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Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism

by Wolfgang Streeck

The financial and economic crisis that began in 2008 still has the world on tenterhooks. The gravity of the situation is matched by a general paucity of understanding about what is happening and how it started. In this book, based on his 2012 ...

ISBN: 9781786630711

Binding: Paperback


By The People

Debating American Government

by James A. Morone

ISBN: 9780190216733

Binding: Paperback


Cabinet Government in Australia, 1901-2006

Practice, Principles, Performance

by Patrick Weller

The first comprehensive study of the development of the central institution of government over the first century of its life. Based on the author's detailed archival research and 30 years experience writing about central government in Australia,

ISBN: 9780868408743

Binding: Paperback


Called to Account

How Corporate Bad Behaviour and Government Waste Combine to Cost us Millions.

by Margaret Hodge

ISBN: 9780349142012

Binding: Paperback


Can Democracy Be Saved? - Participation, Deliberation and Social Movements

by Della Porta

ISBN: 9780745664606

Binding: Paperback


Can Governments Earn Our Trust?

by Donald F. Kettl

Some analysts have called distrust the biggest governmental crisis of our time. It is unquestionably a huge problem, undermining confidence in our elected institutions, shrinking social capital, slowing innovation, and raising existential ...

ISBN: 9781509522453

Binding: Hardback


Can Governments Earn Our Trust?

by Kettl

ISBN: 9781509522460

Binding: Paperback


Can Intervention Work?

by Stewart

Best-selling author Rory Stewart and political economist Gerald Knaus examine the impact of large-scale interventions, from Bosnia to Afghanistan. Rory Stewart (author of The Places In Between) and Gerald Knaus distill their remarkable firsthand

ISBN: 9780393342246

Binding: Paperback


Can the Internet Strengthen Democracy?

by Stephen Coleman

From its inception as a public communication network, the Internet was regarded by many people as a potential means of escaping from the stranglehold of top-down, stage-managed politics. If hundreds of millions of people could be the producers ...

ISBN: 9781509508372

Binding: Paperback


Can the Welfare State Survive?

by Gamble

ISBN: 9780745698748

Binding: Paperback


Can War Be Eliminated?

by Coker

ISBN: 9780745679235

Binding: Paperback


Capital: A Portrait of Twenty-First Century Delhi

by Dasgupta Rana

At the turn of the twenty-first century acclaimed novelist Rana Dasgupta arrived in the Indian capital with a single suitcase. He had no intention of staying for long. But the city beguiled him - he 'fell in love and in hate with it' - and, ...

ISBN: 9781922079312

Binding: Paperback


Capitalism: A Ghost Story

by Arundhati Roy

India is a nation of 1.2 billion, but the country's 100 richest people own assets equivalent to one-fourth of India's gross domestic product. The rest of the population are ghosts within a system beyond their control. This includes the millions ...

ISBN: 9781784780319

Binding: Hardback


Cases in Comparative Politics 5E

by O'neil

ISBN: 9780393937541

Binding: Paperback


Catch and Kill: The Politics of Power

by Joel Deane

Power is the only measure of a politician that matters. How they win power. How they wield power. How they lose power. Catch and Kill is an inside account of the beguiling and nomadic nature of the unholy trinity of politics - the winning, the ...

ISBN: 9780702249808

Binding: Paperback


Censorship of Literature in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Politics and Culture since 1979

by Alireza Abiz

ISBN: 9781784538071

Binding: Hardback


Chasing Ghosts

The Policing of Terrorism

by John Mueller

Chasing Ghosts exposes the ill-founded paranoia that has allowed the national security state to both feed at the public trough and undermine America's civil liberties tradition. Since 2001, the United States has created or reorganised more ...

ISBN: 9780190237318

Binding: Hardback


Che, My Brother

by Juan Martin Guevara

On 9 October 1967, Ernesto Che Guevara, Marxist guerrilla leader and hero of the Cuban Revolution, was captured and executed by Bolivian forces. When the Guevara family learned from the front pages that Che was dead, they decided to say nothing.

ISBN: 9781509517756

Binding: Hardback


China and India - Asia's Emergent Great Powers

by Chris Ogden

China and India are becoming increasingly influential, powerful and prominent countries but what kind of states do their leaders and people wish them to become? Will they act and behave like major Western entities or like something altogether ...

ISBN: 9780745689876

Binding: Paperback


China and Taiwan

by Goldstein

ISBN: 9780745660004

Binding: Paperback