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AQA GCSE Psychology

by Karen Boswell

ISBN: 9781408503959

Binding: Paperback


AQA Psychology A AS Research Methods

by Julia Willerton

ISBN: 9781408508176

Binding: Spiral bound


Are You Smarter Than a Chimpanzee?

Test yourself against the amazing minds of animals

by Ben Ambridge

Inside the minds of animals, from the author of international psychological sensation Psy-Q. ...

ISBN: 9781781255735

Binding: Paperback


Art and Psychoanalysis

by Maria Walsh

ISBN: 9781848857988

Binding: Paperback


Art Therapy and the Neuroscience of Relationships, Creativity, and Resiliency

by Hass-cohen

ISBN: 9780393710748

Binding: Hardback


Art Therapy Practice

Innovative Approaches with Diverse Populations

by H Wadeson

ISBN: 9780471330585

Binding: Hardback


Assessments in Forensic Practice - a Handbook

by Browne

ISBN: 9780470019016

Binding: Hardback


Assessments in Forensic Practice - a Handbook

by Browne

ISBN: 9780470019023

Binding: Paperback



A Theory

by Aaron James

ISBN: 9781857886108

Binding: Paperback


Attachment Disturbances in Adults Treatment for Comprehensive Repair

by Daniel P. Brown

ISBN: 9780393711523

Binding: Hardback




Attachment-based Teaching Creating a Tribal Classroom

by Louis J. Cozolino

ISBN: 9780393709049

Binding: Paperback


Attachment-focused Emdr Healing Relational Trauma

by Parnell

ISBN: 9780393707458

Binding: Hardback


Attachment-focused Family Therapy

by Daniel A. Hughes

Bringing ideas of attachment and intersubjectivity into the realm of family therapy.Attachment theory, while a hot topic in psychotherapy, has primarily been limited to the treatment of individuals. Daniel A. Hughes, a leading practitioner in ...

ISBN: 9780393705263

Binding: Hardback


Attachment-focused Family Therapy Workbook

by Daniel A. Hughes

ISBN: 9780393706499

Binding: Paperback


Attachment-focused Parenting Effective Strategies to Care for Children

by Daniel A. Hughes

An expert clinician brings attachment theory into the realm of parenting skills.Attachment security and affect regulation have long been buzzwords in therapy circles, but rarely are they effectively applied to basic parenting skills. Here, a ...

ISBN: 9780393705553

Binding: Hardback


Attracting Love

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Attract Your Ideal Partner

by Tricia Brennan

Tired of being in relationships that leave you feeling disenchanted? Wondering if your soul mate has passed you by? This three-part audiobook offers you a series of magical tools to help boost your personal magnetism and attract love in your ...

ISBN: 9781742014821

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Australian Poltergeist

The Stone-throwing Spook of Humpty Doo and Many Other Cases

by Tony Healy

Objects thrown by invisible hands, showers of stones that pass through solid walls and ceilings, sudden, inexplicable fires, wall-shaking raps and thumps, creepy voices from nowhere ... welcome to the wonderful, weird world ...

ISBN: 9781921134340

Binding: Paperback