topics ...

ISBN: 9781118836293

Binding: Paperback


Case Studies in Applied Psychophysiology

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Treatments for Advances in Human Performance

by W. Alex Edmonds

A thorough, readable primer for the practitioner and student, detailing case studies on the art and science of biofeedback and neurofeedback in practice. <ul> <li> <div>Includes case-study examples focusing directly on improving human ...

ISBN: 9780470971734

Binding: Hardback


Cbt Fundamentals: Theory And

by Skinner

ISBN: 9780335247738

Binding: Paperback


Changing Minds in Therapy

Emotion, Attachment, Trauma, and Neurobiology

by Margaret Wilkinson

<b>The latest application of contemporary neuroscience to therapeutic work.</b><br /> <br /> <p>There is an increasing clinical focus on how recent advances in neuroscience, attachment, and trauma can be applied to treating patients with a ...

ISBN: 9780393705614

Binding: Hardback


Changing to Thrive: Using the Stages of Change to Overcome the Top Threats to Your Health and Happiness

by James O. Prochaska

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781616496296

Binding: Paperback


Charting the Course for Treating Children with Autism

A Beginner's Guide for Therapists

by Linda Kelly

ISBN: 9780393708714

Binding: Hardback


Child & Adolescent Mental Health A Practical, All-In-One Guide

by Jess P. Shatkin MD

ISBN: 9780393710601

Binding: Paperback


Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

by Theodore P. Beauchaine

ISBN: 9781119169956

Binding: Hardback


Child and Adolescent Therapy

Science and Art

by Jeremy P. Shapiro

ISBN: 9781118722114

Binding: Hardback


Child Neuropsychology

Concepts, Theory, and Practice

by Jonathan Reed

Based on the most up-to-date research, <i>Child Neuropsychology</i> is a thorough and accessible guide to the key concepts and basic processes central to neuropsychological assessment and child evaluation. Essays by leading experts in the field ...

ISBN: 9781405152662

Binding: Paperback


Child Psychology

Development in a Changing Society

by Robin Harwood

<p>In this comprehensive overview, readers will gain a better understanding of the various theories, perspectives, and research that characterize contemporary themes in child development. The book uses a contextual approach to examine the ...

ISBN: 9780471706496

Binding: Hardback