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American Stories: Tales of Hope and Anger

by Brissenden Michael

An engrossing account of a country on the edge In July 2009, Michael Brissenden traded political reporting in Canberra for a job in Washington as US current affairs correspondent for the ABC Here is his fascinating chronicle of an America ...

ISBN: 9780702238932

Binding: Paperback


An Inconvenient Youth

Julius Malema and the New ANC

by Fiona Forde

The first thorough investigation of the demagogue who is the face of the new South African politics. ...

ISBN: 9781846274565

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Political Philosophy

by Jonathan Wolff

ISBN: 9780199658015

Binding: Paperback


Analysing Politics 2E

Rationality, Behaviour, Andstitutions

by Kenneth A. Shepsle

<br /> <b>Analyzing Politics</b> makes the fundamentals of rational-choice theory accessible to undergraduates in clear, nontechnical language. <p>Through case studies, illustrations, and examples, the author provides students with the means to

ISBN: 9780393935073

Binding: Paperback


Antinomies of Antonio Gramsci

by Perry Anderson

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9781786633729

Binding: Hardback


Attack of the Fifty Foot Women

by Catherine Mayer

ISBN: 9780008219802

Binding: Paperback


Australia in International Politics

An introduction to Australian foreign policy

by Stewart Firth

A revised edition of a widely used introduction to Australian foreign policy. It explains Australia's increasingly close connections to the rest of the world, in defence, trade, financial markets, aid, human rights and its response to refugees. ...

ISBN: 9781742372631

Binding: Paperback


Australia Under Surveillance

by Frank Moorhouse

"<b>ASIO has kept a file on Frank Moorhouse since he was seventeen. Now Frank has decided it is time to report on ASIO. </b>This year ASIO has extended its surveillance powers, made the issuing of warrants easier and limited the freedom of ...

ISBN: 9780857985972

Binding: Paperback


Australian Dream: Blood, History and Becoming: Quarterly Essay Issue 64 The

by Stan Grant

In Quarterly Essay 64, Stan Grant takes a deep and passionate look at Indigenous futures, in particular the fraught question of remote communities. Moving beyond simplistic talk of "lifestyle choices," Grant explores what makes for a ...

ISBN: 9781863958899

Binding: Paperback


Australian Foreign Policy

Controversies and Debates

by Daniel Baldino

The emphasis of Australian Foreign Policy: Controversies and Debates is to expose and examine the core debates and multiple dilemmas that define foreign policy in Australia. Each chapter is made up on an introduction and a debate which ...

ISBN: 9780195525632

Binding: Paperback


Australian Foreign Policy in the Age of Terror

by Carl Ungerer

This textbook examines changes to Australian foreign policy since 9/11 and the rise of global Islamic terrorism. It covers each of the main areas of Australian foreign policy – security, trade, development assistance, multilateral institutions ...

ISBN: 9780868408156

Binding: Paperback


Australian Leader Eats Raw Onion Whole: Headline From The Government That Broke Satire

by Evan (compiler) Williams

The story of Team Australia in headlines. Inspired by the <i>Onion</i>, Evan Williams searched high and low for the real news headlines that capture the hilarious hypocrisy and absurdity of the Abbott years. What he found poses the question-

ISBN: 9781863957915

Binding: Paperback


Australian Moment, The

by George Megalogenis

ISBN: 9780143783503

Binding: Paperback


Australian Moment, The

by George Megalogenis

ISBN: 9780670078448

Binding: Paperback


Australian Politics for Dummies

by Nick Economou

ISBN: 9781742169828

Binding: Paperback


Australian Prime Ministers

by Grattan Michelle

Australian Prime Ministers completes the extraordinary rise of Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and the re election of the Liberal Government in 2016. This book includes the completed chapter on Tony Abbott, who served as Prime

ISBN: 9781742579337

Binding: Hardback


Australian Story: Kevin Rudd and the Lucky Country: Quarterly Essay 36

by MacCallum Mungo

In <i>Australian Story</i>, Mungo MacCallum investigates the political success of Kevin Rudd. What does he know about Australia that his opponents don't? This is a characteristically barbed and perceptive look at the challenges facing the ...

ISBN: 9781863954570

Binding: Paperback


Axis Of Deceit: The Extraordinary Story of an Australian Whistleblower

by Wilkie Andrew

In the 2010 federal election, independent candidate Andrew Wilkie grabbed headlines after winning the seat of Denison, and with it a key role in deciding who would form the next government of Australia.Before he was a politician, however, Wilkie

ISBN: 9780977594962

Binding: Paperback


Bad News: Murdoch's Australian And The Shaping Of The Nation: Quarterly Essay 43

by Robert Manne

This year has seen unprecedented scrutiny of Rupert Murdoch's empire in Britain. But what about in Australia, where he owns 70 per cent of the press? In <i>Bad News</i>, Robert Manne investigates Murdoch's lead political voice here, ...

ISBN: 9781863955447

Binding: Paperback


Balancing Act: Australia Between Recession And Renewal: Quarterly Essay 61

by George Megalogenis

In this urgent essay, George Megalogenis argues that Australia risks becoming globalisation's next and most unnecessary victim. The next shock, whenever it comes, will find us with our economic guard down, and a political system that has ...

ISBN: 9781863958110

Binding: Paperback