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A History of Modern Psychology, Fifth Edition

by C. James Goodwin

<p>The enhanced 5th Edition of Goodwin's series, <b><i>A History of Modern Psychology</i></b>, explores the modern history of psychology including the fundamental bases of psychology and psychology's advancements in the 20<sup>th</sup> ...

ISBN: 9781118833759

Binding: Paperback


A Manual for Evidence-based Cbt Supervision

by Derek L. Milne

<p>The effectiveness of CBT depends on the quality of the supervision and training that is provided to its practitioners.<i> A Manual for Evidence-Based CBT Supervision</i> is intended to significantly strengthen the available resources for ...

ISBN: 9781118977323

Binding: Paperback


A Mood Apart

Depression, Mania, and Other Afflictions of the Self

by Peter Whybrow

ISBN: 9780465064847

Binding: Paperback


A Practical Guide to Autism

What Every Parent, Family Member, and Teacher Needs to Know

by Fred R. Volkmar

ISBN: 9780470394731

Binding: Paperback



A Student's Guide to Dsm-5

by Gavin Beccaria

In 2013, the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) was published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).<br /> A Student?s Guide to DSM-5 is an invaluable summary resource for University ...

ISBN: 9780730307532

Binding: Paperback


A Therapist's Guide to Emdr Tools and Techniques for Successful Treatment

by Laurel Parnell

<p><b>Definitive clinical methods from the key researcher and practioner in the field</b></p> <p>A long-time EMDR teacher and practitioner, Laurel Parnell gathers the wisdom of her experience to help EMDR-trained therapists in the four areas ...

ISBN: 9780393704815

Binding: Hardback


A ToolKit of Motivational Skills - Encouraging and Supporting Change in Individuals 2E

by Catherine Fuller

How do you motivate someone to change a pattern of behaviour? This is an issue faced daily by professionals working in healthcare and criminal justice systems. Motivational interviewing is a style of communication developed for working with ...

ISBN: 9780470516584

Binding: Paperback


A Topical Approach To Lifespan Development

by Santrock

ISBN: 9780077861995

Binding: Hardback


Abnormal And Clinical Psychology 3E, Sc

by Paul Bennett

ISBN: 9780335237463

Binding: Paperback


Abnormal Psychology

by Rieger

ISBN: 9781743078020

Binding: Paperback


Abnormal Psychology

by Rieger

ISBN: 9781743766620

Binding: Paperback


Abnormal Psychology 7E (Bound)

by Nolen-Hoeksema

ISBN: 9781260147759

Binding: Paperback


Abnormal Psychology Thirteenth Edition Binder Ready Version

by Ann M. Kring

<p><i><b>This text is an unbound, three hole punched version.</b></i><br /><br />For nearly four decades, <i><b>Abnormal Psychology, Binder Ready Version 13th Edition</b></i> has been a trusted resource for instructors and students. Known for ...

ISBN: 9781118953983

Binding: Loose-leaf


Abnormal Psychology: Clinical Perspective (Bound)

by Whitbourne

ISBN: 9781260147599

Binding: Hardback


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy & Mindfulness for Psychosis

by Eric M. J. Morris

<p>Emerging from cognitive behavioural traditions, mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies hold promise as new evidence-based approaches for helping people distressed by the symptoms of psychosis. These therapies emphasise changing the ...

ISBN: 9781119950790

Binding: Paperback


Addiction - Psychology and Treatment

by Paul Davis

<i>Addiction: Psychology and Treatment</i> brings together leading psychologists to provide a comprehensive overview of the psychology of addictions and their treatment across specialities and types of services.<br /><br /> <ul> <li>Emphasises ...

ISBN: 9781118489758

Binding: Paperback


Addiction Essentials

The Go-to Guide for Clinicians and Patients

by Carlton K. Erickson

ISBN: 9780393706154

Binding: Paperback


Adieu to God - Why Psychology Leads to Atheism

by Mick Power

<i>Adieu to God</i> examines atheism from a psychological perspective and reveals how religious phenomena and beliefs are psychological rather than supernatural in origin. <ul> <li>Answers the psychological question of why, in the face of ...

ISBN: 9780470669945

Binding: Paperback


Admirable Evasions

How Psychology Undermines Morality

by Theodore Dalrymple

In Admirable Evasions, Theodore Dalrymple explains why human self-understanding has not been bettered by the false promises of the different schools of psychological thought. Most psychological explanations of human behavior are not only ...

ISBN: 9781594037870

Binding: Hardback