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Darkwater: Voices from Within the Veil

by W. E. B. du Bois

The distinguished American civil rights leader, W. E. B. Du Bois first published these fiery essays, sketches, and poems individually nearly 80 years ago in the Atlantic, the Journal of Race Development, and other periodicals. Part essay, part ...

ISBN: 9781784787752

Binding: Paperback


Dawn of a New Order: Geopolitics and the Clash of Ideologies

by Rein Mullerson

ISBN: 9781784539726

Binding: Hardback


Dear Leader

by Jang Jin-Sung

" SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BESTSELLER Dear Leader contains astonishing new insights about North Korea which could only be revealed by someone working high up in the regime. It is also the gripping story of how a member of the inner circle of this ...

ISBN: 9781846044212

Binding: Paperback


Dear Quentin: Letters of a Governor-General

by Quentin Bryce

As Australia's first female Governor-General, Quentin Bryce handwrote more than fifty letters each week. She wrote to those she had met and connected with as her role took her from palaces to outback schools, from war zones to memorials, from ...

ISBN: 9780522871166

Binding: Hardback


Deer Hunting With Jesus: Dispatches From America's Class War

by Joe Bageant

'This book is righteous, self-righteous, exhilarating, and aggravating. By God, it's a raging, hilarious, and profane love song to the great American redneck.' SHERMAN ALEXIE A RAUCOUS, TRUTH-TELLING LOOK AT THE WHITE WORKING POOR-AND WHY THEY ...

ISBN: 9781921372070

Binding: Paperback


Defence of History and Class Consciousne: Tailism and the Dialectic

by Georg Lukacs

In the mid 1920s Lukacs wrote a sustained and passionate response to Stalin's onslaught on his earlier seminal work History and Class Consciousness. Unpublished at the time, Lukacs himself thought that the text had been destroyed. However, a ...

ISBN: 9781859843703

Binding: Paperback


Defending Politics

Why Democracy Matters in the 21st Century

by Matthew Flinders

A book that meets the widespread contemporary pessimism about the political process head on. Matthew Flinders makes a highly unfashionable but incredibly important argument of almost primitive simplicity: democratic politics delivers far more ...

ISBN: 9780199644421

Binding: Hardback


Defining Australian Citizenship

by John;Galligan, Brian; Chesterman

"During our first century as a nation, citizenship—for a majority of Australians—has meant the enjoyment of progressive political, social, economic and legal rights. Yet many groups in our society have been denied the usual benefits ...

ISBN: 9780522848489

Binding: Paperback


Demobilizing Militias

by Shibuya

ISBN: 9780745648866

Binding: Paperback


Democracy and Its Crisis

by A.C. Grayling

Prompted by events in recent years in the UK and the USA, in Latin America, Russia and the Middle East, A. C. Grayling investigates why the institutions of representative democracy seem unable to sustain themselves against forces they were ...

ISBN: 9781786072894

Binding: Hardback


Democracy In America

by Alexis Tocqueville

In 1831 Alexis de Tocqueville, a young French aristocrat and ambitious civil servant, made a nine-month journey through America. The result was Democracy in America, a monumental study of the strengths and weaknesses of the nation's evolving ...

ISBN: 9780140447606

Binding: Paperback


Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport

The Ultimate Volunteer Handbook

by Arthur Blaustein

Previous eds. titled: Make a difference. ...

ISBN: 9781616080624

Binding: Paperback


Destroying The Joint: Why Women Have To Change The World

by Jan Caro (Editor)

A fabulously provocative collection by women ready to destroy the joint. In 2012, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said a society needs the political participation of women to reach its full potential. Commentator Allan Jones reacted to his by ...

ISBN: 9780702249907

Binding: Paperback


Destruction of Hillary Clinton The

by Susan Bordo

The result of the 2016 presidential election was widely thought to be a foregone conclusion- a historic victory for an extraordinarily well-qualified, experienced and admired candidate against an opponent seen as not just unelectable but unfit ...

ISBN: 9781925603026

Binding: Paperback


Development Arrested

The Blues and Plantation Power in the Mississippi Delta

by Clyde Woods

A riveting cultural history, newly updated, of the blues and a traumatized Delta. ...

ISBN: 9781844675616

Binding: Paperback


Development, Security and Unending War - Governing the World of Peoples

by Mark Duffield

According to politicians, we now live in a radically interconnected world. Unless there is international stability ? even in the most distant places ? the West's way of life is threatened. In meeting this global danger, reducing poverty and ...

ISBN: 9780745635804

Binding: Paperback


Dialogues on Power and Space

by Schmitt

ISBN: 9780745688695

Binding: Paperback


Dick Hamer: The liberal Liberal

by Colebatch Tim

ISBN: 9781925106138

Binding: Hardback


Dictionary of International Security

by Robinson

ISBN: 9780745640280

Binding: Paperback


Diplomacy in a Globalizing World

Theories and Practices

by Pauline Kerr

ISBN: 9780199764488

Binding: Paperback