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Oxford Year 10 Psychology

by Karen Marangio

The complete introduction to the discipline of VCE Psychology without any duplication of VCE content. Oxford Psychology Year 10 is the Psychology course developed for Victorian students and is written by a peerless author team providing ...

ISBN: 9780195568790

Binding: Mixed media product


Party of One

The Loners' Manifesto

by Anneli Rufus

ISBN: 9781569245132

Binding: Paperback


Perfusion Quantification using Arterial Spin Labelling

by Michael Chappell

Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) MRI is an increasingly popular tool to study the brain. What sets it apart from other neuroimaging methods is the combination of quantitative measurements of a physiologically well-defined process, namely perfusion, ...

ISBN: 9780198793816

Binding: Paperback


Permission to Feel

Unlock the power of emotions to help yourself and your children thrive

by Marc Brackett

ISBN: 9781787478817

Binding: Paperback


Personal And Professional Development

by John McLeod

ISBN: 9780335247332

Binding: Paperback



by Jeff Mack

Bedtime can be a challenge for the best of us. But when you're a fun-loving, overactive pet gorilla, bedtime is downright <i>hard</i>. Who would want to go to sleep when Playtime is so much more fun? <BR><BR>Certainly not <i>this</i> ...

ISBN: 9780399175985

Binding: Hardback


Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology

An Integrative Handbook of the Mind

by Daniel J. Siegel

ISBN: 9780393707137

Binding: Paperback


Ponderables, Psychology

An Illustrated History of the Mind from Hypnotism to Brain Scans

by Tom Jackson

<p>Here is the essential guide to psychology, an authoritative reference book and timeline that examines how we learned to understand ourselves.<br></p> <p>Psychology is a young science. While great thinkers have pondered the nature of thought ...

ISBN: 9781627951203

Binding: Hardback


Positive Education

The Geelong Grammar School Journey

by Jacolyn M. Norrish

As part of the Oxford Series in Positive Psychology, Positive Education: The Geelong Grammar School Journey is the story of one school's development of a more comprehensive approach to education: one with student wellbeing at its heart. ...

ISBN: 9780198702580

Binding: Paperback


Positive Psychology

A Toolkit for Happiness, Purpose and Well-being

by Bridget Grenville-Cleave

The perfect concise start to making your life better. ...

ISBN: 9781848319561

Binding: Paperback


Positive Psychology For Dummies

by Averil Leimon

Why do some people achieve greater success and happiness than others? The key is positive psychology. <p>For most of its history, psychology has focused mainly on the darker side of human behaviour - depression, anxiety, psychosis ...

ISBN: 9780470721360

Binding: Paperback



by Boniwell

ISBN: 9780335262182

Binding: Paperback



Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

by Amy Cuddy

ISBN: 9781409156017

Binding: Paperback


Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience

by Dale Purves

ISBN: 9780878935734

Binding: Paperback



Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now

by Jane Burka

ISBN: 9780738211701

Binding: Paperback




The time has come to stop pathologizing the desire to love, help, and care for an addicted loved one. In Prodependence, Weiss presents a research-based social and psychological understanding of human interdependence, accepting and even ...

ISBN: 9780757320354

Binding: Paperback


Psychological Testing and Assessment

by David Shum

ISBN: 9780190305208

Binding: Paperback



by Passer Et Al

ISBN: 9781760422790

Binding: Paperback


Psychology and Selfhood in the Segregated South

by Anne Rose

ISBN: 9781469615080

Binding: Paperback


Psychology for a Better World


Psychology for a Better World explains how we can get others to join us. Based on the latest psychological research, Niki Harre shows which strategies work (drawing on positive emotions, role modelling and social identity), which don't, and why.

ISBN: 9781869408855

Binding: Paperback