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by Susan Greenfield

ISBN: 9780340936016

Binding: Paperback


Ideas Are Your Only Currency

by Rod Judkins

ISBN: 9781473640054

Binding: Paperback


Improve Your Memory

Sharpen Focus and Improve Performance

by Mark Channon

ISBN: 9781473613515

Binding: Paperback


In Search of Memory

The Emergence of a New Science of Mind

by Eric R. Kandel

<p>Charting the intellectual history of the emerging biology of mind, Eric R. Kandel illuminates how behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and molecular biology have converged into a powerful new science of mind. This ...

ISBN: 9780393329377

Binding: Paperback


In Writing

by Adam Phillips

For Adam Phillips - as for Freud and many of his followers - poetry and poets have always held an essential place, as both precursors and unofficial collaborators in the psychoanalytic project. But the same has never held true in reverse. What, ...

ISBN: 9780241979235

Binding: Paperback


Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

by Eagleman David

If the conscious mind - the part you consider you - is just the tip of the iceberg in the brain, what is all the rest doing? Why can your foot jump halfway to the brake pedal before you become aware of danger ahead? What do Odysseus

ISBN: 9781921758201

Binding: Paperback


Indestructible Self-Belief

7 simple steps to getting it and keeping it

by Fiona Harrold

ISBN: 9780749954079

Binding: Paperback


Infinite Game


n The Infinite Game, Niki Harre asks us to imagine our world anew. What if we are all part of a different type of game entirely - a game in which playing matters more than winning, a game that anyone can join at any time, a game in which rules ...

ISBN: 9781869408787

Binding: Paperback



How to succeed by seeing yourself clearly

by Tasha Eurich

Do you understand who you <i>really</i> are? Or how others<i> really </i>see you? We all know people with a stunning lack of self-awareness – but how often do we consider whether we might have the same problem? Research shows that ...

ISBN: 9781509839643

Binding: Paperback


Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Selected Papers of Habib Davanloo, M.D.

by Habib Davanloo

Habib Davanloo is the founder and pioneer of the method of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, which is taught and used at centres of psychotherapy and psychiatry worldwide. The method offers theoretical, metaphysical and technical ...

ISBN: 9780471497042

Binding: Hardback


Intimate Relationships

by Thomas H. Bradbury

In the age of texting, sexting, and swiping right, technology has transformed the way couples create and maintain intimacy. To help students think critically about modern intimacy, the Third Edition synthesizes the latest research on couples and

ISBN: 9780393640250

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Consciousness

A Graphic Guide

by David Papineau

A succinct and accessible introduction to the philosophical study of the mind. ...

ISBN: 9781848311718

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Game Theory

A Graphic Guide

by Ivan Pastine

A highly accessible, illustrated introduction to Game Theory, a concept that helps us understand everything from our social lives to global politics. ...

ISBN: 9781785780820

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Jung

A Graphic Guide

by Maggie Hyde

An ideal companion to <i>Introducing Freud, Introducing Melanie Klein</i> and <i>Introducing Psychology</i>. ...

ISBN: 9781848318557

Binding: Paperback


Introducing Psychology

A Graphic Guide

by Nigel Benson

An enjoyable, comic-style book on the scientific study of the mind and behaviour of humans and animals. ...

ISBN: 9781840468526

Binding: Paperback


Introduction to Coping with Depression

by Lee Brosan

ISBN: 9781472140210

Binding: Paperback


Introduction to Coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

by Leonora Brosan

ISBN: 9781472140142

Binding: Paperback


Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

A Guidebook and Resource

by Steven J. Taylor

ISBN: 9781118767214

Binding: Hardback


Invisible Girls

The Truth about Sexual Abuse

by Patti Feuereisen

ISBN: 9781580058605

Binding: Paperback


Invitation to Dream

by Workman Publishing

<DIV>Many books put you to sleep without meaning to. But here is a book specially created to send the reader on a long, restful voyage to slumberland and inspire beautiful and creative dreams along the way. It is a soothing bedtime companion, a ...

ISBN: 9781523504732

Binding: Hardback