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Going to Extremes

Notes from a Divided Nation

by Barbara Ehrenreich

A fiercely sardonic collection of pieces exposing the growing divide in American society, by the author of the bestselling Nickel and Dimed</i>. ...

ISBN: 9781847080653

Binding: Paperback


Good, the Bad and the Unlikely (Updated Edition), The

by Mungo MacCallum

Since Australia's birth in 1901, twenty-nine politicians have run the national show. Whether their term was eight days or eighteen years, each Prime Minister has a story worth sharing.<BR> <BR> Edmund Barton united the bickering states in a ...

ISBN: 9781863958790

Binding: Paperback


Gough Whitlam: A Moment In History

by Jenny Hocking

"<p>This moment was not his alone, nor could it ever have come about without him Gough Whitlam turned to Graham Freudenberg, touched him lightly on the shoulder, saying, 'It's been a long road, Comrade, but we're there', and walked out to meet ...

ISBN: 9780522855111

Binding: Hardback


Gough Whitlam: A Moment In History

by Jenny Hocking

Acclaimed biographer Jenny Hocking's <i>Gough Whitlam- A Moment in History</i> is the first contemporary and definitive biographical study of the former Labor Prime Minister. <BR><BR><BR>From his childhood in the fledging city of Canberra to his

ISBN: 9780522868050

Binding: Hardback


Governing China

From Revolution Through Reform

by Kenneth Lieberthal

ISBN: 9780393924923

Binding: Paperback


Government and Politics in Britain

by John Kingdom

The long-awaited fourth edition of this hugely popular textbook offers a uniquely comprehensive and illuminating introduction to government and politics in Britain today. <br /> <br /> Set against the turbulent background of a world in economic,

ISBN: 9780745638898

Binding: Paperback


Government in Australia

by New Holland Publishers

Who is Australia’s head of state? What does your local council do? What is the High Court? How do you vote? What kind of political system do we live in? You’ll find the answers to these and many other questions about government and politics in ...

ISBN: 9781921580444

Binding: Hardback


Greece and the Reinvention of Politics

by Alain Badiou

In a series of seven trenchant interventions Alain Badou analyses the decisive developments in Greece since 2011. Badiou considers this Mediterranean country a sort of open-air political lesson , with much to tell us about the wider ...

ISBN: 9781786634177

Binding: Paperback



Why Global Cooperation is Failing when We Need It Most

by Thomas Hale

<p>The issues that increasingly dominate the 21st century cannot be solved by any single country acting alone, no matter how powerful. To manage the global economy, prevent runaway environmental destruction, reign in nuclear proliferation, or ...

ISBN: 9780745662398

Binding: Paperback


Guilty Men

by Cato the Younger

<div><i>Guilty Men</i>, published in 1940, was the great polemical bestseller of the mid-twentieth century.&nbsp;<br></div><div>It was written under the pseudonym 'Cato', and so secret was the identity of the eminent authors that they were even ...

ISBN: 9781785902413

Binding: Hardback


H.L.A. Hart

by Matthew H. Kramer

ISBN: 9781509520732

Binding: Paperback


Half In, Half Out

Prime Ministers on Europe

by Andrew Adonis

<p>The decades since the end of the Second World War have seen massive change sweep across Britain’s social, cultural and political landscape. Yet throughout this period, one thing has remained constant and unchanging: the thorny question of our

ISBN: 9781785904349

Binding: Hardback


Has Democracy Failed Women?

by Drude Dahlerup

<p>Why are women still under-represented in politics? Can we speak of democracy when women are not fully included in political decision-making? Some argue that we are on the right track to full gender equality in politics, while others talk ...

ISBN: 9781509516377

Binding: Paperback



Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not Censorship

by Nadine Strossen

ISBN: 9780190859121

Binding: Hardback


Headscarves and Hymens

Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution

by Mona Eltahawy

ISBN: 9781780228877

Binding: Paperback


Hello, Shadowlands

Inside the Meth Fiefdoms, Rebel Hideouts and Bomb-Scarred Party Towns of Southeast Asia

by Patrick Winn

An expose of Southeast Asia's criminal underworld in the 21st century and its surprising links to the West. ...

ISBN: 9781785784798

Binding: Paperback


Heroic Failure: Brexit And The Politics Of Pain

by Fintan O'Toole

A book about the delusions of Brexit, the threat it poses to economic prosperity, peace in Ireland and the tradition of British democracy. 'There will not be much political writing in this or any other year that is carried off with such style' ...

ISBN: 9781789540987

Binding: Paperback


Hidden History Of The Jfk Assassination: The Definitive Account Of The Most Controversial Crime Of The Twentieth Century

by Waldron Lamar

Five decades after one of America's greatest tragedies, this compelling book pierces the veil of secrecy to document the small, tightly held conspiracy that killed President John F. Kennedy. It explains why he was murdered, and how it was ...

ISBN: 9781922070838

Binding: Paperback


Hijacking America

How the Secular and Religious Right Changed What Americans Think

by Susan George

George Bush leaves the White House in January 2009 and the United States goes back to ?normal?, right? Wrong, argues Susan George in this fascinating, thorough and often chilling account of the decades-long transformation of American society and

ISBN: 9780745644615

Binding: Paperback


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Her Essential Wisdom

by Carol Kelly-Gangi

<p></p><p>Experience the powerful words of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has spent a lifetime in service to the United States, from young lawyer fighting for the disadvantaged to Secretary of State and two-time presidential candidate. Arranged ...

ISBN: 9781435167650

Binding: Hardback